How Much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in Canada


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When it comes to Canadian immigration, nothing can be scarier than the hourly fees that most immigration lawyers cost for their services. To deal with high price ranges and hourly rates, the Kahane law office is doing well to assist the clients and offer flat fee rates. You can proceed with trust and confidence when you know the application, filling out the forms, general assistance, or reviews will cost beforehand. Here is how much does an immigration lawyer cost in canada.

You can ask any interrogation you want if our immigration flat fee rates are not coverable. So if you want the immigration process done with a lawyer’s help for Canada, keep reading this valuable information. 

How Much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in Canada

How Much does an Immigration Lawyer Cost in Canada

Save your money with the best deal.

While granting the immigration process, most people want their costs below a great level. Many people fill out the application independently, but we are happy to offer flat fee rates for immigration applications.

For documentation reviews in Canadian flat fee rate, you can have the best deal for both of your worlds. You only draft and prepare your application, and the team of Kahane reviews and guides you on how you can improve it, and then you can submit it. To save money and time, avoid Canadian immigration delays and rejections. 

The setting of flat rates in Canada by Kahane

People often ask how Kahane sets the flat rate fees with confidence. The reason lies in the awareness of rules and regulations and the fulfillment of requirements for Canadian immigration, and the ways to make the process more efficient. That’s why the flat fee rates are reasonable and fail as well.

Above all, if your case issue exceeds the Canadian flat fee rates, the team of lawyers will inform you beforehand and before the payment of any additional cost.

Flat fee rates for Canadian immigration

The flat fee rates for Canadian immigration are for the applications as stated. If you have any questions regarding flat fee rates, you can call or email the customer service department.

Temporary Resident application fees

Many applications for temporary residents are based on one person.

  • LMIA Exemption POE work permit $3,500
  • Consular Based LMIA exempt work permits $4000
  • POE based on LMIA, $2000

Work permit

  • Consular based on LMIA completed anywhere, $4000
  • Nafta CETA/CPTPP $4000
  • Intracompany Transferee $4000
  • Add spouse application to above $1000
  • Add per child application to above $500
  • One-time setup fee, $500

Canadian citizenship application fees

The flat fees rate for applying for Canadian citizenship based on a per person basis is:

  • Citizenship applications $2,200
  • Citizenship eligibility review $400
  • PRTD $3,000

Flat fee rates do not cover the following.

Some things are not in the flat fee rates. These can be additional applications, like if on the application that requires a criminal rehabilitation, this type of additional service will go on its own.

Further, the additional process is required due to the client’s failure to disclose the information as requested or if the client is not loyal and honest in terms of information given to the company or to the government of Canada that affects the application. 


In most cases, the people fill out their application forms by themselves; in these cases, the application is incomplete and does not provide the necessary information for the government to accept.

If your application gets the denial for support of a spouse or a residential request, the team of Kohene helps the customers with the request of that plan.

Moreover, the lawyers working in Kohene examine the application. If problems exist in the application, they guide the client to get a proper resolution for its appeal.

The nature of appeals is different for different applications. The complications in the denial applications need more significant planning and efforts for the best possible results.

The cost and price for appealing immigration decisions and applications start from $10,000, and payment plans are also part of the process. 

Canadian immigration processing fees

According to the rules of immigration, the citizenship Canadian government processing fees should be filed with most visa applications. The fee is the same no matter your nationality and country of origin.

The fees offered by the government of Canada for either a temporary visa or permanent resident visa depend on the number of family members supplementary to the primary applicant.

They are separate from fees paid to the authorized representative, like a lawyer or legal attorney. It is also noticeable that these fees are subject to change without any notice by IRCC.

Permanent residence fees

For immigration to Canada, the everlasting habitation charges are different from package to package, contingent on the nature of the settlement to which you go for. Candidates should consider that once their request gets approval, they must pay for the right of enduring residence charges, a separate fee that all approved applicants must pay, no matter which package they choose. 

Business immigration processing fees

Those who want to get the immigration to Canada via investor, self-employed streams, or entrepreneur of immigration must pay the following fees.

ApplicationProcessing fee in $CAD
Principal applicant$1575
Spouse common law or conjugal partner$825
A dependent child under  22$Add $225 per dependent

Economic immigration processing fees

  • Quebec skilled workers
  • Provincial Nominee programs
  • Atlantic immigration pilot
  • Federal skilled trades
  • Federal skilled workers
  • Canadian experience class
ApplicationProcessing fees in $CAD
Principal applicant$1325
Spouse, common law, or conjugal partner$1325
A dependent childAdd $225 each per dependent

Family Sponsorship Processing Fees

Permanent inhabitants who want to sponsor their family members to Canada will have to pay the following fees:

Spousal and dependent child sponsorship

ApplicationProcessing fee in $CAD
Spouse or common-law partner$1050
Dependent childAdd $150 per child

Parent and grandparent sponsorship

A parent or grandparent sponsorship fee$1050
Spouse or common-law partner$1050
Dependent children of your parent or grandparent$150

Temporary Residence Fees

Same as the permanent residence fees vary from program to program, the temporary fees also are different depending on the kind and nature of the visa. It includes visitor’s visa processing fees, electronic travel authorization processing fees, work permit processing fees, study permit processing fees.

Right of permanent residence fee

The fee structure listed above does not include the $500 right of permanent residence fee that the applicant must pay once the application for permanent residence gets approval.

This fee is applied to all sponsored persons and applicants who are not protected, persons, and dependent children. The RPFR is also payable with the required processing fees to avoid delays at the time of application.

If the applicant gets the denial, he will get the total payment amount as a refund. It is noticeable that all other processing fees are nonrefundable.

Citizenship processing fees

If you or any family member are ready to get the final step of your immigration process, you must pay the following fees.

ApplicationProcessing fee in $CAD
Adult aged 18$630 Per person
Citizenship certificate$100
Resume citizenship applicationAdd $75 per person
Resume citizenship application 18 and under$530 per person
Right of citizenship fee$100 per person
adopted minor$100 per person  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it price to settle in Canada?

Usually, a single applicant will need $CAD 15,420 to get the immigration to Canada, including proof funds, government fees, and other expenses. A candidate will require CAD 20,000 to settle in Canada, including evidence of capital and investment, government charges, and additional outlays.

Can I settle in Canada without employment?

Dissimilar to various other countries worldwide, Canada offers chances for outsiders to migrate without the first opportunity of a job offer. For the settlement in Canada through PNP, you should be chosen by the jurisdiction or territory.

Is it worth immigrating to Canada?

If you planned to immigrate to Canada in 2021, you have a good opportunity because the immigration rules aim to bring in more immigrants. Canada wants immigrants with professions, services, and understanding to meet the skills scarcity in the businesses.

What is an easy way to move t Canada?

There are many easy and valuable ways to move to Canada, like the express entry program that licenses migrants to reside and labor in Canada as accomplished employees. Family class sponsorship, LMIA work visa, the provincial nominee programs, and Canadian investor immigration.

What are the charges of settling in 2021 Canada?

The settlement fee in Canada is different in different states; however, the regular national settlement charge for an individual is around $2730 every month. For a family member of 4, it averages around $5158.  


So it is evident from the above estimates that if someone wants to get immigration to Canada, the process needs several steps and requirements. Unlike other countries of the world, the Canadian government offers chances to migrate to Canada without landing a job offer, as the immigration system of Canada is very dynamic and versatile in its way. There are various immigration avenues in immigration to help and available for those who don’t have a job there and even then want to move to Canada. 

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