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How do corporate lawyers get clients? If you’re one of the people that ask this question, this article will be really helpful. Compared to other fields of law, corporate attorneys need various strategies and tactics for recruiting customers and new business.

Lawyers and companies specializing in this field must pitch themselves uniquely in the market. While many attorneys are unconcerned with marketing, the associates, proprietors, and executives of law firms that generate new business are.

This post will look at how corporate attorneys and practices might produce long-term sources of fresh leads and customers for their companies. In conclusion, you will thoroughly grasp your choices for growing your firm and promoting new companies as a professional and marketer.

What makes Generating Business & Corporate Clients Unique?

How Do Corporate Lawyers Get Clients

The first thing to realize is that your law company must consider its position in terms of legal services and offers. This is crucial since it affects how you feel about your advertising and client acquisition strategies.

Consumer law encompasses a wide range of topics. As a result, they promote via consumer-facing platforms and use business strategies similar to those used by their target demographic.

As a result, global corporate attorneys must consider their promotion in terms of B2-B advertisements. There is always a lot on the line regarding any legal matter.

Nevertheless, several aspects ring true with business and corporate attorneys, as with many B2-B organizations. This includes: the invoice the client or customer gets will be substantial at the end.

Work completed for the company impacts the whole organization, not just one or two people.

Consequently, before we get into the marketing approaches, strategies, and platforms that will make up your plan, here are a few basic components to consider.

How do Corporate Lawyers Get Clients?

How Do Corporate Lawyers Get Clients

We may focus on the techniques and procedures that attorneys and businesses utilize to develop leadership and client-generating plans.

While they are relevant to B2B marketing and company development approaches for acquiring business customers, it’s crucial to remember the basics of these approaches at all times. When it comes to marketing and advertising, continuity and reputation are crucial.

This is critical regarding recommendations and company growth, while all other factors are about equivalent. Corporate attorneys get clients in a variety of methods, including:

  • Be open to referrals.
  • AdWords on Google and Facebook
  • Use of social media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing
  • Assisting Business Owners in Composing Posts
  • Video and Vlog Production
  • Create company profiles

Be open to referrals.

When individuals seek legal help, they are generally confronted with difficult, possibly costly, and confusing legal problems. They are concerned and sometimes have just a rudimentary comprehension of what is occurring or could occur.

They need assistance from those they can rely on. However, unless they come from a family of lawyers, it’s doubtful they know who to believe. This is when recommendations come in handy. The majority of individuals have faith in their relatives and friends.

So, the first thing a person will do is question their trusted friends and family members whether they have ever employed a lawyer and if they would suggest that lawyer.

Referrals are another technique to discover how to attract clients to legal practice. You could become the go-to attorney for one customer after doing legal services.

That customer will subsequently be more inclined to tell others about you, thus offering you free publicity. When selecting a new attorney, data reveals that 62 percent of customers seek a reference from somebody they know and respect.

AdWords on Google and Facebook

Lawyers and companies interested in using AdWords and Facebook advertisements should remember that this will work much better for small businesses. These individuals are employing their first business lawyer to assist them in incorporating, changing company structures, drafting work contracts, etc.

These networks will have filtering choices that will help you get your practices in front of as many entrepreneurs as possible at a cheap cost per click. If you’re considering using Google AdWords, remember that it’ll be most beneficial for small firms.

After a query on Bing or Google, significant business owners and creators are unlikely to engage a lawyer to address their firm’s legalese. You may run advertising on each of these IT behemoths.

Use of social media

In terms of income and company size, Facebook will be the greatest social media network to employ for small businesses. This may be a fantastic chance if you’re beginning out in business and corporate law. This will assist you in getting started in your profession as soon as possible.

For the time being, you’re doubtful to land any major accounts. So it’s critical to hang out where you can meet individuals who own, manage or are beginning small enterprises.

Reaching large corporations and Facebook page administrators in your local market is a terrific method to start targeting companies in your region on Facebook.

