What Happens if you Don’t Resign your Lease | 7 Things to Know


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You think, what happens if you don’t resign your lease? A lease is an agreement signed between the owner and the rental. If you want to know its penalties and legal rules, then go through this blog post which will acknowledge you about its manners. 

In case you are living on a lease, your owner sends a notice to you to resign (exit) their property, but you become used to it. If you don’t want to shift somewhere else, then be calm if your lease was signed with a statement that you will have 30 days after receiving a notice but if this statement was not in your lease, then start to panic. You have to shift as soon as possible.

If your lease ends, your owner has the legal right to take his place back. There is nothing that you can do about it. But, if you can convince someone, talk to your owner about extending your lease or doing a new lease agreement.

In that situation, if your owner is clever, he will raise your monthly payment of rent.

A lease can be applied to a home, vehicle, or property. A lease is an agreement that you are taking that particular area or vehicle on rent in return for it. You should pay an owner.

What Happens if you Don’t Resign your Lease

What Happens if you Don't Resign your Lease

Assess your situation and take an inventory

Before leaving your house, ensure everything is still in its position as it was. Landowners don’t compromise. They will charge you even for a little scratch.

All you have to do when you are about to enter or exit from a lease is take a paper and note everything about your rented home. Especially if you lease a furnace home, take care of every piece of furniture because when you are about to leave, the landowner will make rounds room home and note every wall and furniture.

If, unfortunately, he notices any scratch on the wall or furniture, then he will charge you for that. So before leaving your house, clean it properly and mark check for every piece of furniture. 

Negotiate a termination agreement with the landlord

If you are going to negotiate a termination agreement with your landlord, then all you have to do is 

  • Think like a landlord
  • Read your lease carefully
  • Get help from real estate companies
  • Request the landlord to extend your time duration
  • Buyout your lease
  • Subleasing or assignment
  • These all are very clever tips to get your result. 

File for eviction and request compensation from your landlord

If your landlord is doing justice to you, that’s all right but if the landlord is putting too many charges on a statement, ask him for compensation with you.

You can also convince your owner to compensate you in a notice and give you extend for living in your home. 

You can negotiate with your landlord.

Yes, you can. I know it`s hard to find a new house in a good location and afford all the shifting charges. If you want to avoid it, then face your owner and try to find some midway that would be beneficial for both of you.

Ask him to sign a new lease. If he refuses, then ask why he had any complaints. Then after hearing complaints, try to convince him that now you will not do it again. You can offer him to raise his monthly home payment. 

You can sublet your leased space.

Yes, you can sublet your apartment certain area for rent. But in several conditions, like if you are only 3 members in the home, the rest of your family shifted to somewhere else, but you have available 6 rooms in the home so you can rent 2 or 3 rooms to someone.

If you are in financial crisis and now don’t afford your rent, then you can give your 1 or 2 rooms on rent to any hostel living student.

Giving someone a certain area of your house doesn’t impact your lease in the document; still, your name will be mentioned. 

You can rent out your leased space to a tenant.

Yes, as we discussed above, there are many situations in which a person can give their rented space to someone else on rent. University students move to other cities for higher education but then face a hostel life. Many want to get rid of hostel life, so they search for a home that rents them 1 room.

You can assign your lease to another person or company

Yes, you can assign your lease to any third person. If you wish to shift somewhere else but your agreement bonds you because you have to live for 2 more months according to the lease, then you can assign your room to someone else who will be there in your place and complete your lease.

Expert Opinion

If you are going to buy a home on rent, sign a lease with your landlord so that he cannot send notice to you for emptying his property before the mentioned time, and he has to send you to notice before 30 days.

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