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Accidents involving trucks can be very fatal. This spans from damage to property, injury, and death. At this point, it’s best to partner with a lawyer to help you handle every legal activity, get compensated properly, and prevent infringement on your rights. Thus, we have posted on the best truck accident lawyers to aid you.

Furthermore, providing evidence is essential when working on issues about truck accidents. Thus, it’s best to work with expert lawyers in truck accidents. A major distinction of such lawyers is that they usually thoroughly investigate the accident scene and document the appropriate pictures and photos. These lawyers also work with other professionals to give your case a befitting outcome. Come along as we elaborate more on this below.

Best Truck Accident Lawyers

Best Truck Accident Lawyers

Some of the best truck accident lawyers in America include:

1. Deena Buchanan

In the US, Deena Buchanan stands as one of the best truck accident lawyers who never fails to defend the interests of her clients. With an experience of over 20 years, she has handled diverse cases of truck crashes, explosions, wrong medical practices, and questionable deaths. 

Furthermore, Deena Buchanan is the current manager of Buchanan Law Firm, LLC in Wyoming. She also got her license in 1998, and her track record of excellent service has been laced with numerous positive reviews from her satisfied clients.

2. Robert Mansell 

Robert Mansell has been a truck accident lawyer for over 20 years, and he has used his ample experience in this field to help truck accident victims earn befitting compensations.  

The major coverage areas for Robert Mansell include brain injuries, truck accidents, catastrophic injuries, motorcycle accidents, and product liability cases. Whenever clients engage Robert Mansell, they always get the best representation possible. This is quite predictable, as he earned his license 34 years ago.

3. Howard Craig Kornberg

Howard Craig Kornberg is another of the best truck accident lawyers in the U.S. He has earned his license over 40 years and is also the pioneer of the Kornberg law firm in Los Angeles. The major areas of practice for Howard Craig Kornberg include car and truck accidents, bicycle accidents, product liability, and questionable death.

4. Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris is one of the best truck accident lawyers with excellent track records. With a service license of over 18 years, his potential for success can never be in doubt.

 Ryan Harris is currently the pioneer of the Harris Personal Injury law firm. This institution currently boasts of serving over 5,000 clients. He also helps his clients get compensation for diverse issues, including bus and truck accidents, car accidents, and bicycle-auto accidents.

5. Manuel Maltos 

The success rate of Manuel Maltos in the field of truck accident litigation is worthy of note. Thus, he has been recognized severally by the famous St. Mary’s Law Journal. 

Manuel Maltos once noted that the requirements to help clients span beyond being an experienced lawyer. Instead, it further entails making diverse sacrifices to keep every client happy. Furthermore, he has over 14 years of experience in the legal field, and his success rate with clients is enormous. The coverage areas with Manuel Maltos include truck accidents, car accidents, and defective products. 

6. Jonathan D. Light 

The 6th best truck accident lawyer in the U.S. is Jonathan D. Light. His services are reliable, as he has been licensed for over 30 years. Furthermore, the records of cases he has handled for clients usually speak volumes of his expertise and dedication to excellence. 

Jonathan D. Light is a current member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Lawyers. In addition, he stands as the patroon of Jonathan D. Light, P.C. law firm in Boston. He usually represents clients with truck, car, bicycle, pedestrian, and construction accidents through this firm.

7. Craig M. Ortwerth 

Craig M. Ortwerth is another great truck accident lawyer in the U.S. He has been defending the interests of his clients in diverse truck accident cases for many years now. This is valid, as he has been a member of the Missouri Bar since 1998.

In addition to his private law practice, Craig M. Ortwerth is also a partner of the McChesney & Ortwterth LLC law firm in Illinois. His current areas of specialization include auto accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, and worker compensation.

8. Jennie Levin 

Jennie Levin is an excellent truck accident lawyer in the U.S. whose mission is to help victims of truck accidents. The services provided by Jennie Levin tend to be unique, as she is a fluent speaker of diverse languages such as English, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, and Spanish. She further helps clients get compensation on diverse issues, including bus and truck accidents, car accidents, and bicycle-auto accidents.

9. Timothy G. Anderson 

Timothy G. Anderson is a truck accident lawyer in the U.S. who always offers impeccable litigation services to his clients. With an experience of over 15 years, he has satisfied clients in diverse cases such as truck accidents, car accidents, and defective products.

10. Bryan D. Caulfield 

Bryan D. Caulfield is a popular truck accident lawyer in the U.S., and this is due to the excellent services he has been providing for over ten years. He is also a recipient of awards from Furthermore, Bryan D. Caulfield offers services to clients in cases such as spinal injury, truck accidents, medical malpractice, and head injury.

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In conclusion, opting for the best truck accident lawyer can influence the outcome of your case and claims. This is valid, as they usually harness their professional skills in negotiation and litigation to help you at this point. After carefully considering the tips highlighted above, you will easily find the best lawyer to help you succeed flawlessly. 


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