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When it comes to the world of locks and security, few people have as much insight or knowledge as the renowned Lockpicking Lawyer (LPL). The anonymous YouTuber, known for his meticulous lockpicking skills and ability to bypass some of the most acclaimed security systems, offers viewers a unique perspective on what makes a padlock secure. His assessments can lead us to a more secure selection of padlocks. With that in mind, let’s explore the best combination padlock lockpicking lawyer reviewed by the Lockpicking Lawyer.

Best Combination Padlock Lockpicking Lawyer

Best Combination Padlock Lockpicking Lawyer

ABUS 78/50

One of the models often highly regarded by the LPL is the ABUS 78/50, a 4-dial combination padlock. Its robust design offers good resistance against physical attacks, thanks to its hardened steel shackle. But what makes it stand out in the Lockpicking Lawyer’s analysis is the complex manipulation resistance it offers.

The ABUS 78/50 features false gates and decoy slots designed to mislead anyone attempting to decode the combination. This additional security layer and the lock’s overall sturdy build earned it high marks from the LPL.

Master Lock 1178D

The second padlock earning LPL’s approval is the Master Lock 1178D. This padlock’s key differentiator is its use of a combination mechanism that includes both true and false gates, similar to the ABUS 78/50, but in a more budget-friendly package.

Although it lacks the build quality of the ABUS lock, the Master Lock 1178D makes it up with its superior decoding resistance, making it a challenging pick even for seasoned experts like the Lockpicking Lawyer.

Sargent & Greenleaf 8077

The third combination padlock that gets the LPL approval is the Sargent & Greenleaf 8077. A class of its own, this lock has often been termed “unpickable” by many, including the LPL. The S&G 8077 combines top-tier build quality with an incredibly secure combination mechanism.

It uses a unique principle of a dual custody lock, requiring two combinations to open. This lock is truly a masterpiece of security engineering and is highly respected in the lockpicking community.

The Lockpicking Lawyer’s approach to analyzing padlocks goes far beyond the layperson’s understanding of a secure lock. He brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge that translates into valuable insights for consumers and manufacturers alike.

However, it is worth noting that no lock can be 100% secure. Every lock, even those highly recommended by the LPL, can eventually be defeated, given enough time, tools, and expertise.

My Opinion

In conclusion, the Lockpicking Lawyer’s examinations provide valuable insights into what makes a padlock secure, offering viewers a deeper understanding of security.

When selecting a combination padlock, consider the price, design, and resistance to manipulation and physical attacks, as highlighted by experts like the Lockpicking Lawyer. Such considerations make the difference between a secure lock and one that is.

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