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Online legal services are growing in trend and are readily available. With this prevailing trend, we notice more and more firms and companies emerging in the competitive market. So, when it comes to hiring online legal services, the task can be overwhelming. So, how will you know which to adopt? Let’s learn legal shield VS rocket lawyer.

Therefore, keep reading the valuable information if you want to know the review and comparison of legal shield and rocket lawyer in-depth, two industry leaders. 

Legal Shield VS Rocket Lawyer

Before we dive into comparing legal shield and rocket lawyer. So, it is essential to understand the two terms of companies separately.

It is an online legal service provider famous for being one of the best industry veterans. They offer legal services and guidance to individuals or small business owners. The company started its business in 1972. The number of members of this company is 1.7 million approximately.

The network of attorneys in this company covers all of 50 states in the United States. It has nearly 900 attorneys working for 39 different firms and companies. As the legal shield is one of the best and most established companies in the industry. In addition, it has 22 years of legal experience from every lawyer.

Rocket lawyer

Like the legal shield, rocket lawyer is also an online service provider working to assist individuals and small businesses. It also provides online services for legal issues. It also helps connect individuals to the required attorneys. 

Rocket lawyer is the new online legal service provider established in 2008. Despite the lack of their tenure, the company is the fastest-growing legal service over the 20 million users in the industry.

Legal Shield VS Rocket Lawyer

Now that you look at the history of the two companies, to a bit of extent, look in-depth into the comparison of both. Let’s see what services these companies are offering.

The legal shield provides a wide variety of services in legal issues that include:

  • Particular legal consultation
  • General legal consultation
  • Review of the legal contracts and documents
  • Helps in debt collection
  • Correspondence and representation on your behalf
  • Trial defense service
  • Business formation

The legal shield provides help in these legal matters. However, the firm has a separate website built entirely to assist you in creating new business.

Rocket lawyer

Rocket lawyer also provides legal help in various issues that includes:

  • Formation of documents, including contracts
  • Revision of legal documents
  • Creation of nonprofit, corporate, and LLC
  • Offer legal advice from the lawyers on phone calls

There is a monthly fee payable to the company in rocket lawyer firms. However, it also offers one-time payments for its services.

The two service providers have different pay structures depending on legal needs and issues. The legal shield provides plans based on the monthly fees. So, rocket lawyer has flat-rate and monthly fees for their legal services.

Legal shield needs a monthly membership fee in the fixed amount for all legal services and coverages they offer. There are various payment structures available based on legal help and assistance requirements.

Rocket lawyer

The rocket lawyer has two different payment modes and structures depending on the clients’ needs and requirements. The firm offers a monthly membership fee of about 39$. This, includes several services and flat rate prices.

 Legal shieldRocket lawyer
Cost39$Cost without membership Is 39 to 59$
PlanSmall businessSmall businesses and individuals
ServicesUnlimited phone consults Documents reviews Five debt collection letters Two usersCreation of legal system forms Phone call of 30 minutes with the lawyer Online. You can have questions and answers with a lawyer

Comparison of legal shield and rocket lawyer in terms of benefits: the two firms are slightly different in terms of benefits. Let’s discover the benefits of both.

Legal Shield VS Rocket Lawyer

Home business

For online service providers, the home business supplement is not easy to come. While the legal shield stands above most of the other service providers, it has the lowest supplemental rate of $9.95 per month.

Debt collection

Legal shield exclusively offers particular services for debt collection; this offer is beneficial for small businesses as unpaid invoices. As a member of the legal shield, your lawyer will send a letter to the companies that have not paid you yet on your behalf.

Trial Defense

The user can potentially save many dollars through the trial defense services offered by legal shield. Legal shield offers the preparation work and defense if the business comes to court.

Consistent quality

The firm cannot ensure your deal every time with the same lawyer. But legal shield will guarantee your work with the same law firm. You can develop well terms with the firm, as a strong relationship allows you to work with comfort and consistency.

Mobile App

If you want to get legal assistance online, there is a facility in the legal shield where you can contact the lawyers on your mobile and android phones rather than wait for the laptop and desktops.

Benefits of Rocket lawyer

Benefits of Rocket lawyer

Rocket lawyers help their clients with a phone consultation and online questions and answers. Rocket lawyer has a team of on-call lawyers and attorneys available in various specialists.

Form building

It is the specialty of Rocket lawyers that they are working to create legal documents, forms, and contractual documents. As you start the questions and answers about your business, a series of pop-up boxes will connect you with the different laws in the states.

Document defense

Rocket lawyer’s document defense combines with the intuitive form builder to help you form solid documents. If any company does not accept the form built by a rocket lawyer, they will come to help you and create the demand letter on your behalf.

Customer service

Rocket lawyer is famous for its exceptional customer service through phone calls, live chat, and emails. If you are not joyful with the services of a rocket lawyer, they offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

Free trial

If you are sure about the monthly membership fee commitment, rocket lawyer provides a free trial period for seven days. You can enjoy zero obligations to buy the membership during the trial period.

Name of firmProsCons
Legal shieldServes both small businesses and individuals Affordable monthly plans No long term contracts Available in the United States and Canada Offers live chats with lawyers in emergency consultationsNot designed for one-time use The cost of individual services are different Some pre-existing needs may have additional costs
Rocket lawyerOffer both memberships Members get 40 % less for hiring an on-call attorney Available in five countries Free seven-day trialToo complicated for those having simple needs Higher membership fees No weekend support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk to a lawyer for free?

Yes, you can talk to a lawyer for free using the online Questions and Answers board or get an appointment for a free consultation. However, you should know that these types of communications do not create an official client-attorney relationship. You have to pay the lawyer fee for their time for more than general consultation.

Should a hire an attorney to create LLC?

The creation of the LLC does not require a lawyer, but it can be a good option in many cases. For instance, if you are not sure that the LLC is the right type of entity to create, you should revise all options available with an attorney. So it is worth hiring an unbiased legal attorney or representative if the LLC has many members acting or serving as equal partners.

Is the rocket lawyer document legit?

There is no doubt that rocket lawyers are a legitimate service, as the company opened its doors in 2008. While they have the shortest operating history for their services than most of the LLC formation services, no one denies that they provide high-quality legal services.

Is Rocket lawyer free service?

You can get free access to all of the rocket lawyer documents. That means you can make as many forms and contracts as you like and store and sign documents online. You can also get quick answers to legal questions from experienced attorneys and lawyers.

If you want to get the surety of knowing that you can quickly get a response from a lawyer if you ever need the help, the legal shield is a good option. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can contact the lawyer of the leading law company or firm. Then, get the targeted help on specific problem areas for small businesses like debt collection. 


Both the firm’s legal shield and rocket lawyer offer various options to help their clients. The legal shield provides superior and utmost services for small businesses. On the other hand, Rocket lawyers offer legal terms to individuals and small businesses.


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