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The process of ending a marriage or marital partnership is known as divorce. Divorce usually entails the dissolution or reorganization of a marriage’s legal obligations and responsibilities. As a result, under the rule of law of the particular country or state, this entails dissolving the bonds of matrimony between married couples. Overall, this procedure may be fairly costly if you hire a lawyer. As a result, we’ve created this guide on How to get a divorce in Alabama without a lawyer.

There are two types of separation in most states, especially Alabama: contentious and uncomplicated divorce. A “disputed divorce” occurs when you and your partner cannot agree on any or all of the factors involved in dissolving your relationship.

Until you can sort out your disagreements along the road, you must go to the courtroom to have an adjudicator conduct a hearing. He’ll also go through the facts, summon witnesses, and help you address the difficulties.

On the other hand, an uncontested divorce does not need a trial. This is true because you and your partner have sorted out the difficulties between yourself. If you can achieve that arrangement before filing your separation documentation, an undisputed separation will be far cheaper than a regular, contentious divorce. You may avoid protracted and costly legal fights over minor disputes.

How to Get a Divorce in Alabama without a Lawyer

How to Get a Divorce in Alabama without a Lawyer

Although no divorce is simple, Alabama citizens have the alternative of filing for an uncomplicated divorce. Uncontested divorces are less complicated, take less time, and may sometimes be concluded without the assistance of an attorney.

Divorces in Alabama: Disputed vs Undisputed

An uncontested divorce may not be an option for you if you can’t find your spouse, can’t reach a deal, or have more complex demands for managing care and managing assets.

The Divorce Worksheet is also a wonderful location to take stock of everything if you’re going through a contentious divorce.

Divorce: Fault vs No-Fault

If you fulfill the standards for an uncomplicated divorce, the final element to consider is whether “fault” is a problem. Both blame and no-fault divorce are recognized in Alabama. In a no-fault separation, neither spouse allocates blame (or responsibility) to another nor is neither obliged to establish fault in court.

The following are the no-fault grounds for termination in Alabama:

  • Mismatch
  • The marriage has irreversibly broken down.
  • Abandonment voluntarily

The failure grounds for dismissal in Alabama are:

  • Incapacity to enter into the state of marriage
  • Infidelity
  • Inebriation or drug usage regularly
  • Incurable madness
  • At the time of marriage, the woman was pregnant by another guy.
  • Sexual assault or violence

Steps to getting a Divorce in Alabama without a Lawyer

The following are the actions that must get taken to get an unchallenged Alabama divorce without a lawyer:

Comply with the Residency Guidelines

To be allowed for a divorce in Alabama, at least one partner must live in the state. In addition, the court you choose must have sole control over at least one of your spouses.

Get your separation papers in order.

The spouse who files the court documents is known as the “Plaintiff,” while the spouse who responds to the papers is the “Defendant.”

The essential paperwork may get located at your registrar’s office to start a separation in Alabama. This includes “Allegation” and “Invites.”

These are the original divorce papers, which officially ask the state court for a divorce. They’ll go through the specifics of the separation you’re seeking. This covers who gets what, how much spousal support will get paid, and what will occur to any children.

Consensus on a settlement

You’ll have to put your separation conditions on paper. You and your husband must agree in writing on the allocation of common property, liabilities, and duties relating to any children if you want your divorce to be amicable. This divorce may be beneficial to you.

The details of your divorce might also be outlined in a Consent Decree for the court. Please make a copy and file it with the clerk’s office.

Submit your divorce decree to your local county courthouse.

Your documents should get filed with the county clerk. Submit the original signed paper to the clerk and preserve two copies for your records. Keep one duplicate for yourself, and if needed, serve the other to your partner.

File divorce papers with your spouse

Divorce petition documents must be served on your spouse in Alabama. If your spouse agrees to sign an “Acceptance and Waiver of Service,” they will be acknowledging receipt of the documents. You can hand the documents to your partner or send them via ordinary mail at this stage. Don’t fail to include and have your partner sign the Agreement and Waiver of Duty form.

If you don’t, you’ll have to provide your partner with the discharge papers uniquely. You could: (A) submit the forms first class service with acknowledgement, (B) send copies by registered letter with reverse receipt sought, (C) send a letter by registered mail with returning receipt demanded, (D) send a letter by registered letter with returning claim requested.

