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A law clerk is not a lawyer and will not see as a lawyer by the law society. It can create many issues when a client may not understand the difference between law clerks and lawyers. You should be aware of a few issues when hiring a law clerk versus a lawyer in the blog. 

In the United States, the definition of “lawyer” is clear and straightforward. A lawyer has a license to practice law in that state. But in many other countries, the purpose is not so specific.

In Australia, a law clerk who has received a law degree but who hasn’t passed a bar exam (a “barrister”) might be called a lawyer, just like in the United States.

What Is A Law Clerk?

Is a Law Clerk a Lawyer

The American Bar Association is an organization for lawyers and those studying to be lawyers. The ABA has set standards for all law schools, which are the schools that teach law.

Law schools are the only institutions allowed to give degrees that state that the graduate is now a lawyer. The standards set by the ABA also require that law schools offer classes to teach law students how to work as law clerks.

After law school, the first job of many lawyers is to work as a law clerk. As a law clerk, the lawyer works under an experienced lawyer who helps with his cases. Because of the supervision, the lawyer considers being working under the supervision of a more experienced lawyer. Law clerks pay a salary while they work in this position.

Law Clerk Education Requirements

Because there are so many court systems and state requirements, there are many different law clerk education requirements. Generally, law clerks must have a Juris Doctorate, a master’ Degree, or a Bachelor’s Degree to be eligible for most law clerk positions, but this may not always be the case.

To be a successful law clerk, a person can expect to work long hours, work with complex schedules, and be responsible and organized.

A lawyer will usually hire a law clerk to complete specific responsibilities, such as reading through contracts and drafting responses. The majority of law clerk positions require a law clerk education. Many law clerks receive their Master of Laws degrees in law clerk education. 

What Is The Career Path Of A Law Clerk?

Is a Law Clerk a Lawyer

Law clerks prepare case documents for lawyers, judges, or other legal professionals. They are the primary line of defence inside the courtroom, presenting judges with all of the records they want to make decisions. A law clerk usually works directly with a particular judge.

Often the judge’s closest advisor when it comes to legal matters and theory. Clerks also work with various people, including lawyers, paralegals, judges, and other judges. The work of a law clerk is responsible, long, and highly demanding. It is essential to have a good work ethic and work under high-stress conditions.

What Traits Should A Law Clerk Possess?

A law clerk should possess good analytical skills and should have the ability to take down dictation and then turn over minute’s bedside manner. It is important to know about the traits required for the same. First of all, Law Clerks should be intelligent and well-educated, not just from a university but also from a Law College. 

Law Clerks need to be good conversationalists and write, read, and speak English. Clerks should be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and work independently as well, which requires a great sense of responsibility and integrity.

Difference between a Law Clerk and a Lawyer

Is a Law Clerk a Lawyer

The difference between a regulation clerk and a criminal expert is the preliminary call to the bar. While the latter isn’t always, I would share the differences between a law clerk and a lawyer as a legal practitioner. Law clerks are the ones who understand the fundamentals of the law. 

In other words, they learn the process of legal writing, legal research, and legal analysis. Lawyers are the ones who can draft legal documents, represent clients in different legal proceedings, and deal with different legal issues. Law clerks work under the guidance of senior lawyers and judges, whereas lawyers work for the clients and defend their rights.

Law Clerks are generally those that a lawyer or a law firm employs to assist the lawyers in conducting their day-to-day affairs and to do research on cases and clients. Law Clerks are usually students who have been accepted to a Law school to become a lawyer in the future. Law Clerks are not lawyers.

The Law Clerk is working on the attorney’s cases and is helping the attorney with all the different case details. On the other hand, the legal assistant is working behind the scenes of the law office and is not directly involved with the clients.

The salary is the most significant distinction between a law clerk and a criminal assistant. A law clerk with much experience can make over $100,000 a year. However, law clerks with minimal experience or who work in smaller law firms may make less than $50,000 a year.

A legal assistant makes much more minor, typically starting at $30,000 a year. A legal assistant can charge a client for services in some states while a law clerk cannot.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Law Clerk?

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Law Clerk

Work with some of the most influential people in the country.

  • The opportunity to paintings on a number of the largest cases inside the USA. 
  • Work on cases that could change the world.
  • You’ll get to work with the best legal minds in the country.
  • You’ll become a brilliant legal mind yourself.
  • It’s incredible to get arms-on experience with regulation, which needs to provide the candidate aside over the other applicants.
  • It’s far an outstanding opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in regulation.
  • It offers young professionals an opportunity to work closely with an experienced attorney.
  • Law clerks can get a head start in the legal field because they pair with a practising lawyer.
  • Through this pairing, they can learn more about the legal field and the corresponding ethics.
  • Clerks can also get a job with their mentor lawyer after completing their clerkship.

What Are The Challenges Of Being A Law Clerk?

  • The work is rigorous.
  • The work is time-consuming.
  • Pay is not great.
  • The job is stressful.
  • The lack of effective management from a senior associate. A senior associate might not be available all the time, which means the law clerks have to find a way to manage them.
  • The stress of the job. Law clerks often have to work for more than 40 hours a week and sometimes even at weekends. As a result, they’ve little time to relax and rejuvenate.
  • The lack of career growth opportunities. Most law clerks do not have any opportunities to move up in their careers. Therefore, they have very little room to grow and develop as professionals.

Uses of Law Clerks

Law Clerks are the most important part of the process of justice in a trial court. The following are the uses of Law Clerks. 

  • Assist the judge in his judicial duties during the trial court hearing; 
  • Draft documents to use in court; 
  • Provide legal advice to judges and court clerks; 
  • Prepare cases for preliminary hearings. 
  • Law clerks may also assist judges in their office duties and serve as staff for different committees and projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Law Clerk Anyway?

  • A legal assistant who works under a lawyer to help them with their work. They do research, go to court, conduct legal research, and write briefs. 
  • A person who has passed the bar and can give legal advice even though not a lawyer. 
  • The person who can assist in the practice of law.

Is A Lawyer Who Works In-House A Lawyer?

  • No, because they aren’t lawyers in the traditional sense. They advise on laws.
  • It depends on how much responsibility the lawyer has. If they “call the shots,” then yes.

What Does A Law Clerk Do In A Law Firm?

  • Law clerks help attorneys with their paperwork. 
  • Law clerks help attorneys with research. 
  • These law clerks help attorneys with client communication. 
  • Law clerks help attorneys manage their calendars.

Which Job Is Better? Law Clerk or Paralegal

  • A law Clerk is better than a paralegal


The solution to the question above is sure and no. A law clerk is a lawyer, but they are not practising law as they are not licensed. A law firm or attorney employs them to learn more about the legal process and the law in general. They can learn about cases, motions, and the like. They can be a part of the legal process, but they are not certified by the state to practice law. They can give you legal advice, but it is not valid. They can do research, but they cannot present their findings in court.


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