Can a 12 Year Old Date a 17 Year Old


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Can a 12 year old date a 17 year old? We can’t control our feeling for anyone. If you are 12 and falling in love with a 17-year-old girl and want to know If it is legal? Then you can go through this blog post which will update you on everything.

There are no age criteria for dating someone. Dating minors with 17 will be ok according to some laws, but if it also involves a physical relationship, then, according to the Laws, it will be said to be rape, and they will punish or charge for it. 

Having a physical relationship with a minor is illegal but only dating without having a physical relationship is legal.

Often boys and girls start choosing their crush at 10-15; thus, they think they are in love and start dating. Now, it’s common for school or universities student starts getting an affair.

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What is the age of consent?

What is the age of consent?

According to federal law, it is illegal to be in a sexual relationship under the age of 12 to 16. Maturity comes at the age of 18. Under 18 person is not mature enough to handle the moves. They often take the step of stupidity.

Age consent is the following:

  • 15 or younger will be said as immature. Thus, it will be illegal if they get involved in physical dating.
  • 16-year boy or girl gets involved in a physical relationship; it will also be said to be illegal
  • Yes, 18 or above 18, boys and girls are mature enough to make decisions without their parents. If they get involved in a physical relationship with someone, it will not say to be illegal. But YES! If they are forcing someone to get into a physical relationship or forcibly do sex, then it will say RAPE. 

Ropiest have fixed home behind prisons, and they will have to pay many penalties. No age in any state will give authority to perform a rape.

What are the legal consequences for a 17-year-old who dates a 12-year-old?

17-year-old and 12-year-old age that includes in un maturity according to the law, cannot have a sexual relationship dating each other it will be considered rape. But it is not illegal to have a non-sexual relationship with a 12-year girl. Dating will be ok in front of laws. 

The 12-year girl needs to be more mature. They don’t even know about the relationship if they become in touch with the 17-year boy. Then boys should legally act in dating. He should not take advantage of a girl’s un maturity. 

What is the age of consent laws regarding minor dating?

Age of consent laws varies from state to state. Adulthood laws are distinct from childhood.

If talk about the age of consent regarding minor dating in the UNITED STATE ranges from 16- to 18 years old. Dating age is confusing because today’s generation is ready to mingle at 12-year-old age. It’s not illegal.

But, having a physical relationship with a minor is illegal and will be considered rape.

Are there any exceptions to the age of consent laws?

Romeo and Juliet and Angola and the Philippines set an exception law. According to Angola and the Philippines, they set an age of consent 12-year-old, the lowest age in the world.

But if you consider setting up a physical relationship, the age is 18. Under 18 will be illegal against the laws.

Disadvantages of Dating a 17-Year-Old

Disadvantages of Dating a 17-Year-Old

17 Years Old’s Are Still developing, according to kids’ health, boys get develop in 16 years in their height, but some of them do not reach their height. They get an inch increase in 17-year-old.

If we talk about girls, then there are developed physically at the age of 17.

Most boys and girls start getting acne at this age because of their hormonal changes. They also start acting mature because they are one step away from 18, and 18 is a maturity age and said as adults.

Instead of physical changes, they also get mentally changed. They start having a feeling and falling in love.

17 Year Old’s Can Be Too Immature

No! they are one step back from maturity at age 18. Thus, they are mature enough to handle their problems. Some of them start doing part-time jobs with their colleagues and involve in extracurricular activities.

Mostly 17 years girls and boys are mature enough, but 20 percent of them are still mature because there are many people around them to look after them. They still need to develop. 

Immaturity is when a girl or boy needs to be assisted or incest for attraction. They can’t go somewhere and need to be looked after every time.

16- and 17-Year-Old are off-limits Legally

All states have their policies. Some states restrict 16-year-old or 17-year-old youths to going somewhere after the evening or midnight, whereas in other states, 16 or 17-year-old boys and girls are permitted to go without restrictions and boundaries.

In England, 16 years students are not allowed to do any job or walk outside between 10 pm and 6 am or between 11 pm and 7 am.

In Illinois, 17-year girls and boys are allowed to do the job, but they are restricted to staying out of home between 7 am to 7 pm. This time can be extended in certain cases, like on Labor Day or June 1.

Younger Girls Can Be Easier to Talk to

No! Younger girls are immature. They don’t get what the person is trying to say. There are many ways to talk to a teenage girl. If you are interested in her, then you should go through it.

All you have to do is;

  • Start early.
  • Do model communication.
  • Compromise yourself in front of her.
  • Talk with her less.
  • Pay a strong attraction to what she is saying.
  • Dress up according to her choice.
  • Show that you understand her.
  • Attend to be positive.
  • The problem solves together.
  • Don’t judge.

Younger Girls Tend To be Shorter

Yes, girls are always shorter than boys at every age. Girls reach their height at 11-to-13-year age. 

Once a girl gets their period, it means they reach their height, and now their height will not increase further. After that, they get a one- or two-inch increase in 1 or 2 months after starting their period sessions.

Expert View

Dating is normal in today’s generation; if we look at students, then we will find no one single everyone will be mingling. 

Dating is not a crime according to laws, but if you are dating with minor or doing sexual activities, then it will be a crime, and you will punish for it.

Suppose you have a relationship with a minor carry-on but within limits and according to laws. Boys should not take advantage of girl un maturity.

Minors are immature. They don’t know what they should do, and they have no sense of decide what is wrong and right. If a boy is an adult and a girl is a minor and they do wrong things, then the boy will be charged with rape because the girl was a minor. She was not mature enough to make this decision, but the boy was an adult. Thus, all will consider the boy’s mistake that he would incest her to do sexual activities.

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