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Should I get a lawyer for a child support hearing? To get advice for a child support case in the US, hiring a child support lawyer is very wrathful. The legal laws do not need to hire a lawyer for child custody cases and hearings, but it is a good option in some situations. This especially happens if you are in the middle of child custody conflicts or the case of divorce. It also occurs when you or your partner do not agree on the terms and conditions of support or custody of your child.

In the events where there are disagreements and disputes among the couples, a judge will have to involve and rule on these issues. So in these types of cases, hiring a lawyer is the best option to make sure that you can get the best result.

What is a Child Support Case?

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Child Support Hearing

Child support refers to the sum of the amount that one parent pays to the custodial parent, who has the child’s physical custody for care and protection; at the child support hearing, the judge states the child support payment amount and issues the notice. The co-parents can also agree to the amount in the child custody case.

Child support covers the following basic needs of the child, including:

  • Health insurance and medical care
  • General child care
  • Education expenses
  • Extracurricular activities

The Necessity of Child Support

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Child Support Hearing

Child support is essential when the child reaches the age of 19 or shorter because they are dependent on their parents. It does not mean that the noncustodial parent is only responsible for the expenses that are the children’s necessities. The legal law provides a high level of living standards to the children that they can enjoy when their parent’s divorce or separate. 

Therefore, this is the genuine reason that it is essential to calculate the amount of support that is entirely technical. There is a process in which one can calculate the financial position of the parents and the combined salary of both parents. The financial position can be useful for the upbringing of the children. 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Lawyer in Child Support Hearings

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Child Support Hearing

A family lawyer will be helpful in your case dealings in the various matters of the child custody cases and hearings like:

  • Examines and analyzes your case and gives you valuable and proper advice on how you should proceed with your case
  • Explain the legal issues and outcomes and what should be your expectations at every stage of the case
  • Calculate the estimated child support and hearing payments
  • Represents you in the court to fifth and protect your rights
  • Conversate and negotiate on your behalf with the other party

Need for a lawyer in the child support hearings

It may seem that hiring an attorney in child support hearings can be an unnecessary expense, and one may think they can handle the case independently. But this is not the case. The lawyer can deal with the case better because he has adequate knowledge and can deal with it better.

When it comes to child custody and support cases, the cost is usually worth considering the amount of time and effort it will protect and save you, especially if the case is already in court. 

Following are some important reasons you should get a lawyer for child support hearings.

In a complicated case

For instance, if your spouse does not agree with the amount of child support, terms of divorce, and custody arrangements, then hiring a legal lawyer is the best option to persuade the judge to rule your way.

Another parent may have a lawyer too.

If your spouse also has a lawyer to deal with the case, they have another lawyer who understands court matters, knows the process well, and may know the judge personally and his individual preferences. Therefore you should not put yourself in such a situation where you want to understand all the ins and outs of the case. On the other hand, your spouse’s lawyer offers all the information to deal with and support their side of the case.

Calculation of the amount of child custody case

The attorney of the child custody cases knows well what limitations and aspects; including information, the judge will calculate the child custody hearing. Getting the lawyer on your side will help you provide the information to make sure that the child support order is right for you. Knowing the right amount you need to care for your child properly is also good.

A lawyer is helpful in your child custody hearings

In many cases, child custody issues come hand in hand with child support cases. Because the arrangements in the custody cases will greatly and directly impact your relationship with your children, it is good to hire an attorney’s help.

Modification of child support cases is easy with the lawyer.

If you want to alter the command of the child support case, you have to show the extensive change in the circumstances and the situations. An attorney can guide you and give you an overview of what the substantial change is all about. The lawyer can also provide you with the right documents to help the judge to understand the modification request in the order.

Expenses not included earlier

If you want to pay the cost like tuition fees from the noncustodial parent for the high-level standard of the school, you may need a lawyer’s help for your case. But no matter what you will be on which side in the future to prove your side, hiring an attorney for your case will be a good option.

The age limit

While in some states, one has to pay for child support until the age child turns 19, there are some exceptions. Apart from the exceptions, the payment plan will entirely change if the child is mentally unfit, depending on the situation. Therefore, you have to obey the rules and regulations of the state in which you fairly need a lawyer’s help and can tell you the possible options.

If you are a mother

In some other states, the court does not consider the father responsible for child support and the payment plan. If you do not need a lawyer, the court will give the order in your favor. So to deal with the case, you have to hire the services of a lawyer, and it all depends on the salary of both the parents; you need to know about the issue before you enter the court. 

Issues to Consider for the Child Support Case

Issues to Consider for the Child Support Case

Before hiring a lawyer, you should consider the following factors and issues.

  • The proved paternity of the father
  • Pending any custody case before the court
  • Both the partners agree on the terms and conditions of the child support case
  • The obligations of the child support will end soon
  • The effect of the child support on the financial position of the parents
  • Your expectation about the amount of payment as the child support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a lawyer for a child care case?

You don’t need a lawyer for child support, but hiring the one can help a lot. However, you may calculate how much child support you need with online resources and can get the child support orders from the court with the attorney.

What are the benefits of having a lawyer in child support cases?

The child support lawyer will help prepare for the hearing by gathering evidence and proof of your income and expenses. You have to provide copies of tax returns for the last two years, pay stubs of the last two months, documents showing the income from other resources, and cash payments.

What is the cost of a child support lawyer? 

The average cost for a child support lawyer ranges between $100 to 500$ per hour. In the unconsented case, the total cost typically varies from 2500 to 5000$; however, in the consented case, the cost is between 5000 to 25000$.

Do I need a child support lawyer in modification cases?

The custody arrangements directly impact the relationship with your children, so it may be a better option to hire a lawyer. Modification of child cases is easy with the lawyer. If you don’t change the existing child support order, you have to make substantial changes in the circumstances.

Can you change the court order for child support without going to court?

You can change the child support order without going to court but only in limited circumstances and cases. Some judges include the cost of living adjustments clause in all child support orders they issue the most. You have to file your case for child support modification with the proper court.


To end the article, it is true that if you have custody of the child and support, it is a better option to hire an attorney. The reason is that the lawyers are the professionals, and they know better how to deal with the case and can help the client in preparation for the hearing. A common person is unaware of the rules and regulations, so they did not know about the case dealings; therefore, it will be better to get a lawyer for your child support hearing.


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