How Much Do You Give for Law School Graduation?


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A significant milestone is completing law school. People often donate much more for this kind of graduation to demonstrate to graduates how important this is. According to the National Retail Federation, 33% of individuals want to give cash or some graduation present.

Furthermore, it is difficult to recommend an appropriate graduation gift amount for law school. Give an amount you would feel comfortable receiving as a general guideline. That being said, a well-considered gift holds more value than a costly one. Join us as we delve deeper into this topic.

How Much Do You Give for Law School Graduation?

How Much Do You Give for Law School Graduation?

According to a recent Gradifi research, individuals typically spend between $40 and $700 to graduate from law school.

Cash is often seen as a less personal present or a gift that only requires a little thinking on the giver’s part. This makes some individuals hesitant to offer money as a gift. However, we assure you that your law graduate will greatly value money.

When a law student graduates, there are a lot of unforeseen costs. For instance, their appearance that day should be the first focus. Your law graduate might desire professional hair, cosmetics, and nail services, which can result in significant expenses, not to mention the costs associated with their attire and event preparation.

Giving them money might also help them replenish their bank account. Also, remember that they still have a long way to go before becoming attorneys. The bar exam must still be taken. So, they will likely be unemployed for the next two to three months.

General Ranges of Law School Graduation Costing

General Ranges of Law School Graduation Costing

Overall, the typical graduation present for law school ranges from $40 to $700. Depending on your connection, the quantities might also vary. However, there are general ranges to be aware of:

Siblings and friends 

There is no predetermined amount to spend on a present for a brother or friend who has graduated from law school. However, somewhere between $90 and $700 is often acceptable, depending on your proximity.

Younger children of friends or colleagues

Giving presents to a neighbor, employee, or friend’s child is a kind gesture. You are free to spend whatever you see fit. But generally, if you don’t know the graduate personally, $50 to $200 is acceptable.

Nephews and nieces 

Although there is no specific amount to present your nephew or niece upon their graduation from law school, it is often more than you would offer a friend. A budget of between $100 and $400 is a smart decision.


A typical present from parents for law school graduates might be anything from $100 to much more. Parents may contribute less if they pay for their children’s college or other expenditures.


Grandparents may give a suitable law school graduate a present in the $50 to $600 range or above. The student’s proximity to the grandparents and the family’s financial position plays a role.

My Opinion

Giving a certain amount of money for law school graduation is acceptable. Keep in mind that the notion itself is what matters. Sending a card with a sincere letter expressing your pride in them may go a long way too. This is valid, even if you cannot spend much on a law school graduate. Graduates of law schools only want to know that their efforts were not in vain.  


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