How to Build a Client Base as a Lawyer | 5 Pro Tips You Don’t Know


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Any new company owner understands that introducing new customers regularly is critical to keeping the lights on. This is especially important for attorneys who begin their firm and rely on word of mouth to break new territory. Let’s learn how to build a client base as a lawyer.

Personal referrals have traditionally been the most acceptable traffic source for a company, with legal services essentially a word-of-mouth industry.

Mouth recommendations will always be one of the most effective strategies to acquire new customers, the ‘when’ of these referrals is beyond your control.

This implies that finding new strategies to attract new customers and keep them coming back on a routine basis is critical. Thus, we have made this post on how to build a client base as a lawyer to aid you.

Building a solid customer base starts with determining who your target market is. It’s critical to start small, narrow in on your target market, and strive to establish a good reputation among your first customers.

How to Build a Client Base as a Lawyer

How to Build a Client Base as a Lawyer

As you may be aware, the legal business is a complex field with significant profit potential if the correct customers can be found. Here are some excellent strategies to captivate your audience and establish a solid customer base to help you get launched.

SEO for local businesses

Many law firms place maximum value on personal referrals since delighted customers will tell their family and friends about their positive experiences. But how does internet expression translate?

This is where target Marketing (search engine optimization) comes in since many of your clients will use Google to look for terms like “litigators near me” or “your brand name.”

This is one of the factors why local SEO is so essential for new clients to discover your company when they search online.

Every day, millions of people use local searches to locate local companies. 96% of customers use search engines to get legal advice, so if you’re not visible to your clientele, you’re losing out on possible business. This is in addition to allowing your rivals that have adjusted for local SEO to steal your customers.

Google My Business is essential for local SEO since it allows your company to appear on SERPs related to its area. to create a free Google My Business listing, and then put your business ahead. When clients search online, it will be easier to find and recognize your company.

You may also add images, operating hours, a phone number, customer reviews, and a website link with Google My Business. This is in addition to reviewing the most recent information about your law practice and any special deals that may get offered.

Blog writing

Blogging is also a fantastic strategy to show up in searches when a prospect is researching. Compared to organizations that do not have a blog it is likely to produce 67 percent more leads if they start doing it.

You should carefully examine the sort of information that will assist your clients, depending on the field in which your law business specializes. This is in addition to creating helpful material regularly to attract new customers.

As a legal counsel, you’ll be knowledgeable about clients’ various queries throughout a session. This allows you to write about the most often asked topics to help new prospects decide whether or not to work with you.

For example, you may write a blog covering often asked issues about divorce, such as children’s custody rights. Prospective customers looking for answers to these questions may read your blog and learn more about your company.

One of the simplest methods to develop new material is to include a website or blog and update it regularly. This informs search engines that your blog is live and updated regularly.

Search engines are built to provide users with the most appropriate, up-to-date, and high-quality responses to their questions. Search engines are more inclined to support your blog above others if your blog entries match these criteria.

This is in addition to displaying your blog on the engine results, allowing your organization to stand out during the lookups of potential clients.

Paid Search Promotion

A law firm can use Google AdWords or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing to target and attract quality leads to their webpage. This is especially effective when targeting local prospective customers needing a different product.

Marketing in your daily paper may have supplied you with good business years ago, and it is still used presently. However, we can find almost everything we need by simply utilizing our phones with modern tech.

This makes local web advertisements a more helpful method for grabbing your target interest of the audience. Because many legal issues are complicated, 74% of consumers begin their internet research and call a law firm for additional assistance and advice.

People prefer to talk to someone about their personal affairs regarding legal difficulties. As a result, enabling call extensions in your PPC ad is critical.

When you activate call extensions on your ad, Google AdWords will only monitor calls made once a user hits the call button on the ad, but what about individuals who phone you after clicking on your ad and seeing your website? Because AdWords cannot monitor these calls, you only have half of the picture when it comes to your advertising’s actual performance.

This makes call monitoring critical for businesses, and call tracking companies like Mediahawk can help legal firms correlate all calls produced by a particular advertising campaign or channel.

 You can then attribute each conversion to the ad, keyword, or service that led to it and thus recognize the most productive. You can efficiently control your budget by using this data to enhance your best-performing advertisements and enhance others to lower their cost per click (CPC).

Video Promotion

Video marketing has grown in popularity to the point that YouTube is now the second most significant internet search engine. This implies that people watch videos in more significant numbers than ever before. Studying a page of text is less entertaining than watching a video.

Our brains prefer video because they are wired to remember visual information better than text. In addition, viewers can recall 95 percent of a video message vs. 10% while reading text.

Legal concerns may be confusing and stressful for people unfamiliar with legal procedures. As a result, reading material about your products or blog articles may not be as enjoyable for certain people.

You may bring your words to life by merging audio and pictures. You may also reveal who you are as an attorney and make an emotional connection with any prospective clients.

A lawyer is hired, not a legal company. As a result, using educational videos to prove your competence can help to build loyalty and belief. Invest in videos via your YouTube channel wherever feasible, and incorporate educational films on your landing pages.

For legal businesses, video marketing may be an excellent tool for increasing website traffic, building trust, showcasing competence, and engaging with potential customers. Furthermore, people appreciate sharing helpful films with others, which allows you to reach a wider audience.

Participate in the Community

Consider supporting local events or organizations to become active in your neighborhood. While giving financial support is required, sponsorship is also an excellent method to have your name out there. Think about going the extra mile and attending the events.

You may also meet with other local leaders and residents while you’re there. You can learn more about them, and they can know more about you. Remember to bring some contact information to give out as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build a client base as a lawyer?

Yes. The above tips on how to build a client base as a lawyer will aid you immensely in this.

Is a lawyer well compensated?

In 2020, lawyers earned a median compensation of almost $130,000. That year, the top 25 percent earned $190,000, while the bottom 25 percent earned $85,000.

Is it difficult to become a lawyer?

It is not for the weak at heart to pursue a career as a lawyer. According to the BLS, a lawyer generally requires seven years of continuous postsecondary schooling. A Bachelor’s degree takes over four years, followed by three terms of law school.

What is the most challenging aspect of becoming a lawyer?

Timelines, billing constraints, client expectations, long hours, evolving legislation, and other obligations make a legal practice one of the most stressful professions. It’s no surprise that attorneys are worried, given increased corporate demands, developing legal technology, and mounting law school debt.


In conclusion, attorneys must diversify their customer base. This is preferable to depending on one or two customers for all of your business since change occurs inside and across companies daily. People leave businesses, needs change, and mergers occur.

Companies fail to survive. You never know what may happen. It’s critical to ensure that you’re cultivating connections with various individuals at your client. It is not just your primary contact – since you don’t like to be left in the dark if one person leaves.

Furthermore, customers are critical. You can’t establish or manage a business without them, after all. Building a customer base is crucial for success if you’re operating a solo profession or creating a small firm with other attorneys.

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