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Residing in Washington D.C, Lock Picking Lawyer is a lawyer who keeps on testing good and bad locks. ‘What type of lawyer is Lock Picking’ is yet not clear. Lock picking is a method to use pins and a torque wrench to unlock the lock manually without a key. This target is achieved by pushing the lock pins to the shear line. However, Lock Picking recommended locks are standard locks that make things quite safe and secure. Let’s find out the lock picking lawyer recommended locks.

Lock Picking Lawyer recommended locks, and his property will be comparatively safe. 

Based on the type of property, Lock Picking has recommended many different locks. You can choose the one accordingly. However, before choosing the one, you should learn ‘how to pick the right lock?’. After clearing this query, one can easily pick up the best security tool for his property. 

This article will be discussing all the Lock Picking recommended locks, types of locks, and ways to choose the best lock. All these tips are beneficial for you. So, let’s move on to explore all about the query under discussion. 

How to Select the Best Lock?

Lock Picking Lawyer Recommended Locks

Based on Lock Picking Lawyer reviews, one should choose the best lock according to his property. Through his experience, he has provided many tips to choose the best lock for your area. All locks are not ideal for all places. One that will fit in one place may fail in another area. Keep in mind the following Lock Picking Lawyer tips to select the best lock for your area. 

Choose According to the Area

As mentioned above, all the locks don’t fit all the areas. Some may protect an area well but may fail in another place. So, different areas require different security systems. Also, consider what you’re going to protect by using the lock. 

If you’re going to protect something basic, you may choose an ordinary lock, however, when you’re protecting something very precious, use a high-quality lock. 

Observe the Lock Quality

Lock quality also matters. There are different locks with different qualities. Dig its quality deeply before finalizing one and purchasing it for your property security. A major difference between a good and a bad lock is its price. A good lock will be more expensive than an average or bad one. 

Use Strong Hasp to Lock Your Property

Another thing that is compulsory to keep in mind is that you should not use a weak hasp for locking an area. If you’re using a high-quality lock with an 8mm steel shackle, it’s quite easy for the thief to cut the shackle. So, use a good quality lock with strong locking points to make your place quite safe and secure. 

Body of the Lock

Not the locking mechanism, but the body of the lock also matters. If a lock is built with a plastic body by keeping all the points of Lock Picking Lawyer in mind, it’s useless. The plastic body will not save the building or other premises from damage by the thieves. So, keep this in mind while selecting a lock for your place. 

Learn the Lock Mechanism

Before finalizing the locks for the security of your premises, dig into different lock mechanisms. Some mechanisms are more secure, and some are less. So, all the locks are not suitable for all places. Here are some of the most commonly used lock mechanisms by lock manufacturing companies. 

Standard Mechanism

This is the most commonly used mechanism by different companies to manufacture the locks. These types of locks are the easiest to make. This mechanism works on the following basis. 

  • The difference in the number of pins 
  • Difference of biting
  • Metal difference
  • Security difference
  • The difference in the shape of the keyway

Locks built on this mechanism are perfect for basic security. However, for advanced security, one should adopt any other security mechanism. 

Dis-Detainer Mechanism

This mechanism is far better than a standard locking mechanism. It works on a different pattern as compared to the mechanism mentioned above. The disc detainer locks are hard to pick via pins. So, these make your properties safer and more secure than the standard ones. 

Number Combination Mechanism

Another type that provides an advanced level of security is the number combination mechanism. This type of lock manufacturing mechanism makes your premises safe and secure, and they are also hard to pick. However, experts can unlock such locks by taking some time. 

This type of locking mechanism is used at places requiring minor security. If anyone is suspected of trying to unlock it, that should be approached soon. So, these are not suitable for high-security premises. 

Lock Picking Lawyer Recommended Locks

Over the years of research, Lock Picking Lawyer has recommended some best padlocks for high security. Here is a list of such locks, along with their specifications. 

Padlock ABUS 20/70

This lock is good for those premises where small and lightweight locks are recommended. It’s an average size and average weight lock. Here are its basic features. 

