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Personal injury lawyer commercials are a trending topic right now to be discussed. Before becoming president, you will probably know about Abraham Lincoln, a practicing lawyer at Lincoln-Herndon Law offices. In the 1850s, his law firm was advertised higher through speeches and ads. Maybe not!

During his law practice, bar associations actively regulated attorney advertisements, in 1908, American Bar Associations banned most formal lawyer commercials and allowed lawyers to use only business cards.

Yes, I want to catch up with one of the few most common memorable lawyer airways or commercials on the internet over the past few years; I want to know for making commercials what should be the foremost part of this post. 

In this post, we will debate the personal injury lawyer commercials. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Commercials

Personal Injury Lawyer Commercials

The personal injury lawyer commercials are a big way to promote lawyers’ working in this field. You must notice that your injury commercials secure the best number of leads to maintain higher professionalism for your injury law firm.

In addition, you should check how often you can change your creative messaging procedures. Similarly, how many levels are you getting the optimum level of exposure from the commercial campaigns?

One of the essential commercials for lawyers is to use digital marketing. You, as a lawyer, must use this tactic to have many more customers. 

Commercials are the most excellent profitable way to get superior cases  

TV advertisements and commercials for the advertisement of personal injury lawyers are more economical as compared to the past. 

  • Are your injury TV commercials delivering a volume of cases?
  • Does your current intervention generate quality TV commercials with a straight call for achievement?
  • Are the commercials about personal injury levels up to date?
  • Do you spend your dollars cost-effectively and efficiently to make commercials about personal injury lawyers on the stations that offer results?

Legal Pro Media is the best example to advertise the popularity of personal injury lawyers, as it does a complete market analysis and completely understands what its competitors are spending and on which stations they are spending. Legal pro media produces custom-produced TV commercials and tale calls and generates quality cases.

Website design of Legal Pro Media for personal injury lawyer commercials 

The website of any company, organization, or law firm commercial company represents you and gives the potential and targeted client the first impression of the law firm. The long time you take to optimize your website visually, the more potential customers will pass you from your competitors in the market. 

Legal Pro media can help you with your web designs for your commercials from start to end. The web designers of Legal pro media have years of experience creating personal injury lawyer law firm sites that look fantastic and are an excellent tool to optimize converting visitors into clients. 

Important and quick tips for creating commercials for a personal injury lawyers firm

To make commercials for any law firm, especially for personal injury lawyers, to advertise their services, here are five valuable guidelines to keep in mind.

A clear and engaging message

Regardless of whether you are taking more traditional or standard, the message you convey should be clear and manageable. If you require a more classic example compared to other commercials, you can check the commercials from Henson Fuerst, Personal Injury Lawyers.

Invest in high-quality advanced video production

It may be overwhelming to cut corners on the production cost for your firm’s commercials. But definitely, you should not. If there is no one professional or skilled in your office to make professional videos, you should hire a professional commercial maker at every cost. Various high-quality commercials are running on different sites, like the Super Bowl Commercial from Harris personal injury lawyers in 2019, which was the favorite of people worldwide.

Think outside of the box

If you want the commercial about your injury law firm to be outstanding and innovative, and different from the other competitors, you should be a creative mind on your own. That does not mean that you should make something off-brand or took over for the top of your law firm. Instead, it should be some step ahead to opt for a somewhat diverse attitude. 

For example, the advertisements from Atlanta Attorney David Cheng are not a unique lawyer marketable but still very specialized, vibrant, and appealing. 

Don’t be scared of storytelling and humor.

It’s good to add something more entertaining and lighting up to deliver your message to the potential and targeted clients. It will help if you are truthful about your law firm experience and strong brand. In addition to all, don’t feel pressured to wear a suit like a lawyer, standing in front of the books in the library, or use any typical action or element of a lawyer to offer your message.

Take care of ethics

The commercials on the law firms are growing on its trend now to advertise the services and accomplishments of the law firms. But there are some restrictions and limitations outlined by the state’s Bar association, as these laws vary from state to state. Monitor the rules of jurisdiction about the code f conduct of human behavior and make sure commercials should be according to all ethical obligations before you plan to invest money on commercials that you can’t afford.

Evaluate where you currently stand

The original and initial, you need to plan whether investing in commercials is the most reliable and reasonable option for your law firm.

Here are a few significant factors to remember while making this decision.


On your just starting point before appearing in front of the masses, build some social proof, and prepare yourself to handle the influx of local leads if you want to invest in commercials.


Think about a reasonable budget to invest in the commercials to advertise your law firm.


Your goals should be clear and outcoming if you want to invest in making commercials. These goals will help you achieve more cases and grow your legal practice. 

Some final tips

Here are some crucial and additional tips that will ensure the funds you invest in the law commercials will lead to more profitable results.

  • Leverage power and enhancement in the storytelling to achieve your goal. The emotional case histories and stories usually do well to get more cases. The creativity and innovation at the ad agency you plan to hire will help you out very well. 
  • Place the camera in front of yourself in the way the attorneys appear in their commercials most traditionally. This tip may help you to seem more trustworthy and reliable.
  • You have to pick up the spots strategically in a professional manner. If you want to advertise your legal services in a specific community or area, it will be better to do them on the local commercial sites. 

Remember that you have the full right to publicly advertise your services and publicly make the actual video. You can repurpose your commercials on the U Tube and Facebook after production to get maximum returns on your venture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many injury lawyer commercials?

This is why ads and commercials are essential for any law firm. Accidents can happen anywhere —the lawyer needs to tell their clients about their availability and consultation times about their case. 

Can lawyers advertise on TV?

In the United States, the services of lawyers are permissible and allowed but regulated by the bar association and state court rules. The commercials and ads for lawyers can be in various forms, like print, radio, television, the yellow pages, and online advertisements.

Do advertising lawyers work?

Yes, the advertisement for lawyers works a lot. If you search on Google about lawyers, you can see many lawyers’ ads and commercials. Over 80% of customers search to find local businesses and law firms.

When did it come to be legal for attorneys to market?

The US Supreme Court issued the order in Bates V, essentially striking down prohibitions against lawyers’ advertisements and advertising started on June 27, 1977.

Why are the lawyers not allowed for advertisements?

The advertisements and commercials can be misleading and can result in unhealthy competition. It can also lead to unnecessary expenditures, hidden fees, and deterioration in the quality of services offered by lawyers. It is unethical and unprofessional conduct in the eyes of some institutions.


Maybe you don’t plan to make a commercial with your effort, but that is ok. But most law firms do not advertise their services by making commercials but successfully build and promote their practices and services with other marketing tactics and tools.

If that is you, you can freely think of this post as an entertaining source of competitive intelligence. 

Video marketing is growing fast, as with the introduction of U tube and video options on Instagram and Face, the ad posting and commercial is not very expensive compared to other ways. Even if you cannot afford to spend money to pay for air time, during Super Bowl, you can upload your ads and videos on U tube for free. 

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