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Many people often ask can a lawyer be a real estate broker. As the economic crisis grows worldwide, some lawyers consider putting their services in real estate property. So, they practicing income by taking additional fees. Many lawyers have their clients with money and property that the lawyer can use with other clients or acquaintances. 

In some cases, the lawyer gets the reward is in the shape of new business. There are many reasons why a lawyer may hesitate to accept the reward for putting both parties together.

One reason is that lawyers are not offering their services in any deal. So, they want nothing having to do with it. Another argument suggests that if you offer your skills as an intermediary but don’t get paid. So, how could anyone trust what information or advice comes through this person’s mouth?

This article will discuss whether a lawyer can be a real estate broker or not. So keep on reading this article to get the information.

Who are Real Estate Brokers?

Can a Lawyer be a Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker or real estate agent is a person who represents sellers and buyers of real estate or real property. On the other hand, a broker may work independently and an agent can work under the licensed broker.

Can a Lawyer be a Real Estate Broker?

Can a Lawyer be a Real Estate Broker

The law is clear about what you can and cannot do regarding real estate. But, that’s not always easy for people who want in on the action. Especially if they’re new at this game called “brokerage.” Do you see where your hard work will eventually pay off? The more hours spent working towards becoming a top producing agent means better chances of getting paid! So go ahead – put yourself out there because only good things come from putting time into something. Things like client relationships and maybe even get yourself some commissions too while we’re at it.

Requirement for the Lawyer to Act as a Real Estate Broker

Can a Lawyer be a Real Estate Broker

Many lawyers face a problem in getting the license of a real estate broker. The reason to get the license for a broker is that being a lawyer cannot get the license for the broker as well. Why? these are difficult licenses to get. Brokers have some ethical roles and duties that are different from lawyers. This, especially for the broker to inform both parties rather than the client. 

Under the latest decisions, the broker must inform and disclose the relevant details of the transaction to the parties. He must do this, even those who are not the broker client.

On the other hand, the lawyer does not have such a duty to perform. In rare cases, the lawyer does not have any obligation to indulge in any such case to discover the other side’s information. All this, because such a disclosure on behalf of a lawyer can damage the lawyer’s reputation. The attorney has to resign if the client is hiding the facts and information of the case and deal. 

Therefore, California allows the attorneys to conform to the ethical standards of both professions. Also law and as real estate brokers in the same transactions. 

Statistics show;

According to the Bar union states, in a conflict, the attorney’s standards are paramount. However, this does not necessarily allow a lawyer to act as a broker. In some cases, if the lawyer wants to act as a broker, too, the lawyer can get the waiver of the conflicts that can arise from dual roles. But there may be many parties to get the waivers, but to which party the broker will owe the extensive duty.

Moreover, there can be a doubt about the validity of the waver that the attorney gets from the party to which does not have representation in the council.

The expense of getting the independent counsel to advice in terms of waiver is a price or cost that the parties are willing to accept from the real estate transaction. Therefore, the waiver will execute without independent legal advice and can be an unknowing waiver in many cases. 

Another problem in acting the lawyer as a real estate broker is that the roles of lawyer and broker in sharing fees can cause difficulties. 

Traits of Lawyers to Act as Real Estate Brokers

Traits of Lawyers to Act as Real Estate Brokers

Following are the traits of lawyers who act want to act as real estate brokers too.

Great attention to detail

Anyone who wants to sell or acquire a home in USA knows that there is a lot of paperwork to attest. Lawyers are detail-oriented skill professionals and attentive to reviewing complicated and lengthy documents. The lawyers can catch the incorrect details and descriptions that can cost their clients time and money.

Moreover, if the details are not checked early can lead to more problems and are difficult to fix down the road. Being the real estate broker who can review the documents like a lawyer can further save you and your clients. 

Stellar negotiations skills

Most people encourage and give value to the good negotiator. But as a professional, kind, and direct approach, it will work best for your profession.

There are many deals in the daily routine where there are no go-through. This is only because the agents are arrogant and unprofessional, which is not fruitful for the client and the real estate broker. 

On the other hand, if the real estate broker is an experienced professional and a skilled negotiator, they can put you in a deal with the highest offer as a seller and the lowest price for the purchaser. So mastering your communication and negotiation skills can help you get the best results in the highest possible deals. 


Being a lawyer, I have adequate training to prevent litigation in the future. When the lawyers are not present in the sales process, both parties make mistakes and are left to handle the handling of the law. The process will end with the client’s demand to buy a house at every cost. In most cases, the buyers do not know about the solar lease or when the seller will close the deal. 

Very few real estate brokers know that it is essential to review the title of the seller report before making the purchase. 

Adapt an on conflict resolution

Daily, lawyers are customary in dealing with conflicts and disputes. They know that staying calm during conversation is a good and valuable policy. Sometimes, real estate brokers can get stressed in the courtroom. Having experience in the profession will make the task of a realtor easy to handle similar difficulties and issues.

Competency standards of lawyers as real estate brokers

There is a very strong issue in the competency of both professions. The lawyers often notice that the real estate brokers are fighting with legal matters beyond their competency. The lawyers believe that if you want to be a broker and lawyer. Therefore, you should be most competent in your field. Only a trained and professional lawyer can act as a broker. 

There is some misunderstanding, too, because real estate brokers are skilled and professional representatives as they have more understanding and knowledge of the factors affecting the market of the real estate industry. Lawyers who offer their legal services to their clients can lead to the standards to meet the requirements of the real estate brokers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go into the real estate business with a law degree?

A law degree can benefit you in many professions, like in many businesses you want to start. In the real estate business, it is a great advantage as the real estate law can be helpful to you in purchasing and selling properties. It is the best way to protect you if everything is written and will help you accept the offer when selling. 

What is a lawyer broker?

A law broker will check the individual’s case and legal issue and offer a customized referral to an appropriate lawyer. The law broker will check the common factors: the lawyer’s experience, reputation, success rate, and quality of service.

Can a lawyer be an aerial estate broker in the USA?

A lawyer who has a real estate broker’s license may work in both the professions and capacities on behalf of the client. It is in the purchase and sale of the property as long as both professions go on with the state bar standards of California.

How long does it take to become a real estate broker in California?

On normal, it takes between five and six months to get a real estate license in California. It depends on the pace with which you complete the 135 hours of pre-licensing courses and pass the license exams. It is the proper time to take with you to complete the application process. Also searching for the sponsoring broker and application.

How rigorous is the real estate broker exam in California?

To pass the real estate broker exam is very difficult in California. Over 50% of the candidates fail the exam on the first attempt. Not only is it difficult to pass but it is expensive too. The course for the real estate exam has everything in it and is an unmatched source for the price. 


To conclude, the lawyer can also act as a real estate broker if the professional with the law has the official license to act as a broker. The lawyers who want to act as real estate brokers should have adequate knowledge of property matters, sale and purchase awareness. Also to handle the documents, and communicate well with the clients and parties involved in the deal.      

Moreover, the lawyer who acts as a real estate broker can review and prepare documents and papers related to buying agreements, title documents, mortgage documents, and transfer deeds. He should be professional in handling transactions and always attend the transaction’s closing with the purchaser.


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