How To Build A Book Of Business As A Lawyer | Full Process Explained


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If you are in the legal profession and trying to build your book of business, you should be aware of the value of relationships. This post will cover how to build a business book as a lawyer. Most lawyers focus on their transactional work. They are so focused on getting the case or doing the job that they never focus on the next step. 

It’s important to consistently engage potential clients, gain their trust, and earn their repeat business. We’re working on a whole new process to help lawyers build their business books.

It’s the most challenging work to do. This blog will take you through my own experience building a book of business as a lawyer. From using social media and making myself known to referrals and networking at events and workshops.

What Is A Book Of Business As A Lawyer?

How To Build A Book Of Business As A Lawyer

A book of business is an essential question for any lawyer to ask. A book of business is a set of contacts you have gathered from years of work. Your business book should be large enough to provide you with income for many years of idle time.

I have always had a policy to never rely on just one job. I have a very well-developed business book, and I write articles on business and legal subjects to generate referrals while away from the office.

Why Is It Important To Build A Book Of Business As A Lawyer?

The most crucial reason a lawyer needs a book of business is that clients are the lifeblood of any law firm. And, to properly service a client, one must certainly not charge for the first consultation. As a result of taking payment another way, it is a consequence of the lawyer servicing the client. That’s where a book of business comes into play.

Are you saying that the lawyer should consider charging for the first discussion? That’s certainly one way to go; although other methods are more advanced, they all involve a business book.

Why Do You Need To Build Your Own Book Of Business?

The need to build your book of business as a lawyer is paramount due to the ever-changing market conditions. Clients will always look for the best deal available, and the profession has yet to adopt a standardized fee structure.  

Building one’s book of business also allows one to specialize in their area of expertise because clients are more likely to return if they know they can get what they need from only one person. Lawyers need to build their business books, as it can be challenging to find a job with a large firm or with the government if you do not have any experience.

Best Way To Build A Law Firm’s Book Of Business

The best way to build a business book is to establish primary relationships with your clients and always keep them happy. A book of business is the total of consumers that you have.

A business book is an excellent reflection of how good you are at your job. If you want to build a business book as a lawyer, you need to get a law degree from a respected university and pass the bar exam.

It would help if you started canvassing clients and connecting with people who can refer businesses to you. Before making your first impression on other people, you must ask if you can make their lives easier. It is how you start building your business relations.

How To Build A Book Of Business As A Lawyer Using Social Media?

Developing a series of short, concise messages on social media is a surefire way to attract new clients. Utilizing a more generic approach to retain a broad audience will help lawyers systematically attract new clients through social media. However, regulating the medium by law is essential, and some may find it necessary to consult a more experienced lawyer before using or implementing it.

How To Build A Book Of Business As A Lawyer Using Referrals?

A lawyer can build a business book using referrals by leveraging their network. The best way to begin networking is with friends and family members, who will most likely refer the lawyer’s services to others in the community. Lawyers should also consider attending events that do not relate to their work, such as the chamber of commerce meetings, which allow attendees to get to know other professionals in the community.

Build A Book Of Business As A Lawyer Using Standard Business Cards?

A lawyer practices law as a barrister or solicitor, advocating or defending clients in court. Lawyers regard as people who have an excellent understanding of the law and persuasive speaking skills. Hence, to build a book of business for oneself as a lawyer using standard business cards is to distribute them amongst prospective clients with the expectation that they will lead to future legal services provided.

How To Build A Book Of Business As A Lawyer Using New Business Generation?

To build a business book as a lawyer, a firm should first identify the different methods to generate new business. These can be through networking events, speaking engagements, advertising, and more. Once this is identified, firms should implement those strategies regularly.

It will help them grow their business book as more people come to know about them as a resource.

Build A Book Of Business With A Lead Generation Funnel:

The process of lead generation is a step-by-step process starting with a qualified prospect and ending with a client. It is essential to learn a talented option first, which may be challenging due to the many different channels for recruiting. Once this potential customer can identify, they contact through email or phone call for more information on the offered service or product.

How To Build A Book Of Business For Any Law Firm?

How To Build A Book Of Business For Any Law Firm?

A book of business is a collection of clients with whom a person or company has previously worked. A law firm must have a business book to survive, as it will not have enough clients to keep the doors open.

A law firm can attract new clients by making advertisements on different media platforms, including radio, TV, and other social media apps. Their services are also essential when attracting new clients to the law firm.

Benefits Of Building A Book Of Business For Law Firm

  • High profits for law firms.
  • Building a book can increase the charges for their services. 
  • Firms will have more clients and be more profitable.
  • Attract and retain high-quality, talented employees.
  • Attract and retain high-quality, talented employees.
  • Build a book of business to grow and compete with large firms.
  • Attract and retain high-quality, talented employees.
  • Build a book of business to grow and compete with large firms.
  • Attract new clients and boost your business.
  • Develop a better online reputation and increase your online visibility.
  • It will support you to catch business from your existing clients. 
  • Become a right-hand partner for your new as well as repeat clients.
  • Develop a portfolio of your work.
  • Enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle.
  • Increased job security.
  • Improve your earning potential.
  • Expand your business into new areas.
  • Create a valuable asset for your practice.
  • Expand the business into new markets.
  • Build a professional network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Would Make You Want To Buy A Large Book Of Business From A Firm?

  • Enterprise value for the price
  • 15% discount on the annual bill
  • If you become ill or wounded, the firm has the facilities to care for you.
  • The firm has IP insurance so that if there is a data breach, your clients are protected.
  • New client meetings are hosted quarterly in a major city.

When Building A Book Of Business, What Is The Best Way To Start?

  • Cold calling
  • Building relationships with other lawyers
  • Looking for opportunities on LinkedIn

What Are The Best Strategies To Building A Book Of Business As A Lawyer?

  • Network with everyone in your network
  • Outreach to every law firm you can find (cold calls)
  • Get lucky and make a referral that results in a lot of business

How Do You Go About Making Your Own Book Of Business?

I will go thoroughly from all the specifications and find new customers. Another thing I will do I will give good service to my existing clients. Also, I seize every opportunity available to me and my business.


In conclusion, to build a successful legal practice, it is vital to have a strong referral network. A lawyer should be networking regularly with their local bar association, looking for any opportunities to get new clients. Join your local chapter today if you are not already part of the local bar association. 

Start attending seminars and lectures to network with other lawyers in your area. Start putting together informational packets about yourself that you can share at these events. You should understand that running a law firm isn’t easy work.

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