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It might be daunting for creative to work for a company that incorporates a broad range of intellectual assets and several contractual arrangements. This involves deciding when and why they may want the assistance of an entertainment attorney. Recognizing what an entertainment lawyer is and when you may need one is crucial for managing your business since many forms of copyright, liability, and contractual documents exist.

As a result, we’ll examine what an entertainment lawyer is and when you may need one in this piece. We’ll go over the description of an entertainment lawyer and his role. This will help you understand what to search for when choosing an entertainment lawyer.

Additionally, as technology advances, we are presented with many methods to be amused. Entertainment law may be comprehensive, and it is. Anything related to publishing, movies, music, humor, print and digital media, and television falls under this umbrella.

From subscription platforms to celebrity endorsements, the proliferation of entertainment channels has brought more dimensions of entertainment than ever before to consider. These may include representing projects, persons, rights, royalties, contracts, and other intellectual property-related issues.

Agreement and binding contracts are required regardless of the medium. This is in addition to the entertainment we enjoy or the individuals at heart. This typically ensures that everyone is on the same path. The assistance of an entertainment lawyer will be critical at this time.

What is an Entertainment Lawyer?

What is an Entertainment Lawyer

An entertainment lawyer is a professional who specializes in the entertainment sector and handles that sort of law. When thinking of an entertainment lawyer, a picture of a slick Bollywood type seeking to take advantage of a naive actor may spring to mind.

However, it is critical to realize that an entertainment attorney’s role extends beyond this. This is true since they may provide valuable professional guidance and knowledge. A lawyer for the entertainment business and professionals can assist you in traversing the industry.

This is in addition to advising you on concerns that may emerge in the publishing and circulating property rights. Making important contacts to further your career is also a part of this.

Entertainment Lawyer’s Daily Life

The entertainment business epitomizes the notion that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sector. It’s tough to generalize and condense the job to a single day.

This is true since a lawyer’s activity and clients might fluctuate daily. However, you may anticipate a fast-paced, dynamic, and monotonous working atmosphere.

A typical day can entail a general contract discussion for an actor in a new comedy. The necessity to establish particular perks and protection for a stuntman’s engagement might follow. The job description includes consulting, campaigning, routine office phone conversations and emails with customers, and some mingling over drinks.

All of this while juggling agreements and paperwork in between face-to-face meetings. There may also be a lot of balancing of egos.

What Qualifies a Great Entertainment Attorney?

As they say in movies, it’s not necessarily what you know but who you know. It’s both when it pertains to entertainment law. Knowing the rules well and out and being able to argue on behalf of clients is essential.

You’re one bit ahead of becoming a leading entertainment lawyer if you have an extensive list of contacts. It’s also beneficial to interact with customers and engage with significant individuals in this line of business.

The entertainment sector is notorious for its ups and downs, and attorneys must be ready to fill in the gaps as needed. This helps develop excellent entrepreneurial abilities and sharpen business skills, enhancing one’s ability to succeed in this field.

Location is also essential. Another strategy is broadening one’s client base in California or New York, where legal counsel is particularly interested. This is coupled with partnering with more prominent organizations to increase prospective budgets.

What does it take to be an Entertainment Attorney?

What is an Entertainment Lawyer

The main procedure for entertainment attorneys is the same for other types of lawyers. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students must take the LSATs, enroll in and complete law school, and pass the bar exam. An internship or job with a company will provide experience, networking, and client-facing practice.

A primary soft skill in the sector is developing a network of connections and knowing how to handle interpersonal relationships. Some entertainment attorneys specialize in a particular area of law, such as commercial contracts or copyrights.

And besides the hard work that goes into being an entertainment attorney, the pay is something to look forward to. An entertainment lawyer’s average income in the United States is roughly $150,000, with experienced and in-demand lawyers making far more.

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to massive franchises and artistic authorship, and the pay frequently reflects that.

Who hires entertainment attorneys?

There are a few options for finding employment as an entertainment lawyer. Practicing for a company that focuses on entertainment law allows you to defend a range of entertainment matters on a one-time or ongoing basis.

More giant corporations like Disney have in-house legal counsel because they often require lawyers.

From the Star Wars property to the MCU, Disney controls the licenses to hundreds of movies, many businesses, and everything. Even one of them may generate a lifetime’s worth of legal labor. Considering the goods and licensing from a franchise like Star Wars, you can understand how important good legal work is for Disney.

Not only that, but becoming a worldwide brand need global consensus. Disney has a foothold in 45 countries across the globe in 2017, and there may be even more now.

The development of content such as Netflix and Disney+ has necessitated an increase in the number of entertainment attorneys. There is no lack of legal needs, whether bargaining the rights to broadcast old episodes or pitching newer shows to those broadcasting businesses.

Buying the rights to good content is a big part of what streaming services do. This spurred NBC to develop Peacock, their streaming channel for their series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do entertainment attorneys offer?

Entertainment attorneys are often hired to help with a particular duty in someone’s profession in the entertainment industry. This might include contract negotiations or re-negotiations and determining who owns copyrights.

This is concerning pursuing charges against those who have stolen copyrights or broken a contract and identifying original content ownership rights.

They may also help with endorsements, loans, subsidies, production financing, and franchising in terms of money. This is in addition to offering guidance on the guild, union, and organization membership.

Entertainment lawyers provide exact legal knowledge in contract and labor law, lawsuits, and copyrights. This enables them to offer a wide variety of services to their customers.

When is it time to hire an entertainment attorney?

If you locate yourself in a scenario where legal issues are being explored, you should hire an entertainment attorney. This will be a terrific move if you are a writer publishing your first book and discussing a deal. Also, a lawyer will be an essential part of your legal team if you’re a performer signing song licenses.

Layers of legal agreements may be found, each with its conditions. And attempting to negotiate it on your own might land you in a bind with extended deadlines.

Is an entertainment lawyer employed or recruited on a contract basis?

You would not be employed as a worker unless you were considering starting a firm that would need the help of an entertainment lawyer on a long-term basis. Instead, you will work as a contractor for a legal firm or as the owner of your own company.

What is the typical retainer for entertainment attorneys?

A retainer fee, an advance sum paid for future services, is standard procedure for an entertainment lawyer. The average retainer charge highly depends on the services the person will provide. It might range from $1000 for contract and advice concerns to $150,000 if they are employed for a lawsuit.


In conclusion, unlike divorcing or corporate attorneys, an entertainment lawyer defends and safeguards the rights of creative, businesses and others in the entertainment industry’s numerous facets.

Film, TV, media outlets, drama, publication, and music are all examples of this. They also provide legal advice to these persons and businesses on issues connected to various aspects of the entertainment industry.

The above highlight on “What is an entertainment lawyer” will also aid you immensely.

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