How much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost for the Green Card


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Every year, most people from all over the world apply for green cards, and the US government issues more than a million green cards to these applicants. The applicants can be employees from new states, and family members come to find occupation in America as the subsequent most incredible crowd of candidates. Let’s learn how much does an immigration lawyer cost for the green card.

So if you want to know how you can get a green card from the US government, the related costs, and the requirements, this article will be excellent advice. 

Green Card

How much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost for the Green Card

A green card is an official permanent occupant card, a distinctive certificate that displays that a person possesses perpetual residency in America. The Green card holders are legal everlasting inhabitants.

What is the fee for applying for a green card?

How much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost for the Green Card

If someone is passionate about getting a green card, there are many ways and costs. The filing charges for a package to get a green card for the family is $1760 for an application to live in America. For the candidates residing other than America, the fee for the application to get a green card is $1200. These estimated charges do not contain the usual fee of the needed medical examination, which is different from the supplier.

So if you are scheduling to apply for a green card, you can get help from various sources by putting together required forms and documents and should submit them to the government.

Mandatory fees

To get a green card from the US government, you must go through a complicated process and submit burdensome fees and costs. The chart below shows a clear view of fees and costs, as the breakdown of fees you should pay directly to the government, in most cases of green cards the citizenship and immigration services.

Green Card Costs

Green Card Costs
Fee typeCost for an applicant living in the USCost for an applicant living abroad
Family sponsorship form$535$535
Green card application form$1140Not required
Financial support form$0$120
Work permit application$0Not required
Travel permit applicationNot requiredNot required
Biometrics finger prints and photographs$85$0
State department processingNot required$325
USCIS immigrant feeNot required$220
Medical examinationVariesVaries

The most normal cost for appearing in a medical examination is $220, but this estimated amount can differ from the provider. Most customers get prices ranging from $100 to $500.

It is noticeable that these government fees are not payable to the government simultaneously, especially if you are an immediate relative or a spouse of a US citizen or living in the united states. In the shadow of other scenarios, these fees must be payable several months apart during different green card application procedures.

Other potential costs

In addition to a medical exam and direct government fees, there are other potential and additional costs to consider.

Vaccination fees

Your medical test for getting a green card for the US will need the updated record of your vaccination before getting the complete medical examination report. For instance, vaccination costs, medical exams, and many more. 

Translation services fees

In addition to all other expenses, there is another fee requirement of translation services fees. If you opt to apply for a green card, required papers are included in a language except for English. So you must include the document of translation certified as a right by the translator. The cost of these documents and costs are different based on many factors. For instance, translating a one-page document ranges between $20 to $40.

Document fees

Documentation fees are also an additional fee in the documentation process of getting a green card from the US government. As part of the green card application filing process, you must submit physical or digital copies of supporting documents like marriage, birth, and passport.

While attending the final green card interview, you and your spouse must bring the original documents and copies, either in the US or at the office of the US embassy or a consulate abroad.

For the issuance of certain official documents, the government charges some fees and costs.

Professional photography fees

To conduct background checks and verify your identity, the US government will inquire you to submit 2 latest 2 by 2 inch latest photographs, which can be different in price as service providers give.

You can also take the photographs on your own because professional photography is also a good idea; many drug stores are giving this service and provide passport-size photos in a relatively low price range.

Travel expenses

When you attend the green card interview, medical exam, and biometric, the US government will not refund you all the expenses you should consider while traveling to these locations and processes. If you get the official documents from other government agencies, the same process will be available.

Shipping costs

You must pay for the postage charges and mail your application at different levels of getting the green card application process and supporting documents, as these amounts are minimal to a great extent. 

Boundless can help their clients fill out all required documents and submit a $995 one-time payment to the government or $83 every month.

Fees for legal help

Getting a green card is very complex and challenging, as it needs various documents for submission. So it will be a great option to get help from a certified and professional lawyer who can assist you with his services and guides based on his expertise.

The attorney can help you complete all types of paperwork and documents to help you make decisions with ease, for instance, between the consular process and adjusting status. 

Therefore, to assist you in processing the green card, the lawyer will charge a certain amount of cost or fee from the applicant. The lawyers choose whether they will take the fee from you either on an hourly basis or the flat fixed rate of several thousand dollars. Your investment for the green card will often go at stake, and you can lose your money and the time you invest. 

Subsequent government processing fees

After applying for the green card and the payment of fees after the initial petition depends on many factors. The primary form for adjusting the status comes to around $1140 in 2021, as the adjusting status method is more expensive than the consular processing method. 

If you go for the consular process, the best option is to get the fees figures on the State Department website’s fees for visa services page. At the same time, the immigrant fee for employment-based visas is $345.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have a green card?

A green card owner or a permanent occupant grants authorization to live and be employed in America. As proof of evidence, US citizenship and immigration services grant a person a permanent resident card, commonly referred to as a green card.

Is it challenging to acquire a green card?

Applying for a green card is not easy, as the laws and rules are complex, and the paper works in terms of documents are tough to deal with. You can get a consultation from an immigration lawyer to get assistance and know what you can do to reduce the risk of your application that can never be ignored.

Is a green card a visa?

Green cards are technically a kind of visa that permits permanent residence. The applicants can get a green card after arriving in America. The applicant must already have an immigrant visa and application according to US laws, certifications, and immigration services to qualify for the green card.

How long does a green card be valid?

Although some permanent resident cards are green cards containing no expiration date, most green cards are valid for up to 10 years. If you want to get the temporary perpetual inhabitant position, the pass will be legal for 2 years. 

Which country gives you a green card with ease?

Canada is a top destination for Indians looking to move to other countries and the best option. The permanent residency option is the most famous option for Indians to move to Canada. Out of the record and research, 341,000 immigrants arrived in Canada in 2019 25% belonged to India.


Most people believe they can go through the process independently to get the green card and applications filed, but it is not valid. The reason lies in the complex and complicated process for the whole steps and levels. So it will be a better option to get help from the immigrant visa lawyer, as he will assist you in the best interest of clients based on expertise and knowledge about the process.

Getting a green card is contingent on various factors, like rules prevailing in different states, so one should consider all the costs and factors associated with it to avoid confusion.

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