What is PC Law | Definition with 15 Features Explained


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Working professionals want to maintain contact even when they’re on the go, and there’s a growing preference. As a result, PC law enables users to track their work from any location, reducing time waste and increasing income. This app is for lawyers who need a simple and efficient way to monitor their paid hours while working outside the workplace.

Lawyers can use the scheduler to keep track of their time in real-time or insert their time. Over a secure Channel, the documented time is instantly forwarded to PC Law for fast connectivity.

This gives your case management software a more consistent package. Among the other product offerings are voice-enabled data capture, pre-populated matter peek, spelling clarification, automatic notifications to the bill, and at-a-glance notifications on additional hours. This will help to make the app more user-friendly and convenient.

What is PC Law?

What is PC Law

PC Law is a practice management system for lawyers. It lets you track matters, occurrences, periods, and payments in one convenient location. A focus ensures you are compensated for your time working for a client.

Over 13,000 legal firms trust PC Law as an all-in-one practitioner management platform. It enables you to take command of trust financial reporting, customer service, and case and matter managerial staff. This concerns reimbursable hour monitoring, expenditure capture, invoicing, and accounting management.

When a contemporary law firm upgrades to a new machine, it should not be slowed down by its apps. As per G2 Crowd claims, switching PC Law to a new device necessitates some assistance due to the app’s diverse environment.

PC Law’s Features

What is PC Law

We’ve been using PC Law for above a decade and know all there is to know about the legal accounting system. If your company is contemplating adopting PC Law, these are the characteristics to be aware of.

1. Accounting & Payments

For the most part, we discover PC Law’s billing layouts to be efficient. One of the most significant advantages is the mechanization of past-due notices. This is required to ensure that your company gets paid on schedule.

The templates are very simple to customize for personalized billing. You can also publish and print treasury or trust records checks and manage budgetary and expenditures.

Furthermore, you may also reconcile your accounts and locate any overdue amounts instantly. You can even see your profits and losses in real-time, which benefits new and existing businesses looking to increase their income.

2. Accounts Payable

The accounts receivable reports provided by PC Law are adequate. Multiple accounting records reports are also available. This typically indicates that the client or authorized lawyer has struck a balance.

Another important advantage of PC Law software is the documentation, which gives you access to many corporate data that may help you plan your strategy.

3. Management of the subject

PC Law’s subject management dashboard displays customer data, time, invoices, and costs. This feature allows you to concentrate all of your customer information to access it with a single click.

4. Conformity with the Law Society

Ensuring that your accounting paperwork and statements comply with the Law Society is vital. When it comes to Ethics Society conformity, PC Law rates quite well.

It provides complete trust accounting, including bank reconciliation and excellent reporting. It’s one of the few accounting programs with built-in Trust Administration Fee functions.

5. API (application programming interface)

Other software applications may connect with the platform through an open API. It enables users to create integrations where none presently exist. Not all APIs, though, are created equal. Before deciding whether or not to use an API, it’s a good idea to check through the description for the service.

6. Trust Accounts

PC Law is one of the best legal payroll systems because of how productive and convenient their trust accountancy capabilities are. They make managing your client trust agreements a breeze. This covers trust to general conversions and effective trust monitoring at the case and client levels.

7. PC Law Remote Work Package

The PC Law Remote Work Bundle, which enables legal practitioners tools to stay attached while on the go, was just announced by PC Law.

This component also includes limited online functionality such as recordkeeping and topic management. It’s vital to note that the accounting capabilities are not accessible online, and PC Law is still a host machine application.

8. Education and upkeep

If you’re a novice to PC Law, we strongly advise you to acquire the education you need to get familiar with the program. You may limit the number of mistakes and errors in your legal firm’s financial paperwork.

9. Software Updates and Launches

PC Law releases software upgrades regularly. It’s also critical to keep such updates up to date to reduce the number of software flaws resulting from glitches.

It would help if you had a PC Law Fixed Term Package to get these upgrades. In 2021, the cost of these bundles skyrocketed, with some consumers seeing their yearly bills triple compared to earlier years.

10. Customer Support Options

You will have accessibility to PC Law’s client service as long as you retain a PC Law Service Contracts Package. You may contact their helpline if you’re having trouble finishing the firm’s bookkeeping or billing because of glitches or other technological issues.

11. Membership in the AMP

Using the PC Law Application, you should have a PC Law Service Contracts Membership. It offers you frequent software updates and helps if you get an error code regularly. It also includes some extra training materials. If you still want to use PC Law, we don’t advocate canceling your AMP subscription.

12. Case and Event Management

Using the built-in planner, you can keep on top of crucial appointments and milestones. Their display is designed to provide you with a plethora of data at a glance. To view almost everything PC Law can do, go between the tabs My Firm, My Customers, and My Enterprise.

13. Apps for multi-platforms

Even though the program is designed for Windows desktops, there is a digital app that you may use over the web while you’re on the road. While you’re gone from the office, keep track of additional hours and other business costs. Using the online interface, you may also obtain crucial matter data and search by client number, matter amount, matter title, or kind of law.

14. Conflict Checking

A conflict detector is much more than a search window. This is true of programs like PC law, which includes a conflict detecting function. The same architecture varies, so you’ll be able to browse the whole directory for names that match. It should properly and intuitively screen for clashes and enable prospective hires to enter their conflict databases into the platform. It should also respond rapidly to incoming customer calls and adhere to professional behavior norms while resolving problems.

15. Assembly of Documents

Using your legal practice software applications to upload your agency’s document templates may save labor and maintain uniformity. This check entails basic document assembling, such as form letters, bills, and other documents. You’ll almost certainly require extra software for complex document creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PC Law?

PC Law is a practice monitoring system for lawyers. It lets you track issues, cases, time, and invoicing in one convenient location. A focus ensures you get compensated for your time working for a customer.

Where can I utilize PC Law?

PC Law is a framework that may get used on-premises. This implies you’ll have to set it up in the operating system or your group. It’s also important to note that this system is impossible to access outside your network. Even though they offer a phone device, you can only obtain crucial data from each charge sheet.

How much does PC Law cost?

PC Law begins at $39.00 per month per client. Nevertheless, most of their products need you to approach them for an estimate tailored to your legal practice.

Is PC Law safe to use?

Yes. On-premises solutions, such as PC Law, are as secure as the user’s network.

Is PC Law capable of handling my trust bookkeeping?

Yes. Invoices, time tracking, and bookkeeping are all included in PC Law. This entails the right to account for trusts. Users may also choose where their client trust data remains since the system is often deployed on a local system or device.

Is it possible for PC Law to handle electronic purchases?

No. PC Law has no built-in services or interfaces that enable users to make electronic purchases.

When selecting a technology platform for my legal firm, what factors should I consider?

When shopping for legal equipment for your company, consider what areas of your profession need the greatest assistance. Is it common for your workplace to lose files? If that’s the case, search for software with powerful document management features. If your bills aren’t being issued on time, look into systems with complex accounting capabilities.


Finally, whether you’re operating your legal company manually or juggling many tools, the PC law platform is a must-have. This might also be the key to your legal firm’s organizational success. This legal practice management application would benefit the great majority of law firms.

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