Most Facebook groups are created to promote and advertise a company or a person on the site. As a result, by targeting people who manage Facebook business pages, you’ll be well on identifying your Facebook intended audience.

LinkedIn is another excellent social networking platform. It is distinct because the whole site revolves around external and internal business professionals.

LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice since it allows you to expand your social product offerings as your organization develops. Client advertisements are effective for businesses of all sizes.

In addition, the corporate social network outperforms Facebook regarding targeting based on business criteria. If you want to promote or sponsor your material on LinkedIn, you may target your audience based on business size, employee count, job titles, and other factors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing

Many different sorts of activities use SEO and content marketing. Many attorneys feel pressured to rank their web pages for the most popular keywords to attract new revenue from their home page and business sections.

We would emphasize, however, that for commercial and corporate law companies, you should concentrate on addressing business inquiries. Blogging and lead generation should take up the majority of your SEO efforts. The rest takes care of itself in the long run.

Assisting Business Owners in Composing Posts

There’s no greater place to look for ideas than a web browser when deciding what to blog about. This is particularly useful for business lawyers and companies recruiting smaller customers. Remember to concentrate on themes most likely to be searched in the local state or area.

Concentrate on material tailored toward small businesses and people looking for legal advice.

Once posted, it will take some time for your posts to rank naturally in search engines like Google and Bing. While waiting, start creating interest and visitors by promoting them on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Video and Vlog Production

Video is another prominent tool for distributing and promoting information. The same themes you’d write about would make excellent video postings. These may get posted on social networking sites and video sites such as YouTube. The following is a basic method for giving legal information to company owners:

  • A quick overview (yourself and your firm)
  • Make a timely decision.
  • Tell a tale that leads up to your major point.
  • Talk about the primary topic.
  • Outro: finish with an invitation

The offerings will be for the tiniest pieces and will be extremely rapid and informal. The tale and the issue you wish to cover should take up most of the video.

Create company profiles

In particular, new attorneys must disclose actionable contact information to prospective clients. An online business biography is one promotional tool for your legal company or solo practice. When an individual seeks a probate lawyer, they will perform a web search in today’s culture.

As a consequence, a big list of local attorneys will emerge. The prospective customer’s next step is to click on each profile to learn more about their businesses.

Customers will not believe you if you don’t have a company profile or if it simply contains essential information like the agency’s contact details. They need additional information before contacting you. They will be able to ask fewer inquiries as a result of this.

This will also assist them in establishing the utmost degree of confidence ahead of the first encounter. As a result, you should include:

The physical address; a website link; business hours; services offered; a mobile number; and a link to schedule a visit (if applicable)

You may also encourage prior customers to post evaluations on various platforms, such as Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and Trustpilot reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can corporate lawyers get clients from other attorneys?

Yes. One of the most valuable sources of new business is recommendations from other lawyers and clients. On the other hand, your prefer ability will be determined by a set of key concepts that will take time to master.

What are the responsibilities of corporation law attorneys?

Corporate attorneys plan transactions, create paperwork, negotiate contracts, hold conferences, and make phone calls to achieve their goals. A corporate lawyer’s job is to ensure that a treaty’s terms are clear, straightforward, and won’t create future difficulties for their client.

Is it possible for corporate attorneys to get clients via SEO and content advertising?

Yes. These will be important assets and marketing avenues for your firm if you post relevant and useful material for small company owners. SEO and lead generation, on the other hand, require time to get traction.

Suppose you’ve done your LinkedIn and Facebook marketing correctly. In that case, you should quickly notice results, particularly if the company is new, since even tiny quantities of new business may have a significant effect.

When it comes to your information and SEO efforts, you must wait 6-12 months for it to mature. Your post will attain 80-90 percent maturity regarding the search volume it may produce for you in about 35 weeks.


As a business lawyer, you have various options for obtaining clients. The above tips will be indispensable for you too. Hope you have learned how do corporate lawyers get clients.

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