(E) Have your divorce papers served on your spouse by a sheriff, bailiff, or private management procedures.

Provide the court with supporting documentation.

The courts in Alabama will want proof that your spouse has received their court documents.

Fill out any more divorce paperwork

  • “Public Records Form” 
  • “Affidavit of Registration” and “Plaintiff’s Statement”
  • If there are any children from the union, fill in the blanks:
  • “Childcare Policy Notice of Conformity”, 
  • “Childcare Guideline Worksheet”, 
  • “Childcare Guideline Notice of Conformance”
  • “Cash Flow for Child Support Obligations”
  • “Childcare Fact Sheet”

Regrettably, Alabama does not have a website that provides paperwork or further information on the divorce procedure. You may get further information from the Registrar of Court’s department in your county. They will assist you in determining any extra paperwork required for local processes and divorce regulations.

If the procedure of getting an unopposed divorce in Alabama seems complicated or you have any concerns, you should see an attorney.

Would we be capable of changing child support amounts after divorce?

How to Get a Divorce in Alabama without a Lawyer

You (or your partner) may seek a modification in the amount of child care after your separation in Alabama is complete. However, you must show that a significant and ongoing material change warrants the adjustment. The court will review your request using the same legal criteria as an initial child support order.

The Alabama Ministry of Human Resources’ Children and Family services Division analyzes childcare decisions regularly to ensure that they continue to fulfill the child maintenance criteria. You may request a review of your current order if your situation has changed considerably. If the rules require a change in assistance, DHR can assist you in preparing the required legal documents and scheduling a court hearing.

How about the Private Residence?

If you and your spouse own a house together, your living arrangement might specify what will occur to it if you separate. The assessment will ask you a few inquiries regarding the property and how you plan to handle it, such as:

  • Selling the home and sharing the money.
  • Giving one partner ownership and giving the other partner cash or other property in return for that spouse’s portion

What about IRAs and 401(k) s?

How to Get a Divorce in Alabama without a Lawyer

If you began subscribing to the private pension before getting married, you’d need to figure out how much of the present value of the pension plan is joint property. This is in addition to the amount of your individual property. Some professionals and businesses can help you with this (for a fee, of course).

A pension evaluation or valuation is the most common name for this service. When working with a defined-benefit plan, you’ll always require professional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a divorce in Alabama without a lawyer?

Yes. You can get a divorce in Alabama without a lawyer through the tips highlighted above.

In Alabama, can I get compensation if I divorce digitally?

In your Alabama separation, you and your partner may either forgo your right to compensation or agree on the terms of divorce settlements. This covers who might pay, how much they will pay, and how long they will pay.

Your contract may also stipulate whether a court may modify alimony at any point in the future. It may also include related problems such as health and life insurance.

In Alabama, how do I submit my legal separation?

Your next action after receiving your completed documents from Alabama 3StepDivorce is to submit your documentation with the appellate court clerk’s office in the appropriate county:

  • If you and your partner both live in Alabama, apply in the county where your partner (the defendant) resides or where you and your partner resided soon before you divorced.
  • If the accused is from another state, file in your county.

What are the divorce court fees in Alabama?

The cost of filing legal separation in Alabama varies greatly from county to county. For example, in Madison County, the price is $324, whereas, in numerous other counties, it is around $200.

To know the current regional fee and payment options, contact the court clerk’s department in the county where you’ll be serving.

What occurs if I can’t afford to pay the court costs for separation?

If you can’t pay the filing cost, you may request that it be delayed until the end of your divorce proceedings. This may get accomplished by submitting an Affidavit of Significant Adversity with your separation lawsuit and other preliminary documents. If your request is later refused, you must pay the costs within one month, or your divorce proceeding will get canceled.

In Alabama, how long does an uncomplicated separation take?

From the moment you file your claim until the court enters your ultimate divorce decision in Alabama, there is a 1-month timeframe. However, in practice, most uncomplicated breakups take much longer.


In conclusion, divorce in Alabama comes with diverse peculiarities. Thus, the above highlight on How to get a divorce in Alabama without a lawyer will aid you greatly.

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