How Much Does It Cost to Seal Your Record?


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You might be thinking, how much does it cost to seal your record? This post will aid you immensely if you are among those who usually ask this question. It is crucial to remember that you may only sometimes be able to seal your record. The cost to seal your record is normally determined by the court’s authority and the crime you were found guilty of.

While some states charge a fixed price, others depend on their charges on how serious the infraction is. Additionally, certain jurisdictions may charge different costs for each document a person wants to seal.

Additionally, the price of sealing a record differs based on the country of origin and the document that must be sealed. The costs may be as high as $1,000 in certain regions, but they typically fall between $100 and $300.

Getting copies of court orders or requesting records from state departments may incur extra costs alongside sealing fees, which may rapidly mount up. Come along as we highlight more on this below.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Sealing Your Record

Factors that Determine the Cost of Sealing your Record

The factors that determine the cost of sealing your record include:

State-specific laws and regulations

Regarding sealing criminal records, state regulations are the main deciding factor. Individuals may need to wait a particular amount of time or complete certain requirements in certain jurisdictions before they may ask the judicial system to seal their criminal records after serving their sentence.

Some jurisdictions only permit the sealing of particular crimes, such as infractions, whereas other states permit the sealing of felonies and infractions. To ascertain your eligibility, it is crucial to comprehend the precise legislation and guidelines regulating your state’s record sealing.

The severity of the offense

The seriousness of the crime heavily influences the price of sealing your criminal record. Several states may have distinct regulations or fines depending on whether the crime was violent.

More hearings, documentation, and court appearances are necessary for more serious charges, which may raise the price of record sealing.

Number of charges on the record

The price of sealing is influenced by the number of convictions on your criminal record. In general, sealing many offenses will be more expensive than sealing only one. This is because filing individual applications to seal each charge will be necessary, which will raise the filing fees, court expenses, and attorney costs.

Time since the offense

Time is one of the most important elements impacting the price of sealing your criminal record. The cost of the procedure will decrease the longer it has been since your crime. This is because it may become more challenging for the court to find and collect your documents as time passes, and the data may even be off the records in certain situations.

Therefore, you’re likely to spend less if you’re attempting to seal a record that is ages old than if you’re attempting to seal a recent crime.

Legal representation

Working with a lawyer or doing it yourself is one of the most important choices regarding sealing your record. While saving money on legal bills by doing it yourself is an option, it may cost you additional money in the long run.

This is because record sealing may be a challenging and time-consuming operation, and if you make any errors, you could have to start again, which would result in additional costs.

Other associated costs

Regarding sealing your record, there are additional expenses than legal fees. Application costs are one of them, and they vary based on where you live and which court will be hearing your case. These costs might be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars range.

Court fees and attorney fees

Regarding sealing your record, there are additional expenses than legal fees. Application costs are one of them, and they vary based on where you live and which court will be hearing your case. These costs might be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars range.

The complexity of the case

A more complicated case will often demand more time and effort from your lawyer regarding record sealing. The expense of the procedure as a whole may rise as a result.

Additionally, sealing complicated cases in certain areas may incur larger court expenses than sealing minor cases. However, it’s crucial to remember that a knowledgeable attorney can guide you through your case’s difficulties and ensure that it is effectively under seal.


Some variables might affect the ultimate cost of sealing your criminal record. Your geographic location is one of the most important aspects.

The laws governing record sealing vary from state to state, impacting the procedure’s costs. The cost of court costs alone might be hundreds of dollars in certain places while being much less in others. Additionally, based on where you reside, attorney costs might change.

Why seal your Record?

Why seal your Record?

Some reasons why you can steal your record include:

To improve job prospects

Your chances of landing a job might be higher by sealing your record. Potential employers won’t be able to discover your criminal background while your record is under seal, increasing your probability of employment. This might be crucial if you’re applying for a position in a sector that does background checks, like healthcare or education.

To obtain professional licenses

You might increase your chances of getting a license or accreditation by sealing your record. You may have a higher chance of getting a certificate or permit if your record is under seal since prospective licensing bodies won’t be able to view your criminal background. This may be crucial if you’re attempting to launch a career in a highly regulated field.

To improve housing opportunities

You may increase your chances of obtaining housing by sealing your record. Potential landlords won’t be able to discover your criminal past when your record is sealed, which may increase your chances of being granted a rental. This is crucial when searching for an affordable home in a tight market.

To restore gun rights

Regaining access to firearms may be made possible by sealing a felony record. It is simpler to pass an investigation for carrying a weapon once a record has been sealed.

This is valid since it is as if the conviction never took place. It’s crucial to contact a lawyer knowledgeable about your state’s regulations. This is valid since not all states provide the restoration of gun rights via record sealing.

To regain voting rights

An individual’s right to vote may get restoration with the sealing of a criminal record. An individual’s criminal past is no longer publicly accessible when a record is under seal.

This may assist in lifting limitations or revoking voting privileges. As a result, people may feel more empowered and have better social and civic participation.

To protect your reputation and privacy

A criminal history may seriously harm someone’s reputation and violate their privacy. An individual’s image and reputation may be permanently damaged through a criminal record in the modern world.

This is valid because data is easily accessible to anybody with an internet connection. Record sealing protects individual privacy and reputation by preventing the public from accessing criminal records and bad material.

My Opinion

The elements that affect the cost of sealing your record have been detailed above. Also, in rare circumstances, those who can prove they are experiencing financial difficulty may have their fees waived or lowered. Ultimately, the price to seal your criminal record is a crucial factor that should be carefully investigated before starting the procedure.


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