Legal Apps That Are a Must for Attorneys | 3 Latest Apps for Lawyers


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Legal practice is being redefined by technology, like every other field of life. Many innovations in the legal industry have replaced law books with online research databases and digital contracts with digital copies. Using these modern solutions simplifies and streamlines routine tasks within a law firm. Here are the top 3 legal apps that are a must for attorneys.

Because technology won’t go anywhere anytime soon, it’s time to ensure your firm invests in the right tech solutions. Attorneys today need to have a few apps on their phones. We live in an age of apps, and there is an app for everything, including law.

Why are these apps important? Keeping up with legal technology is vital for law firms today. It will be crucial for most lawyers to utilize technology to provide greater value to their clients if they plan to survive. An organization must integrate new legal technologies into its overall strategy for them to make sense.

The use of technology in courtroom proceedings and depositions is a great advantage. You can simplify your daily life by using your smartphone and tablet creatively.

It doesn’t matter if you use iOS or Android. There are numerous apps for lawyers that you can use to build a powerful remote working platform for your practice.

You only need to ensure a reliable and fast internet connection because work is crucial, and you want to avoid interruptions during an important case. If you already have a good provider like Spectrum, you do not need to worry about this.

Additionally, you can call Spectrum Customer Service even if there is an issue. It is okay if this is not available in your region. You can go with any other provider. Just make sure it has good speed tiers.

On that note, below are some of the apps you must download:

Legal Apps That Are a Must for Attorneys

Legal Apps That Are a Must for Attorneys


Dialpad is a good option for a platform with modern communication features and competitive pricing. It offers businesses a straightforward and effective way of communicating through its Voice Intelligence feature, one of the best voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services.

Stay on top of all communications with this well-automated system while maintaining details and blowing your budget. Attorneys should be mindful of confidentiality and privilege laws in their jurisdictions when considering when to record calls.

The API and Chrome extension options of Dialpad make pausing transcription and recording very easy. You can ensure the security of your customers’ data no matter your technical ability. Transcription and recording can also be manually paused.


Managing your practice remotely is essential for lawyers always on the go. Clio’s mobile app gives you secure access to client data anywhere, anytime. This program lets you track time directly from various sources, such as calendar events, tasks, communications logs, notes, and documents.

Lawyers need accurate time tracking, and Clio allows you to correct or add entries anytime. If you need to remember to start or stop the timer, there is no need to lose billable time. Do you need to correct a mistake? Just adjust minutes – that means you can enter time more accurately. You will be able to manage your entire practice with Clio since it integrates with over 200 apps for lawyers.


It provides comprehensive capabilities to manage and sign documents digitally and is one of the leading e-signature providers. Automating the signing process makes it easy for businesses of any size to sign legally binding, secure documents.

Businesses of any size can take advantage of DocuSign’s document signing options. Furthermore, it provides a personal version for individuals and can provide custom solutions to companies whose needs are not covered by its standard functions. E-signatures conducted through DocuSign are legally binding and comply with international and U.S. regulations.

A great feature of DocuSign, particularly for attorneys, is that it provides a status screen for sent documents. Forms can be updated or changed, and you can view their history. You can resend a document from this screen if you receive another request.

Expert Thought

Though there are many apps for attorneys, those mentioned above are some of the important ones. You cannot do without these apps; those who have already used them know their importance. That brings us to the end of this post. We hope attorneys have found it useful. If you have other apps to share, please write the names in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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