How Much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost for Citizenship


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When it comes to our citizenship in the US, it forgoes many benefits, including the right to work permanently and the desire to live in the United States of America permanently. The process requires many essential steps and certain government positions. Let’s learn how much does an immigration lawyer cost for citizenship.

Citizenship to the US by applying is no doubt an easy task, as many applications do not go long because of failure in many tests and steps. Many things and factors are important to consider by the department of homeland security.

So let’s look at the process, steps, and all details.

What is Citizenship?

How Much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost for Citizenship

Citizenship is a connection between a discrete person and a location to which the individual will be in debt allegiance in addition, in turn, to get entitlement to its protection. Each state governs the situations it will identify candidates as its citizens and the conditions under the current withdrawal position.

What is an Immigration Lawyer?

How Much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost for Citizenship

Immigration cases and processes are complex and sometimes overwhelming too. There are steps of complicated regulations, rules, and laws you must navigate to get the output with success. On the other hand, some cases are simple, and they don’t require exceptional help on behalf of the client. 

In most cases, being on the safer side, it will be a great option to have the help of experienced and skilled lawyers who have adequate knowledge and know better where to assist you in your case. Moreover, immigration lawyers specialize in immigration laws and know all the trade tips to help you out for a successful outcome.  

Benefits of Citizenship

Benefits of Citizenship

Hiring experienced and professional citizenship lawyers for the citizenship process helps you apply for the US and offers you a greater chance of success. Applying for US citizenship takes more than just filling up the form N-400. 

The law firm of Michael G Murray is helping its clients navigate the naturalization and citizenship process with easy methods. 

They offer many ways to help you reach your destination to become a US citizen.

How to apply for citizenship in the US

How to apply for citizenship in the US

There are mainly three ways to go through the process to get US citizenship. Being a resident of America, with the naturalization process, or born in the US. 

A person will be eligible for naturalization if the candidate fulfills the following requirements in many situations.

  • The applicant should have three years for spouses of the United States, or the candidate is a resident of the US for five years himself. 
  • an applicant is 18 in age or more than this.
  • The applicant has good moral conduct and character, as conviction of certain crimes prohibits the applicant from filing for immigration or citizenship in the US.
  • The candidate should speak, write and read English.
  • The applicant should pass the test on the US government and history.
  • Applicant should be present in the US; the minimum time is half of the requisite time, 2 ½ to 5 years.
  • Maintaining lawful permanent residence by the applicant continuously.
  • The applicant should be loyal to the US government by taking an oath of allegiance.

It is essential to mention that minor children of US naturalization are also eligible under certain circumstances. When you contact the legal attorneys dealing with the case will help you to determine what is the right option for your case. 

US citizenship immigration lawyer fees

The US citizenship and immigration services charge a fee for filing the naturalization application form up to $640 at the current stage. In addition, the applicants should pay an additional amount of $85 in the head of the biometric fee. 

Biometric fees refer to the process of appearing at a USGIC office to have your photograph and fingerprints. Some of the candidates who give their fingerprints and photograph before have not to pay the required fees. The immigration lawyers being aware of all the steps and processes can help understand which fees and costs are essential to pay. 

In addition to filing fees, your immigration lawyer will take a fee for preparing and submitting your application. These fees and costs are different contingents to the complications and supplies of your situation.  

Immigration lawyer’s costs

In many states, the immigration lawyers’ costs are different according to the nature of the case. Before you go into the immigration process in detail and engage an immigration lawyer, it is a great way to ask for the consultation fees to see whether you are comfortable with the cost of the services. 

In some states, immigration lawyers are willing to offer a free consultation for citizenship cases. At the same time, another charges you for the very initial consultation if you don’t forward your services afterward. But some lawyers charge the cost for both. 

Before you go to the attorney, you have to pay the consultation fee reasonably. Until and unless you are glad about the services of the immigration attorney, you should not sign any contract or agreement. You should consider the two to three lawyers for your case to get the best services.

The immigration lawyer who deals with US citizenship usually charges the initial consultation fees ranging from $100 to $400. At the time of the first consultation, you can ask for the fee structure of the law and how it will cost you for the complete process of the case. It will be an excellent option to compare the cost of different lawyers to ensure that you will get the best outcome and best deal for your case without compromising the best quality of service.

Although immigration lawyers usually go for the hourly rate of anywhere from $150 to $300, the cost structure of different immigration lawyers for citizenship varies from lawyer to lawyer and state to state. Some immigration lawyers charge an hourly rate, and some go for the flat fee cost structures. 

Factors affecting the Cost of an Immigration Lawyer for Citizenship

Factors affecting the Cost of an Immigration Lawyer for Citizenship

Many factors significantly impact the cost of immigration lawyers for citizenship in the US. 


Immigration charge the cost for different types of cases dependent on the nature of the case, complications, and the number of services they offer. Therefore, whether you apply for the L1 visa and green card will make a significant difference in the case cost. 


The type of services you need from your lawyer is also an essential factor in the cost charged for your case. If they help you fill the form for your immigration application for citizenship in the US, it will be off with minimum cost charges if they represent you and assist you in the court deportation.

Level of experience

The level of experience of the immigration lawyer is an essential factor in the cost of their services—the lawyers with many years of experience cost as many fees and cost structures as possible.

It will help if you are careful that the attorney’s level of experience should also match the cost of their services. It will help if you opt for an experienced lawyer but don’t pay for the higher and unnecessary premiums.  

Location of the practice

In addition to other considerations, the location of the lawyer’s practice has a significant impact on the cost they charge for the immigration case. Generally, the lawyers practicing in the big cities like New York and Texas charge higher fees than lawyers practicing in small cities. The cost of immigration cases for citizenship also varies from state to state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a lawyer to file for citizenship?

No, you don’t need a lawyer to file for citizenship; either you can file the USCIS form by yourself, including the application for naturalization, which you can submit online.

Can lawyers assist in getting nationality?

Yes, your attorney can assist you in getting nationality. You do not require a lawyer to get citizenship applications in most situations. Because there are many ways to get a permanent resident, they may not get citizenship qualifications.

Can I get my citizenship for free?

If you have a meager salary, you can apply for the free citizenship option or a significantly discounted rate of $405.

How much is the green card fee?

The government filing fee for getting the family-based green card is $1760 for an applicant living in the US and $1200 for an applicant outside the US.

How much money do you need to become a US resident in 2021?

The total amount of money to become a resident of America is somewhere between $725.


Now you will no longer have to be surprised how much the immigration lawyer costs for US citizenship. These legal fees and costs may seem expensive, but they are an excellent way to save cash and time in the long run for many reasons. The costs and fees are different for successful applications and the denial or, worse, deportation.

Therefore, weigh up your available and reasonable options carefully, make a comparison and plan what will be the best option for you.

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