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Your LLC registration number, popularly called your Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN), is an essential identifier for your firm. It is usually handy when effecting tax registration, setting up a bank account for your business, or taking in a new employee. On the other hand, there are possibilities of losing or misplacing your LLC registration number. Thus, we’ll guide you through the steps to find your LLC registration number in this post. This is in addition to obtaining a new number if necessary.

Furthermore, your LLC registration number also plays an important role in the compliance section of your business. Finding this number is quite easy. It is also essential to use it with discretion and shield it from public access.

Whether you utilize it when making your tax filings, hiring new employees, opening a business bank account, or getting into new contracts, your LLC registration number is an indispensable component of your business.

If you encounter challenges when trying to find your LLC registration number, the steps outlined in this guide will help you to navigate the process and find it easily. Below are the simple and general steps;

  • Check your LLC registration certificate: When you formed your LLC, you received a certificate of formation from your state’s business registration office. Your LLC registration number should be printed on the certificate.
  • Search your state’s business database: Most states have a searchable database of businesses registered in the state. You can usually search for a business by name or by registration number.
  • Contact your state’s business registration office: If you can’t find your LLC registration number using the methods above, you can contact your state’s business registration office and ask for it.

Come along as we elaborate more on the steps below.

How to Find My LLC Registration Number

How to Find My LLC Registration Number

You can find your LLC registration number through the following steps:

Scan through Your Documents

When trying to find your LLC registration number, scanning your documents and records is the first step. This may include:

Banking Records: If you’ve set up a bank account for your business, your LLC registration number will be on the account paperwork.

Set up Documents: Your LLC registration number is usually part of your LLC’s set-up documents. This usually includes the Certificate of Formation or Articles of Organization.

Tax Returns: Your LLC registration number is usually available on your documents.

IRS Confirmation Document: When you submit a request to obtain an EIN, the IRS usually provides a confirmation document. You can check through your records for this document, as it has a section dedicated to your LLC registration number.

Contact the IRS

If you’ve expanded your documents search and still can’t find your LLC registration number, another great option is to contact the IRS. This is valid, as they can easily help you to get it. The IRS usually offers a valid help number for EIN queries.

You can call 1-800-829-4933, navigate through the prompts, and demand to talk to a human assistant. Get set to present details regarding your LLC. This may include the current name, location, and Social Security Number (SSN).

The assistant at the IRS can also demand your details to check your association level with the LLC and validity. Upon confirmation of your identity, the IRS will furnish you with your LLC registration number. This will usually be via mail or over the phone.

Demand for a Replacement Confirmation Letter

If you still need to get the first IRS confirmation letter with your LLC registration details, you can also seek a replacement from the IRS. You can do that through the following steps:

Obtain the Form SS-4: Navigate to the IRS website and obtain the Form SS-4. This has a section for applying for your Employer Identification Number.

Fill the Form: Complete the form with the required details, such as your LLC’s current location, official name, etc.

Forward the Form: Forward the complete Form SS-4 to the right IRS office. You can use fax or mail. 

Receive your Letter of Confirmation: Upon successful completion, the IRS will work on your form and forward you a replacement confirmation letter. This is usually via mail; you can find your LLC registration number.

Consult Your Bank/ Financial institution.

If your LLC has a business bank account, you can easily find records of your registration number at the bank. First, contact your bank and tell them you want to obtain your LLC registration number. At this point, it’s also essential to furnish them with essential details regarding your account. Upon successful verification, the bank will send your LLC registration number to you via mail.

Inquire from the Secretary of State Office  

The Secretary of State Office can give you your LLC registration number. To begin, visit the website of your state’s Secretary of State. Next, navigate to the area of the site that permits you to search for business entities. The next step is to type in the current name of your LLC. Upon successful entry, it will display the registration number of your LLC.

Opt for a Third-Party Firm

Opting for a Third-Party Firm is another great option for finding your LLC registration number. Many third-party firms usually offer this service today, and they can help you with many more administrative tasks besides obtaining your LLC registration number. On the other hand, it’s best to be cautious in order not to give your business information to scammers.

Apply to a New LLC registration number.

Finding your LLC registration number may still be impossible despite the numerous options available. Your only option is to apply for a new LLC registration number. On the other hand, this should be the last option because it can affect your financial and tax records.

You can affect this by applying a new LLC registration number to the IRS. Upon successful completion, they will send the EIN to your mail.

My Opinion

In conclusion, the LLC registration number is essential to your business. The IRS usually provides this unique number, which is indispensable in financial transactions. And if you desire to find your LLC number, the tips above will aid you immensely. Furthermore, protecting your LLC number, using it legally, and being current regarding possible changes and updates is best. This will help to maintain the validity status of your LLC, as well as all your tax and financial transactions.

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