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After graduation, there are a few professions that may earn a handsome degree. Doctors and lawyers are among the high-income professions. Instead, one may say that these are the professions that earn a very high livelihood. Both the lawyer and a doctor are experts in their field and work. However, they hold a permit from the state authorities to practice within their relevant areas. So, before handling patients or clients, doctors and lawyers get appropriate training from any recognized institute or authoritative person. After their training, both these professionals manage their patients or clients effectively. That’s why this article will be discussing the entire ‘doctor vs. lawyer’. 

Various institutions in any state accept applications for a lawyer or doctor’s degree. One may opt for any institution within their state to be professional in any of these fields. However, if you’re curious about knowing the basic difference between a lawyer and a doctor, you’ll have to dig into both these professions deeply.

In fact, researching any field is a stressful and time-consuming task. However, to cut short your effort to compare these fields, we’ve proposed a precise guide for you. You’ll encounter all about both these fields. So, stay tuned with us till the end. 


The contents of this web page are for informational and educational purposes only, and nothing you read is intended to be legal advice. Please review our disclaimer about law/legal-related information on this website before taking action based upon anything you read or see.

Doctor vs. Lawyer

A doctor is a graduate who offers his or her medical services to his or her patient.A lawyer is a graduate who offers his or her legal services to support his or her client in court. 
A doctor takes care of his or her patients medically.The lawyer defends his or her client in court.
Such a person arranges meet-ups with his or her patients.Lawyers attend to their clients.
He manages to gather all the information about his patient’s disease.An attorney handles collecting all information about their client’s will.
A doctor can offer advice about healthcare.A lawyer can offer advice about the laws and justice.
Such a person has medical tools.An attorney has materials regarding the law and justice.
A doctor manages to diagnose his or her patient’s disease.One will have to tell the lawyer about his or her case. So, the lawyer will gather information about the case then.
Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree is $122,960A doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree is $208,000 or more
Job Outlook (2018-2028) is 6%Job Outlook (2018-2028) is 7%
A doctor manages to cure the patient’s disease.The lawyer gathers information to support his client’s will in court.

What is the Procedure to Become a Doctor?

Doctor vs. Lawyer

Becoming a professional doctor is not as easy as it sounds. It needs persistent struggle, time, deep study, and patience to become an experienced doctor. Here is a procedure to earn a doctorate. 

Earn an Undergraduate Degree

An undergraduate degree in biological science is necessary to enter the field of medicine. So, if you’re interested in the relevant field, earn an undergraduate degree from any recognized institute. 

Appear in the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

After the undergraduate degree, the ((Medical College Admission Test)) is compulsory for entering the medical college. So, appear in the MCAT and secure the required aggregate to get admission to the medical college. 

Submit Your Application to the American Medical College Admission

When you’ve done your undergraduate degree and appeared in the MCAT, the next step is to submit your application to the ((American Medical College Admission Service for application)). This authoritative institute will execute your application to all medical colleges within the state. 

Complete Your Tenure at the Medical School

When you succeed in getting admission to any of the recognized medical institutes of your state, you’ll have to complete your curricular and co-curricular activities there.

Appear in USMLE

You shall have to clear the ((United States Medical Licencing Examination)) (USMLE) during and after your medical study. To practice as a doctor in the public sector, one must have a permit. Pass all the four steps of this special examination. 

Get the Medical Certificate and License

After you’ve completed your study and passed the USMLE, you’ll have to pass a thorough written or oral examination to earn a certificate in medicine. Once you’ve completed all the steps to become a professional doctor, you’ll get a license from the state. After passing their examination, the certification board will award you a certificate in medicine. After receiving this certificate, one can start their practice within the public sector. 

Responsibilities of a Doctor

Responsibilities of a Doctor

Here are the foremost duties of a doctor. 

