How to Anonymously Report a Child Predator | 5 Steps to Follow


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If you are out somewhere and notice a person with negative radiation towards a kid or abusing someone’s child, then don’t ignore it for the sake of your child but protest, for it may be the predator’s next target is your child. Half of us step back from thinking predators will take revenge on us and be calm in this upgraded generation. You can anonymously report a child predator, but don’t let them go. 

If someone is abusing your child, first of all, collect all evidence about them because the police will don’t trust your words. Their trust is based on evidence. Then make a call to 1-800-843-5678 (CYBER TIP LINE). Cybercrime is here to assist you in these types of situations. Explain to them all they are going through the situation they will suggest what to do next. 

CYBER CRIME is anonymous, so you don’t have to worry. Just call and give the report. The next step is their responsibility.

Even if you doubt someone, don’t let him go easily. Call cybercrime to investigate them because they don’t keep a step lonely in this Crime world. They have a strong gang merged in different cities. 

NOTE: Don’t try to do something by yourself. CYBER CRIME is here to assist you legally.

You can follow the following steps to fight against predators and protect your country’s future (children).

How to Anonymously Report a Child Predator

How to Anonymously Report a Child Predator

Step 1: Call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

NATIONAL CENTRE FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED Children is short for NCMEC, the largest organization that defends against predators or kidnappers.

Immediately call a law enforcement agent. They will ask for information about your child and give them all knowledge. They will ask you where, when, and how this kidnapping happens. Patiently provide them with all knowledge. It will help them to understand all situations and map out where their child will be. 

Please don’t give them any false statements or statements about which you are unsure will lead them to move on the wrong path. Thus, you cannot meet your child again.

Step 2: Find your local law enforcement.

When you suddenly face an incidental, try to reach out to your nearest local law enforcement because they are always ready to deal with emergencies. 

You can make a call or meet them personally, give them all the needed information and let them know about the area where your child was seen last time. 

If you doubt someone and think they are here with bad intentions, or if you notice a man daily in a park, you think they are here to kidnap someone. Then don’t take a minute to inform your local law enforcement to arrest a suspicious person and make an inquiry. This move could save thousands of kids.  

Step 3: Report the predator’s social media accounts to Facebook and Twitter.

All have the right to access social media instead of predators because they use it to mark their targets and reach them. They use social media not for enjoyment but for a mission.

If you are scrolling through any social media apps and notice suspicious accounts, then don’t scroll them. Report it as many times as you can. They may also comment on any post or send a direct message to you.

  • All you have to do to report an account is:
  • Tap in the top right of Facebook
  • Tap your name
  • Go to the post and tap in the top right
  • Tap find support and report
  • Type how a person or post goes against the community  
  • Submit it. 
  • You can also block them.

Step 4: Report the predator to Google

If you see inappropriate content that can divert your or someone’s child’s mind, don’t take it easy to report it. For reporting an account, all you have to do is:

  • Tap on the Safe Browsing Report page.
  • Type in the URL site.
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA.
  • Write an appropriate reason for blocking a website.
  • Submit your Report.
  • You can block them.

By going through these steps, you can block and report them, and no one will be able to see their website on google.

Step 5: Report the predator to Microsoft

Even if you are observing suspicious posts or accounts on Microsoft, don’t let them go easily report them. All you have to do is

  • Press the Xbox button.
  • Go to the conversation.
  • Select the message to block.
  • View profile.
  • Report it
  • You can also block and report them.

After doing these steps, you will never see that website again.

Expert Opinion

It would help if you did NOT COMPROMISE on children’s safety. If you observe suspicious movements, mark them and inform local law enforcement, and they will inquire against them. Don’t worry; your name will be anonymous. They will protect all kids from being an injustice.

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