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Do you have ever plan for immigration, but are you sure to have a sufficient budget for the fees and costs of an immigration lawyer? For getting the immigration procedures done, it is not necessary to go for Express entry or Green cards, and also, hiring immigration attorneys is not essential. But on the other way, it will be beneficial to get assistance from the immigration lawyer to run smoothly on procedures to have a successful output. 

To assist in having the best idea about the costs and fees of the immigration attorneys or to prevent you from overpaying the fees and costs for the legal services, the following guide will be beneficial to you.  

What is Immigration?

How Much is an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is an international measure of people to any other country where they are not living or do not have any citizenship to settle as PR permanent residents or naturalized citizens.

Historically there are many advantages of immigration to get the social, economic, and cultural outcomes. People may opt for immigration for various reasons like employment, opportunities, environmental factors, to escape violent conflicts and disputes, for educational purposes, or the reunion of their families.

Role and Responsibility of an Immigration Lawyer 

The role and accountability of an immigration lawyer are very critical as they represent their clients and trade clients before the USCIS, the board of immigration petitions, and in immigration courts and the federal circuit courts on problems dealing with immigration, adjustment of status, visas, green cards, political asylum, and other important political issues.

How Much is an Immigration Lawyer

How Much is an Immigration Lawyer

When you require help in your immigration case, you should go for it for navigation alone, as hiring an immigration lawyer can significantly make your case successful. 

So why should you hire one, and how much does he cost?

The charges of an immigration lawyer?

In many cases, the fee of an immigration lawyer depends on an hourly basis, as this can be around $150 to $500 per hour in most of the states of America. However, some immigration lawyers charge their fee for any specific service type.

This can be a filing any particular immigration form; for this type of service, the lawyer can charge $350 to $1500. But other types of cases can cost as much up to $12000 or more than even this amount, and all factors depend on the nature of your immigration case and the time for which the lawyer offers his services.

Factors Affecting Immigration Attorney Costs

Every type of immigration case is challenging to handle. Thus, it can be more or less than the abovementioned figures.

Location of the lawyer

The cost of an immigration lawyer is contingent on the location of his practice area and the additional fees. If the lawyer is practising and offering services in the big city, his fee will be much more than that in the small city.

Level of experience of the lawyer

The cost of an immigration lawyer also depends on the level of expertise, which can substantially impact the outcome of your case, but it can be at a higher price. So it will be a good option for you to opt for a lawyer with a good track record and the necessary experience with clients with representation in the past years.

Your case type and the support you need

The detail and type of your case will highly impact the cost of an immigration lawyer and how much he will charge you. There are various essential things that you and your attorney should think about. At the start level of your case, the lawyer will tell you the estimated cost of your case according to nature and type to avoid misunderstanding on the other part of the case. 

Immigration lawyer worth the cost

It is true that immigration procedures are complex and need a high level of awareness and knowledge for successful output. Having a professional immigration attorney on your side will make a considerable difference in winning the case during these challenges. 

Reasons for which you Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Reasons for which you Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Higher chance to win

Undoubtedly, the immigration process is time-consuming and complex, with no assurance that you will get a considerable result. It is significantly possible to win deportation cases with the help of counsel.

There is a chance that only 5% of cases will succeed without having the assistance of an attorney, but 70% of candidates win their cases with the representation of lawyers that allow the child to live in the United States.

Meet deadlines

To win the case of immigration, the lawyer must assure you to meet deadlines because there are frequent meetings running side by side in the immigration process. Your situation will terminate as fast as expected if the meetings go on time on regular schedules.

Experience and knowledge

The immigration law can be confusing and intimidating to those who don’t know this law and do not have years of experience. So it will be an excellent option to hire one who knows various case types and from simple to complex ones.

Working on the immigration lawyer fees

The US immigration lawyers usually work on a fixed or flat rate fee basis. However, some of them also work on an hourly basis. If you plan to go with a flat fee structure, you have to sign an agreement to pay the fixed fee or amount of money to the immigration attorney dealing with your case issue.

This can be about gaining the petition for an H-1B visa or assisting with the labor certification application. The main benefit of the fixed fee is that the client will fully know the total legal fees of the case and its outcome.

Difference between fee and cost

There is a little bit of difference between the fee and cost of the legal lawyer. The fee is the sum of cash you pay for the legal services. On the other hand, the cost is the amount of money that covers things like the filing fees that the US immigration will charge you and the long-distance charges like express mail and photocopying. 

Average Immigration Lawyers’ Fee

The US immigration attorneys have different fee and cost structures depending on the services and the consultation fees, government fees, and hourly rates. 

The average cost for migration facilities is as follows.

ItemsAverage costs
30-minute consultation$75 -$300 USD
Lawyer’s hourly rate$150-USD 350
Form filing assistance$250- $2000USD
Permanent residency assistance$1000-$7500USD
USCIS or IRCC Fees$400-$800USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to rent an immigration attorney?

Any small mistake can jeopardize the whole process of immigration. Therefore, it makes sense to hire an accomplished and seasoned US attorney to guide you through the entire process to maximize the application going through without any common complications. 

Why are immigration lawyers so expensive?

Immigration lawyers are not highly paid lawyers. They know very well that they face difficulty getting the right to work in the United States. And adjust their fees accordingly. The standard or flat fees are growing rather than on hourly rate.  

How much is an immigration case?

Immigration can be anywhere from $150 to $500 per hour. However, some immigration attorneys charge fixed fees for a specific service, for instance, filling out the immigration law form and other services. 

How much does an immigration advisor cost?

Both lawyers and advisors are different in price, often depending on their experience level. Prices for immigration advisors can range from $150 for a full consultation, and this price can go up to $15000 for the full visa service. For an immigration lawyer, the price is usually different according to the services offered.

Can an immigration lawyer do the procedure quickly?

While an immigration lawyer cannot speed up the process of immigration, the immigration lawyer has excellent knowledge of immigration and will know the best options to go for your case. Undeniably, this avoids unreasonable delay because of a lack of knowledge in this area of law.


So there is a variety of reasons and options to consider the immigration lawyers for immigration assistance, and the cost and fees of the lawyer are just one.

Therefore, it is a better option to consider the one who is an excellent professional in the relevant field; the cost should be reasonable and determine your needs to move forward with your immigration procedure.

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Now it’s your choice to think seriously about the costs and fees.

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