Can the Towing Company Keep my Personal Belongings?


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Sometimes parking will be a pain, but knowing your rights will save you money and a trip to the tow yard. To get updated, go through this blog post which will acknowledge you because the more you know, the less they can tow. So can the towing company keep my personal belongings?

NO! towing company doesn’t have a right to keep any persons in the car during towing. Your car materials are off-limits even if the authorities have evidence and the right to tow your vehicle.

They only get the responsibility of towing a car; thus, they relate to the car, not the material inside it. According to the law, you can retrieve all your material and personal belongings in the car. 

Instead of it, there are many legal ways from which you can get safe from your getting towed. If you arrive on time and see that your car is towing on a tow truck, then on the point, you can talk to them and get your car off of the tow truck. If your car was towed completely, you should pay charges for landing it back, while if your car was not shifted completely, they landed it without taking any charges from you.

What is a storage lien & how can my personal belongings be protected?

Storage lien is a unit where all roasted car owners’ belongings are stored in a box, then shelled and stored.

If you want to keep your belongings safe, ensure the box with your name is spelled properly. You can use plenty of packing wraps to keep your fragile item safe inside a box. Wrapping will protect your box from scrapes and dings when it shifts to the storage box. 

They owe the box until the person pays. All states follow their laws but most states have the same laws. 

Why is a storage lien so important when towing services keep your car?

Why is a storage lien so important when towing services keep your car?

When your car gets towed, and you love your all-personal belongings or documents which they take with them in towing, then run for a storage lien because after towing a car, their next step is to store the car owner belonging in a storage lien which is said to be their unit.

Go and wrap your box if you want to see your belongings undamaged. I suggest wrapping it repeatedly until you get satisfied.

If you have a very important document in the box that will be stored in a storage box, then wake up and kneel where the storage box is and how your belongings are stored.

How many days do tow companies have to offer a storage lien after keeping my car?

When your car gets towed, you will be unable to see your car for the upcoming 30 days. Still, you can file for a lien within 15 days after being towed according to laws, but if your investigation ends early, before a month, your car and personal belongings will be handed over to you. 

You will need to pay a charge for a tow truck to shift you to the towed yard. If they have stored your important document, then you can file to get it back in 15 days. The next period will start if you ignore it in the first 15 days.

What happens if I need my car before the towing company releases the lien?

You have to pay liens before the titles get permanent. Liens are debts placed on credit titles that need to pay before the car is sold, but some people sell cars without the debt being paid off. Man has no idea what big mistake he is making.

An easy way to get a release from the lien is 

  • By paying an attorney. OR
  • By paying credit, what you owe in the whole process.

You can clean the lien from your vehicle by following these steps.

How long can tow companies hold my vehicle after offering a storage lien?

According to laws towing companies can keep your car for up to 30 days until the court investigation date is not decided. You cannot demand to take your vehicle back before a court decision. Then you are going against the rules, whereas police are going against the laws.

If they don’t hand over your car after proof of innocence, they are going against the laws, but that does not happen. Once you prove innocent, then they should give you back your vehicle.

Are there any exceptions where towing companies can keep my vehicle even with a storage lien offered?

There are many circumstances in which your car should remain towed, and police will not let you take your vehicle back like 

In the case of

  • NO private party impounds.
  • Not paying the payment.
  • Not proving ownership of the impounded.
  • In case of not paying their bills.

Follow their rules to ensure they hand over your vehicle, so you should fulfill all their requirements to get back your car.

Consumer Rights After Repossession of Towed Vehicles in The State of Texas

Consumer Rights After Repossession of Towed Vehicles in The State of Texas

If your car gets repossessed, you must know about your right to get your car back to your garage. It would help if you immediately got in touch with a CAR REPOSSESSION ATTORNEY who will assist you and help you to get your vehicle back.

Customers should get SELF HELP, which refers to hiring a company and collecting the vehicle from home, office lane, or where the car is parked.

But if they can’t use self-help, then TEXAS REPOSSESSION Law requires the lender to the customer for a lien on the vehicle to repossesses without court orders.

Repossession is common if you are back from paying your monthly car payment. Once you get your vehicle, your process of repossession gets started. There is a very tough path on which you will travel to get out of repossession.


The police and local council have the right and power to tow your car based on different purposes like breaching a parking restriction, causing obstruction, or if the car is broken down. They also claim a car when the driver doesn’t have car tax or insurance.

They can claim cars but not the personal belonging of the car owner. So, if your car gets towed, then be calm about your document and materials in the car. They will be stored in a storage lien. 

You can get your car and belongings back by filling in all their requirements or paying a charge. Then they will give you your vehicle back.

There is a period until they can store your belonging. Before it, you couldn’t file a case that they are not giving your vehicle back. You must prove yourself innocent or pay to charge. It’s against the law. Yes, if you have court orders but they are not giving your vehicle back, then you can cause a file.

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