  • Maintaining the tasks of the hospital. 
  • Handling the patient’s records. 
  • Managing the clinic. 
  • Diagnosis of the patient’s disease. 
  • Finding proper treatment for the patient’s disease. 
  • Treating their patient. 
  • Maintaining the health condition of the patients. 
  • Suggesting the relevant medicines to cure the disease. 
  • Medical consultation. 
  • Giving proper training to the entry-level doctors. 
  • Making a team of doctors handles patients of all types. 
  • Doing deep research to search for possible ways to treat a particular disease. 

What is the Procedure to Become a Lawyer?

Here is a straightforward procedure to become a lawyer. 

Earn Bachelor Degree

A bachelor’s degree is compulsory to get admission to law school. So, if you want to be a lawyer, complete your bachelor’s degree with appropriate marks. 

Appear in LSAT

To proceed with your law career, you should appear and clear the ((law school admission test)). This test is compulsory to check the candidate’s capabilities. 

Apply for Law Schools

After completing your bachelor’s degree and clearing the LSAT, you’ll have to apply for different law schools. Therefore, you’ll get admission in any of the law schools based on your aggregate. 

Become a JD

A Juris Doctor’s degree is compulsory to practice law in the US. Apply and clear this degree to become a professional lawyer. You can choose any of the following fields to practice your law. 

  • Family Lawyer
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Intellectual property lawyer
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Tax Lawyer
  • Medical lawyer
  • Civil lawyer

Clear the Bar Examination

Passing the ((Bar Examination)) is the last step to becoming a professional lawyer. After completion of all the above steps, you’ll have to pass the Bar Examination. This test will test your capabilities and potential within the law field. After getting the license by passing the Bar Examination, one can start their career as a lawyer. 

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Responsibilities of a Lawyer

Here are the most important duties of lawyers.

  • Properly guiding the people in their cases. 
  • Suggesting possible ways to resolve a problem. 
  • Signing contracts with different firms, agencies, or even authoritative individuals. 
  • Listening to the issues of their clients.
  • Managing meetings with their clients. 
  • Listening to the client’s case and reading the will. 
  • Gathering essential information about the case. 
  • Researching for the evidence to prove his client’s will in the court. 
  • Guiding the clients about the change in the laws. 
  • Keep the client up to date with his case. 
  • A face of the client in the court. 
  • Acting as a consultant.  
  • Handling the criminals and maintaining the criminal reports. Learn what a criminal lawyer does in a whole day.

Here is how lawyers decide to take a case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to be a doctor or a lawyer?

Lawyer and doctor are among those professions that can earn you handsome money. Moreover, both these professions are very respectable. If your interest is in serving people by improving their health, choose the medicine field. On the other hand, choose the law field to provide people with justice through law, and lawyers can do this thing with their law degree besides practicing as a Lawyer. However, despite the importance of lawyers, doctors will come out on top. 

Do lawyers make more money than doctors?

Though lawyers make a high income, doctors are still on the top. ((According to research)), lawyers can earn up to $118160 annually, while a doctor can earn $208000 annually. 

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Who is a more respected lawyer or doctor?

Both lawyers and doctors are considered servants of the public. However, when you compare the popularity of these fields, you’ll find the doctors more respectable. 

Are doctors smarter than lawyers?

According to a survey, a doctor with an average IQ will be more intelligent than an intelligent lawyer. Doctors are very active, smart, and intelligent as they have very high education. They can answer all the questions that you’ll ask him or them. So, lawyers will be less smart than doctors. 

Are doctors rich?

Yes, doctors earn more than lawyers by serving the people regarding their health and consultants. So, they are wealthy. Even you’ll find an old doctor richer than a lawyer. 


Gathering information about the query ‘Doctor vs. Lawyer’ is interesting and informative. However, it needs a lot of effort and time to gather all the information about the lawyer and the doctor. But in the modern age, every person’s life is so busy that no one has enough time to dig into any market deeply. To facilitate you regarding the information about the ‘Lawyer vs. Doctor’, we’ve proposed a brief guide for you. You can easily differentiate between a doctor’s job and a lawyer’s job. 

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