Who Do I Make a Check Out to For Registration of An LLC In Texas?


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Today, adequately registering your LLC with the state is essential when setting up a business in Texas. On the other hand, irrespective of the documentation and paperwork involved, you may need help making payments. This is major about the person to make the registration check payable. Thus, we have made this post on who I make a check out to for registration of an LLC In Texas to aid you.

Furthermore, this article will clarify this topic while guiding you on how to engage the right Payee and the major payment methods. This is in addition to the essential things to consider when checking out for LLC registration in Texas. Having adequate insight regarding these details will help you to register your LLC In Texas without hassles. Come along!

Who Do I Make a Check Out to For Registration of An LLC In Texas?

Who Do I Make a Check Out to For Registration of An LLC In Texas?

You must make out the check for your LLC registration in Texas to the “Secretary of State.”

You must fill in the check correctly while making it payable to the right entity. You can find a comprehensive outline of the steps in the preceding section.

Choosing between addressing the check to the “Secretary of State” will guarantee that your payment gets adequate processing and crediting to forming your LLC. You must attach the completed Certificate of Formation to the check and mail it to this address:

The Office of the Secretary of State; P.O. Box, 13697Austin, TX 78711-3697

Furthermore, it’s best to visit the official website of the Texas Secretary of State regularly. This will help you to get updates regarding any alterations to the current procedures for filing the address for mailing.

In addition to the mailing guide, it’s best to know that the filing fee when registering your LLC in Texas depends on several factors. This includes the method of filing you opt for, as well as the type of LLC. Currently, the basic filing fee is approximately $300.

On the other hand, you can access expedited options for processing in Texas. This can greatly cut down the time it takes to complete the filing of your formation documents. 

However, Texas offers expedited processing options for an additional fee. Expedited services can significantly reduce the processing time of your LLC formation documents. The cost for this option depends on the speed you desire with the entire process. You can navigate to the Secretary of State in Texas website to get an insight on the current filing fees. This is in addition to any changes regarding the basic steps.

How to Make a Check Out For Registration of An LLC In Texas

In addition to the outline above, the following steps will aid you when making a check out for registration of an LLC In Texas:

Input the Amount of the Check in the Numerical Form

Input the right numerical amount of the check in the column provided on the right-hand section of the check. Ensure it corresponds to the appropriate registration amount for your LLC. This usually differs concerning diverse factors, as highlighted earlier.

Input the Check Value in Words

Under the line for the Payee, input the check value in words. For instance, if the check value is $450, input “Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars.”

Fill in the Payee Line

Fill in “Secretary of State” on the correct line for the Payee. Ensure also to input the full name, as this will help to prevent any possible contradictions.

Complete the Memo Line 

Although this is optional, completing the memo line will aid you in keeping proper records. You can use sentences such as “Registration Fee for LLC.” This will help you to remember the payment purpose easily.

Essential Tips When Making a Check Out for Registration of An LLC In Texas

Essential Tips When Making a Check Out for Registration of An LLC In Texas

When making a check out for registration of an LLC in Texas, the following tips will also aid you immensely:

Ensure you input the right fee

Visit the official website of the Secretary of State in Texas and obtain the right fee you need to pay. Deciding to reserve a particular name for your LLC will also influence the final filing fee. And it would help if you input it correctly. Your documents will be accepted or completed if you input the right fee.

Submit every important Document.

Ensure you submit all important documents and forms. Making wrong submissions will likely cause delays in the processing.

Opt for Official Forms

Ensure always to use up-to-date and official forms from the office of the Secretary of State. Using old forms may cause complications and possible rejection of your filing.

Always save a Duplicate of all Your Payments

It’s a good practice to save a duplicate of all your payments. This will act as a good reference point in your future filings.

Input the right Payee.

When making a check out for registration of an LLCC in Texas, always input the right Payee. In this case, it’s the “Secretary of State.” Any mistakes you make while inputting this will result in complications while processing.

My Opinion

In conclusion, setting up an LLC in Texas is a major stride in achieving your entrepreneurial goals. In addition, making a check out for registration of an LLCC in Texas is a delicate aspect worth handling carefully. Furthermore, your journey toward establishing your LLC will be smooth upon having access to the right guide and adhering strictly to it. At this point, the guide on Who Do I Make a Check Out to For Registration of An LLC In Texas will aid you immensely.

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