  • The thickness of shackle: 10mm
  • Core type: ABUS plus
  • Locking mechanism: Disc
  • Gross weight: 360g
  • Body material: Steel
  • Shackle material: Steel

Padlock ABUS 37/80

The ABUS 37/80 is one of the strongest padlocks ever built. It’s hard to pick with any tool. Also, its high-quality material makes it quite safe and secure. It’s designed for high and advanced security. Here are the basic features of this lock. 

  • The thickness of shackle: 14mm
  • Core type: ABUS plus
  • Weight of the lock: 1kg
  • Body material: Alloy steel
  • Coating: Black granite
  • Shackle material: Alloy steel


To avoid harm by the thief, this lock features a shackle covered with hardened steel material. It’s hard to pick or cut. This is also one of the best choices for high-security premises. Here are the basic characteristics of this lock. 

  • The thickness of shackle: 15mm
  • Core type: ALBOY PROTEC
  • Gross weight: 1.27kg
  • Body material: Hardened steel
  • Shackle material: Hardened boron steel material

Padlock Squire SS-80-CS

A regular-sized lock, Squire SS-80-CS is one of the best padlocks for maximum security. This is a heavy lock with a special anti-thief design. Here are its basic features. 

  • The thickness of shackle: 16mm
  • Core type: Mayer MW4
  • Gross weight: 2.2kg 
  • Body material: Steel
  • Shackle material: Boron Steel

Padlock Squire SS-100-CS 

It’s the upgraded version of the squire SS-80-CS. It’s considered the strongest padlock in the world. Here are its basic characteristics. 

  • The thickness of shackle: 20mm
  • Core type: Mayer MW4
  • Gross weight: 3.65kg 
  • Body material: Steel
  • Shackle material: Boron Steel

Padlock UCS-9-S Puck Lock

Due to its unique design and cone shape, ordinary people can’t understand how to lock or unlock it even with a key. So, this lock is also a challenge for thieves or other lock pickers. Here are its basic characteristics. 

  • The thickness of shackle: 10mm
  • Core type: Puck Lock
  • Gross weight: 2.23kg 
  • Body material: Steel
  • Shackle material: Steel

Bowley Padlock-543

It’s one of the best locks available at Amazon. It’s hard to pick and hard to drill or cut. Due to its physical strength, this lock is above all the previous locks. Here are its basic characteristics. 

  • The thickness of shackle: 11mm
  • Core type: Bowley
  • Lock mechanism: Bizarre lock 
  • Gross weight: Uncertain 
  • Body material: Steel
  • Shackle material: Boron Steel

Frequently Asked Questions

What bike lock does the Lock Picking Lawyer recommend?

New York Standard Bike U-Lock by Kryptonite is a Lock Picking lawyer-recommended lock for bikes. 

What safe does the Lock Picking Lawyer recommend?

Lock picking lawyer recommends Squire Stronghold Key safe in one of his videos. He argued that this key safe features stronger construction than others. 

Is LockPicking Lawyer a real lawyer?

Yes, LockPicking lawyer is a real lawyer residing in Washington D. C. After 15 years of service, he retired from his profession in 2021. He keeps on testing different locks to check their security level. 

Why are D-locks better?

D locks are more secure than other locks like portable chain locks. So, these are considered better than other security gadgets. 

Is there a bike lock that cannot be picked?

Yes, Kryptonite lock manufacturers have designed an unpickable lock. This lock is named Fahgettaboudit U-Lock. Here are some features of this lock that make it secure and safe. 

  • Double shackles
  • Features such as disc cylinders 
  • Very heavy lock that appears unbreakable from 


It’s hard to discuss all the unique locks recommended by Lock Picking Lawyer. However, the locks mentioned above are some of the amazing masterpieces. If you find any of these locks, it’s good. Otherwise, use the lock mentioned above selection tips to choose the best lock to make your premises safe and secure. Lock Picking Lawyer keeps on reviewing the new types of locks. So, keep in touch with your security source to learn about the new versions of secure locks.


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