How to Turn the Water Back on Illegally | 11 Steps You Must Know


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Many people often ask how to turn the water back on illegally. No matter your water valve has stopped due to planned repairs or stopped unexpectedly, you have to get it back again. In most of your, water supply company will go through the process and get you out of the issue. However, if you want to turn the water valve on by your hand, you can use the main water shut-off valve or switch on the valves next to your appliances. 

Well, water will need to be located on an electronic switch; too, as if you are planning to de-winterize the house, you should look for the damages and leaks first.

How to Turn the Water Back on Illegally

How to Turn the Water Back on Illegally

If you want to turn the water valves back on, follow the steps given below.

Turn the supply valves on

The supply valves are like a wheel or lever and attached to the pipe running out of the motor.

  • The wheels are known as gate valves, and the levers are ball valves. 
  • In older houses, there are no supply shut-off valves for the sinks and appliances as if the case is, so you have to turn the water on from the main valve.

Turn the valve counterclockwise.

If the valve is on the gate, you should turn it 2 to 4 times before it turns on. On the other hand, twist it to come parallel to the pipe if it is a ball valve.

  • You can turn the valve with your hands, but do it with the wrench if you find it hard.
  • If the valve does not turn, contact the plumber because forcing the valve can result in cracking, leakage, and burst.  

Switch on the main valve

To get equalize the force, you can leave one sink and twist it all the way. Any way should turn off; otherwise, every facet in your home.

Locate the shut off valve

The valve is on the outer side and checks it near the street in most areas. You can note the grate in the ground; if you lift the grate in the upward direction, you can see the hole in the pipe.

  • The meter may be in the inner side in the cold, either in the water heater or in the utility closet’s base.
  • You have to pick it up to open the grate; if this task is difficult for you, but the wrench in the keyhole. Twist it and lift it in the upward direction to remove the grate.

Identify the water valve.

You can see the water gauge or water meter on either side of the handles, as these handles are the shut-off valves. 

  • There can be 2 valves in new homes, 1 on each side of the water meter. You can use the valve closet, which is in the wheel-shaped valve, and you can turn it on with your hand.
  • There will be only one valve in old homes, so it has to be achieved at the top that is situated perpendicular to the pipe. 
  • You will require the water key to turn on this valve; you can buy it from the hardware store.

Turn the valve counterclockwise.

Turn the valve in a counterclockwise direction and start it turning in the ¼ of the rotation. You should stop for 20 seconds before twisting it in the ¼ of the rotation. This will result in water running without the burst of pipes, as this will start in your water running. 

  • If it is a wheel-shaped valve, you can twist it with the wrench or with your hand.
  • If its top is notched, you can use the water key by keeping the T-shaped side. Insert the side on the top of the notch and twist.
  • If the valve does not twist, don’t do it by force. Instead, you can call a plumber to assist you in doing this. It can cause leakage if you do it with force.

Turning the well water back on

You have to turn the upper valve of the water pump. You can see the pipe coming up and on the top of the water pump. There can be a ball valve in the shape of the lever; you have to turn this to it should be in the parallel position with the pipe.

  • If there is a wheel-shaped gate valve on the bottom of the water pump, you should not turn this valve to the on position; leave it to the off position.

Locate the electric switches

In most cases, the electronic power will shut off the good pump simultaneously the water itself. There may be two switches, one near the pump and the other on the electric breaker. You should check both switches to be switched off.

  • If there are two switches, they should be turned off. You should turn the electrical switch initially and turn the switch on next to the pump to ensure that there should be no standing water under and around you. If there is water around you, you should not turn the switch on. Dry the water and moisture, and your hands also should be dry while turning the switch on. Otherwise, there will be the danger of an electrical shockwave.

Wait for the pump to fill.

Before using the water, the process will take some time to proceed. And you can hear the rigorous of water in the pipes. When it fills water, you can now turn on the sink for working. 

Intimate the water company

In most cases, you have to contact the municipal water company to turn the water on for your home. If your water is coming from the well, you don’t have to contact the water company for this issue.

  • If you contact the water company to turn the water on you, you must inform them in advance, like two weeks before. 
  • Most of the water companies will turn the water on by filling the online form.
  • If you tell your company about an issue like unpaid bills, extra late fees, city leak, or a broken valve. 
  • For unpaid bills, you have to pay the bills on time, and for leaks, the leaks should be fixed in any way to come out of the problem.

Request to get permission to turn the water on

The water meter and the valve are the property of your city. You have to get permission from your water company to turn on the handle of the main valve. If the company does not allow you to do this, they will turn it on for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I turn the water valve by hand?

Some types of valves have the particular keys you need for unlocking the valve and turning it. There are also types of valves that need a wrench to turn, depending on the type of valve you have.

Is my water valve inside or outside?

It varies based on where you live because, in most places, the water valve is at the front of your house. It may be pleated behind an access panel or out of sight. In most states, the valve is on the outside of the house or building near the front. Therefore, it depends on your area, but these are two main possibilities where you can find the valves.

How can you turn your water valve turn off?

Sinks, water faucets, water heaters, washing machines, and small valves near the plumbing site can be easily shut off the separate water supply. Turn the water valve in the clockwise direction and turn the water off to flow. Toilet and sink problems can be solved by shutting the water supply off.

How do I know that my water valve is on or off?

When the ball valve is parallel to the valve or pipe, it is on and is closed when it is perpendicular. This process is easy to know if a ball valve is open or closed just by noticing it. 

Does the water valve turn off clockwise?

In most cases, the home’s main shut-off valve will have a wheel or gate valve or a straight ball valve. The gate valves are operated by turning the wheels clockwise until the water is off. Opening of water too quickly can result in the damage of pipes in your home. 


Yes, from the above-discussed facts, it is true that if you are the one who wants to turn the water back on after it’s shutting off, look on to the ways mentioned above to turn the water valve on with your efforts. While turning the water valve on, if the water meter starts to fluctuate wildly, it identifies a leak somewhere, so you have to fill the leak before doing it. Similarly, if there is an outside faucet or a hose on the shut-off valve, you should turn it on before the main valve.

Otherwise, if you find it difficult to do the job, it’s better to hire a plumber to get the job done for the best results and for the time-saving purpose.


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