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Can you leave the country on probation? If you are on a criminal probation period and want to go to another country for work reasons but unsure about traveling on probation period laws, is it legal or not? Be calm. You can go through this blog post which will acknowledge you about all manners, rules, and regulations of the probation period.

Yes, you can have a flight to another country if you are on your probation period under several circumstances depending upon your criminal probation charge. The probation period is a session that usually lasts for 6 to 12 months. There are many crimes on which they can charge with their probation period and restriction. 

There are two types of probation periods:

  • Formal probation period.
  • Informal probation period.

Formal Probation Period

If you are in a formal probation period, you should ask the probation officer for permission to travel to different countries. You should get your permission in written form so that you will have evidence and no one will stop or restrict you from traveling. Instead, it informs them about a country they wish to move to. They may also impose a certain condition upon you. You have to go through them.

Informal Probation Period

Informal means you are a charge on domestic violence case. During this period, they are allowed to fly to other countries. It’s not a big deal. However, if you are going to shift permanently, let the court know; otherwise, you will be jailed for going against the laws or shifting somewhere else while on a domestic violence case.

Thus, you can fly to another country while on probation but with several conditions depending on the charge you.

What is a Departure Prohibition?

What is a Departure Prohibition?

Department probation is followed by ATO STAFF. Its purpose is to deal with the commissioner’s power to stop a debtor from departing from Australia until they make suitable arrangements for taxes liability or are paid off fully.


Part IV4 of TTA gives the power to the commissioner to issue a departer probation period (DPO), but they must discharge tax liability.

Commissioner is required to issue DAC if they get satisfied if they are likely to dept Australia and will return before completing their probation period.


  • There is a tax liability or whether it will be recovered.
  • Will it be sufficient to pay existing and coming tax liabilities, or are they readily realizable?
  • Recovery proceedings will be in the course.
  • Funds will be transferred too overseas.
  • The debtor will assist overseas adequately to maintain their comfortable lifestyle.
  • The debtor has a significant interest in Australia.

Conditions for Probation before Deportation

they must report, continue reporting, or surrender themself to US immigration and CUSTOM ENFORCEMENT and go through all instructions and reporting requirements until their deportation proceedings are completed. 

If someone is ordered deported from the UNITED STATE, you must remain outside of the United States unless they are legally authored to step in again.

They must seek all-important documents from the US. IMMIGRATION and CUSTOM FORCE ENFORCEMENT authorize you to work in the United States.

Implementation is a condition recommended when a defendant becomes suspected or confirmed to be an illegal alien in the US, who may be getting subjected to deportation proceedings, or if a person’s defendant residency status gets under investigation by UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION and CUSTOM ENFORCEMENT (ICE) at the moment of sentencing.

What happens when you are on probation before deportation?

According to California and United States laws, if you get deported while on probation, you will be kicked out from unites States regarding your status and what you tie in the United States.

You can get departed for the following reasons;

  • Moral turpitude crime.
  • Different criminal convictions.
  • Felonies.
  • Flight crimes.
  • Sex offender.
  • Drug or any other substance conviction.
  • Often firearm conviction.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Stalking.
  • Child abuse.

If you get involved in this crime, then sorry to say you will ruin yourself, your career, and your future. These crimes not only reach you to the probation period but also lead you toward jail, so if you love yourself, stay away from crimes.

When can you leave the country on EP?

EP pass holders can get in and out of Singapore until their notification letter is valid unless it will be difficult to move.

If any pass holder wants to leave Singapore as soon as possible and maybe never return before receiving the card, then they can request to extend the 1-month validity period by getting in touch with the following;

The initial pass is valid for almost 2 years but can be renewed for up to 3 years.

Expert Opinion

If you are on probation but must want to fly to another country for important purposes, then yes, you can go. Still, because you are on probation, it reminds you that you have committed any crime in the past. 

That’s why you should have assistance from your probation officer and fulfill all their requirement. It would help if you let the court know where you will fly to get a satisfactory letter.

Often criminals commit crimes and try to run out of the country during their probation period. That’s why our government sets laws. If someone moves out of the country without informing the court soon, they will be recaptured and stored in jail.

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