How do Lawyers Get Clients | 12 Pro Tips to Get Clients Easily


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Almost every legal practice wants to take on more and better issues. This is why marketing is such a competitive field. Every potential customer has a variety of choices. How can you ensure that people locate you and stick with you rather than one of your contenders? Lawyers naturally turn to market firms for assistance, but most wind up spending money on unproductive marketing. Thus, we have made this post on how lawyers get clients to aid you.

Furthermore, even if you are the best lawyer on the planet, you cannot manage a legal company without customers. And, believe it or not, obtaining customers and legislature are two very different abilities.

It might be challenging to develop fresh marketing concepts for legal businesses. Getting your first customer may also be a challenging, nerve-wracking, and humiliating experience.

And it’s mostly a two-step procedure: mental training and some good old-fashioned hammering on the pavement. Join us as we showcase effective strategies to assist you.

How do Lawyers Get Clients?

How do Lawyers Get Clients

As the data show, there are various methods that potential customers will use to obtain legal counsel that meets their requirements. While word-of-mouth is critical, having a good internet presence is as essential. Here are some helpful suggestions for attracting new customers as an attorney:

Make use of free legal promotional tools.

Before spending a fortune on advertising, you should take advantage of the available marketing alternatives. You may, for example, acquire your free Google listing. After that, fill up your Google My Business profile with all the necessary data.

Google will display your listing to folks exploring locally in your region based on the facts you provided in your description.

Establish yourself as a leading voice in your field.

Your target audience will determine the kind of content you publish (whether clips on your site, regular blog entries, or monthly mailings).

Using live webcasts, Facebook Live meetings, and captivating videos is a terrific method to increase interest and interaction from your audience. You may answer questions about a particular legal issue or anything that you get the most queries about in videos. Also, you might also resolve a legal problem and publicize it on social media.

You may also urge past clients to provide reviews on social media, internet indexes, or Google. Develop blogs that involve several themes to connect visitors to your site. Combine it with a great SEO strategy to ensure that you are at the top of the search results.

Produce instructional material and distribute it to the appropriate audiences.

The legal profession is getting more competitive. The American Bar Association estimates 1.3 million attorneys in the United States alone.

As a result, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should publish exciting and current articles for your website and promote them on social media.

The most crucial aspect of creating a good law practice website is your material. If you get your material correct, everything else will fall into place. Look for different types of content after you’ve established a solid foundation of more excellent published information. This might involve the following:

  • Info graphics
  • Clips
  • Whitepapers

Then ensure sure you share them on the appropriate social media platforms. Some legal companies, for example, get immediate benefits using LinkedIn. However, do some research to find which social networking site is ideal for you?

Develop genuine client connections

Cases may get sold for profit. However, to construct a successful and long-term profession, you must first establish connections. Here’s the point: your company is more than simply purchasing a few web advertisements and hoping people will discover you.

It would help if you devoted time to cultivating genuine connections. Additionally, assuring the satisfaction of your current customer base is a specific approach to generating repeat business.

You may demonstrate your worth by doing well in your cases. If necessary, go the additional mile. Demonstrate to your customers that your initiatives have saved those cash and effort.

Offering a legal translation service to your international clientele offers value and demonstrates your willingness to invest in their satisfaction.

Concentrate on obtaining references.

Many attorneys rely on recommendations to maintain their current client base, which is beautiful. It does not, however, happen by itself. Those who have generated positive references are the ones who have received them.

Having an internet blog is one of the most effective techniques to get referral sources. Collate high-quality material regularly to enhance the marketing effect. Speaking at a local event, teaching, becoming a guest on a radio show, hosting webinars, and so on are all good methods to get recommendations.

Take action to increase the number of recommendations you get.

Determine the most significant source of referrals and concentrate your efforts there. Take the time to establish genuine connections with them, as we previously said.

Make sure you’re willing to assist these customers. Keep in mind that many individuals are looking for attorneys who aren’t interested in your area of expertise. They want somebody to look after their requirements as well.

Remember to reach out to them, appreciate them, and support them. Leads will not only continue to flow, but they will also increase.

Don’t doubt the value of word-of-mouth marketing.

The most effective kind of advertising is word of mouth. It’s also one of the highest compliments. Even though we live in a highly digitized world, most attorneys’ clients come via word of mouth.

Your old clientele is often a great source of new business. As a result, make sure you do a fantastic job.

Make online reviews a top priority.

Before hiring a lawyer, 92 percent of customers study internet evaluations. Of course, if you don’t have a presence on important review things like Instagram, Google My Business, Avvo, and Craigslist, customers won’t be able to leave you a rating.

Presenting consumers with several chances and reminders is a simple method to motivate them to post online evaluations. Please include a note on your website, email, or social media informing them how much you appreciate their input by asking them to leave feedback for you.

If you get a negative internet review, acknowledge it as soon as possible and apologize if required. Attempt to discuss and correct the problem if at all possible.

Make your internet presence known.

Having a solid online following is already a given. But it doesn’t have to end there. Participate in or fund local community activities and organizations to establish a positive reputation. Make connections in society and have a more optimistic attitude.

Create a high-quality webpage.

There’s no denying that the most extraordinary leads come from your webpage these days. Your website should, ideally, have a distinct and appealing appearance. Also, monitor the performance of the user experience and the depth of the material you post.

It would help if you used aspects that reflect your legal firm’s reputation and accomplishments. Because mobile use is increasing, be sure your site is mobile-friendly. It also helps partner with some of the most important mobile advertising businesses. Take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see whether your website is mobile-friendly.

Make SEO a priority.

Search engine optimization (SEO) aids in attracting visitors to your website. People will be able to find you more easily using search engines like Google. A website that is SEO optimized can drive customers to your firm’s website whether they are seeking data or legal guidance.

Join social media sites

On various social media platforms, social media helps you to form essential relationships. So, use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Wikipedia to broaden your audience. You may increase your connections and build a great internet business in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do lawyers get clients?

Lawyers receive customers through the following ways:

  • Make use of free legal marketing resources.
  • Establish yourself as a leading voice in your field.
  • Produce instructional material and distribute it to the appropriate audiences.
  • Develop genuine client connections
  • Concentrate on obtaining references.
  • Take action to increase the number of recommendations you get.
  • Don’t doubt the value of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Make online reviews a top priority.
  • Make your internet presence known.
  • Create a high-quality webpage.
  • Make SEO a priority.
  • Join social media sites

In the legal world, what does SEO stand for?

Lawyer SEO is the technique of generating traffic to a legal organization’s website by gaining first-page ranking positions on search engines such as Google and Msn.

How do you do a customer questionnaire?

Follow these guidelines for conducting client-centered interviews:

  • Make the customer feel at ease.
  • Keep an eye out for nonverbal cues.
  • During your first consultation, pay close attention.
  • Connect to your practice management system.
  • Keep track of prospective customers according to where they are in the customer intake process.

Is Google Drive a safe place for lawyers to store their files?

Yes, to put it simply. The safest cloud-based framework on the marketplace, the Google Cloud Platform, was used to create all G Suite applications.


To summarize, being exceptional at what you do and getting the proper plan in place are the keys to building a flourishing legal firm. You’ll be able to attract new and repeat customers in the long term if you follow these suggestions, and you’ll be able to manage a profitable legal firm for generations to follow.

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