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Lawyers play a vital role in society as they help people by providing them with their basic rights. Non-society can sustain itself without the law system. Besides helping people in court matters, attorneys also aid people by counseling them in various fields.

Through their services, public and government agencies remain peaceful and accessible within the society. It’s right that the lawyer’s primary job is to struggle for upholding the law and rules within the community; they also earn a handsome amount through their services.

Despite their loyal services for the public and government, they charge a handsome amount from their clients, earning them a very high livelihood. ‘how much does a lawyer make a day?’ is a common question that the public wants to be answered. 

Various means earn the lawyers money. So, their multiple sources add up to make them wealthy men. In each society, lawyers’ fees are very high; you can also judge their income by this fact. However, to learn all about how much a lawyer makes a day, you should dig into the law industry. Researching for the payments of the attorneys is not an easy task; it may consume a lot of your time.

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To make your search easy, we’ve proposed a precise guide that will solve all your queries about the income of the attorneys. So, let’s go through this guide. 

Income of a Lawyer per Day

How Much Does a Lawyer Make a Day

Lawyers fall in that category of graduates who earn a very high amount. ((According to a survey)), the average annual income of a lawyer in the US is about $118,160. This survey is very reliable as its source is the ((Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labour Statistics)).

The amount mentioned above is the average amount that lawyers earn. However, some attorneys may even earn more than this estimate. Also, there are possibilities for some attorneys to earn less than this estimated amount. If you calculate the average hourly income with the help of this amount, it will be almost $56. 

Through these calculations, one may guess the daily income of a lawyer. This estimate shows that a lawyer can earn up to $324 per day; that’s a handsome amount. Moreover, this income is far more than other graduate employed persons. 

Factors Affecting the Lawyer’s Average Income

How Much Does a Lawyer Make a Day

The average income of a lawyer depends upon many factors. Some of those factors which affect the attorney’s average salary are listed in the later section. 

Lawyer’s Experience within His Field

“Practice makes a man perfect” it’s a well-known quotation that everybody must have heard in his life. The same is in the field of law. Those who are experienced charge more fees as they can handle most of the cases effectively.

The entry-level attorneys also charge a handsome amount for the execution of any case. Based on their experiences, both entry-level and experienced lawyers earn a handsome amount at their place. Here is an estimate for the average annual income of an entry-level and experienced attorney. 

  • Entry Level Attorney: $82,035 to $82,472 ((Source))
  • Experienced Attorney: $115,580 ((Source))

Concerned Region

Fees of the attorneys vary from region to region or state to state. You may have noticed that the lawyer’s in the big and progressed cities charge more than those in the small cities or towns. 

Different states have different criteria for lawyers. Some states facilitate more to the attorneys while others may lack these facilities. Here are some factors that may increase or decrease the salary of the attorneys. 

  • Lawyers’ tip
  • Different allowances
  • Pay for the overtime duties
  • Other living facilities

Those regions which pay lawyers these allowances will have high wages for the attorneys and vice versa. 

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Gender Differences

It’s noticed in different states that the lady lawyers earn something less than the male lawyers. In many regions, the gender-based earning difference is noticed. 

According to a survey, most female attorneys earn almost 36% less than male lawyers. ((Source)). So, if you’re considering the income of a female lawyer, it will be comparatively low. On the other hand, if you’re considering the payment of a male lawyer, it will be relatively high. 

Area of One’s Law Practice 

Like many other factors, one’s field within the law also determines their income. There are different fields of the law; one may choose any of them according to their study and interest. Here are other areas of the law where one may practice. 

A Corporate Lawyer

There are many areas of the law field. However, out of all these, the corporate lawyer makes the highest amount annually. You may know that corporate lawyers work for big parties or companies, so they are paid a handsome amount for their services. 

Property Lawyer

Over time, technology is being advanced day by day. Different fields are being invented with advances in technology where privacy, copyright, and other issues are primarily concerned. These are called intellectual properties.

If someone uses the intellectual property of any other person, they may be punished. The lawyer who executes such cases is called intellectual property lawyer. These kinds of lawyers also earn a handsome amount. They fall on the second number regarding their income. 

Medical Lawyer

Suppose someone has to file a case against any medical field regarding poker diagnosis, poor treatment, or poor management of the hospital. In that case, they will file such a case through a medical lawyer. These types of lawyers are also very common and earn a handsome amount. They are on the third number regarding their income. 

Teacher of the Law School

This is one of the technical fields of the law. Joining a teaching school or college as a teacher or professor after graduation in law is a great idea. Such teachers also earn a handsome turnout. They fall on the fourth number regarding their income. 


Prosecutor is a legal entity that represents the interest of the state or state authorities in the court. They help the state to investigate and punish the criminals. These lawyers also earn a considerable amount through their salaries. 

Lawyers of the Tax

A tax lawyer assists their client in resolving any tax payment or tax filing issue. These lawyers usually work as retainers. So, they earn a relatively low amount. However, their income is higher than many other graduates employed. 

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers also earn a handsome amount by resolving people’s family matters. The family issues that need an attorney area such; 

  • Child custody case
  • Divorce case
  • Child adoption case
  • Family abuse case

Such lawyers also earn a handsome amount by resolving the issues of their clients. 

What Do Lawyers Do?

Lawyers represent individuals in the court to resolve their disputes legally. They are graduate persons who practice in the courts. They are the face of their clients in the court. 

Attorneys have to assist their clients in court whether he is right or wrong. They will have to gather the evidence for defending their clients. After hearing or noting the arguments of their client, a lawyer makes some legal arrangements to execute the client’s case in court. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lawyer make a week?

An experienced and good lawyer earns about $11.04 hourly. According to this estimate, he can make up to $1,590 in a week, which is a handsome amount. ((Source))

Do lawyers get paid by the hour?

Yes, most of the good and experienced lawyers charge their clients according to the hourly rate. This rate is the fee according to the working hours of the attorney for the client’s case. 

Do lawyers make good money?

Yes, lawyers are one of the most paid graduates employed persons. They earn up to $118,160 annually. This amount is far more than any other profession. 

Are lawyers rich?

Yes, attorneys are very rich as they earn a handsome amount by serving their clients in court issues. Attorneys who start their careers as middle-class attorneys can settle into the elite class after just months or years of practicing law. 

Do defense lawyers get paid if they lose?

It depends upon one’s agreement with their lawyer. In some cases, the contingency method, the lawyer will not charge their fee if they lose the case. However, the client has to pay the lawyer fee to win or lose the case in most countries. 

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Final Thoughts

Lawyers are one of those graduates who earn a handsome amount annually as well as daily. They can earn by serving the public or government agencies. Moreover, they can earn by teaching the students in the law schools. Another way of their income is counseling. However, to learn all about their income, you’ll have to dig into the law industry deeply. After deep research, we’ve proposed this guide for you. Hopefully, this will be beneficial for you. 

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