How to Become a Lawyer in Texas: 7 Key Steps Outlined


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From research, it has been found that there are over 106,000 registered lawyers in Texas. The legal field in this state is flourishing daily. Thus, many people are looking towards becoming lawyers in the state. But what are the steps involved in becoming a lawyer in Texas? To aid you on this path, we have made this post on how to become a lawyer in Texas.

Furthermore, the journey towards becoming a lawyer in Texas tends to be full of hassles. On the other hand, it is a great job option for individuals who desire to uphold justice in the legal field. Upon becoming a lawyer, you can easily advocate for your client’s rights and bring positive changes to your environment.

Becoming an attorney in Texas also requires diligence and proper knowledge of American law. And if you have the passion to achieve success, this can be a good career path for you. Come along as we elaborate more on this below.

How to Become a Lawyer in Texas

How to Become a Lawyer in Texas

You can become a lawyer in Texas through the following steps:

1. Get a bachelor’s degree in any field of your choice

Getting a bachelor’s degree in any field of your choice is the first step. To begin, opt for a school with full accreditation. The American Bar Association does not designate any institution or degree field as most acceptable.

Rather, they encourage students from every field and institution to apply. Once you enjoy your current fields, such as the English language or philosophy, you will perform well in the legal field in Texas.

2. Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

The next step entails taking the LSAT and emerging with good grades. This exam usually evaluates the writing, reading, and reasoning capabilities of students. It is also made up of five multi-choice sections in addition to a comprehensive writing section.

Furthermore, students who intend to pass without much hassle can use online study avenues in addition to school libraries.

3. Finish up your studies at the law school

After writing and passing the Law School Admissions Test, you must proceed to finish up your studies at the law school. This will enable you to get a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, a prerequisite for becoming a lawyer in Texas. You must also note that only law schools that have accreditation by the American Bar Association will be acceptable.

4. Sit for the Texas bar exam

Upon graduating from law school, you must sit for the Texas bar exam and pass it. And to increase your chances of passing, you must start preparing early. Furthermore, you can find diverse study materials on the website of the Texas Board of Law Examiners.

5. Get sworn into the Texas State Bar 

Once you succeed with the Texas bar exam, you will be sworn into the Texas State Bar. Your examination scores, as well as relevant details regarding the swearing-in ceremony, will also be sent to you via the email you submitted earlier. Upon successful swearing-in occasion, you will now be a legitimate lawyer in Texas.

6. Search for a suitable position in the Texas legal field 

Becoming a lawyer in Texas continues after the swearing-in ceremony. The next step entails searching for a suitable position in the Texas legal field. You can begin your job search from an enterprise/company, as well as any available law firm. 

During your search, it’s also best to put your targets and expectations into consideration. This will help you to streamline your search and succeed without much hassle.

7. Develop your career as a Texas lawyer

You need to develop your career as a Texas lawyer to remain relevant in this field. In Texas, every lawyer must undergo a continuing education program of at least 16 hours yearly to maintain their legal title. This will help you to remain relevant as a lawyer and remain up to date-in this field. 

Furthermore, it’s best to consult Texas lawyers who have been practicing in Texas before you joined. Through this, you will be able to gather enough information and guidance that will enhance your success.

My Opinion

You can navigate the path of becoming a lawyer in Texas through the tips highlighted above. Before getting started, it’s also best to know that the process may come with some hassle. But in the end, the fruits of your labor will compensate you much more than you can imagine. All you need to succeed is persistence, honesty, and hard work. And in the end, you will be a celebrated attorney in Texas.


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