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Do many people often ask how to address a lawyer? When you communicate with a lawyer, it’s important to use their proper name. Manners are essential in business, so avoid using nicknames when making contact or speaking on the phone and instead stick to formal language. Such as Mr., Mrs., Dr. when writing an email, makes sure that all titles match who they represent because if there is any confusion, things can get messy quickly! Those who encounter legal cases frequently must learn the basic difference among different types of lawyers.

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A business person may frequently require different lawyers to handle his tax, intellectual property, or other cases. So, being a businessman, one should learn how to address the lawyer properly. This will impart a good impression on the concerned lawyer. 

Keep in mind, having a law degree and practicing as a lawyer in court are never the same. To clear the queries regarding addressing a lawyer, one must deeply dig into the law field. However, it may take much time to learn all about the law field. To make your search easy, we’ve proposed a brief guide for you. You’ll find this article arguing about how to address a lawyer. So, let’s move on to explore all about such queries. 

How to Address a Lawyer

How to Address a Lawyer

Naming a Lawyer Properly

Based on different kinds of legal entities, there are different names for all of them. You should call them by their proper name. Here are some well-known types of lawyers and their proper names. 

A Person with Juris Doctor Degree

When someone attends any law school regularly, the school will award them a ((Juris Doctor)) (JD) degree. A JD will have graduated from any recognized law school of the state. However, with just a J.D. degree, one can’t start practicing in court as a lawyer. Moreover, this degree is not essential to appear in the bar examination. 

If you represent yourself, the proper way to address a lawyer who is not acting as your representative in court is J.D., which stands for Juris Doctor (Law Degree), must use ‘J.D.’ when you call or write to such a person. For instance, ‘Attn. Henry, JD’ means Henry has a Juris Doctor degree but not practicing in the court. 

Use the Title of “Attorney at Law” for the Lawyer

Attorney at Law is one of the most trending and most loved titles used by lawyers or legal entities. Different titles like Esquire, advocate, etc., are now considered odd and old-fashioned by the lawyers. They love to be called via an attractive title or name. So, you can use the “((Attorney))” or “Attorney at law” as a title to address your lawyer. Add this title with the name tag of the lawyer. 

A Person Having Law Degree and Practicing in the court

A lawyer has passed the law degree and currently acts as a representative for their clients in court. If they’re not yet attorneys themselves, you may refer to them simply by saying ‘attorney at law’. It’s a suitable name for a person who’s an active member of the court. 

Another name used for similar people is ‘Esquire,’ or short-form ‘Esq.’ However, Esquire is not frequently used for the lawyer. If you’re going to invite an attorney in any event, you can choose any of the names mentioned above. But keep in mind that the person should meet the requirements of the name you’re going to call with. 

Use of Business References

A lawyer doesn’t need to work in the court on behalf of the clients. He may perform many other jobs in the private as well as government sectors. Many corporations in the private and government sector may hire lawyers on contracts. If you’re going to address any lawyer working in a government or private corporation, the corporation’s name should follow the original name of the attorney. 

All well-known private organizations and recognized government corporations have their portfolio on the internet. You may search the name of the organization there—research well before writing to any lawyer. 

Write Mr. or Mrs. with the Name of the Attorney

Reverence is the foremost thing in any relationship. When you are in conversation with your friends, be mindful of the respect each friend deserves. No matter what they do for a living, it’s never too late to show gratitude and appreciation! A true measure of how much somebody means to you can only come from within.

So don’t hold back on showing these feelings towards those close who have helped shape who we’ve grown into today as well as being there during our most trying times; let them know just why this person matters so very much by saying ‘thankful’ through actions instead silencing words alone.

While addressing any attorney, you may write Mr. or Mrs. with the original name. This will create respect for you in the heart of the person being addressed. 

You may adopt the strategy where you’ll write just Mr. or Mrs. on one line while resting the name and other conversation on the next line. This will make your letter beautiful. Also, the addressed person will be happy with your addressing strategy.  

Juris Doctor and Esquire

How to Address a Lawyer

You should learn these terms to call the person with a proper name, whether J.D. or Esquire. Here are definitions of both these terms. 

Juris Doctor (JD)

Juris Doctor is a law degree that someone can earn by attending any recognized law school. As mentioned above, Juris Doctor or JD is a person who will have attended a law institute for study. 

Having a J.D. degree, a person can further take the state bar examination. However, without clearance in the bar examination, a J.D. can’t start his practice in court. He’ll have to be recognized by the state bar association to practice in the law field as a professional. Whenever you encounter this term with the name of any person, be sure that he’s not a legal lawyer who can stand in the court on behalf of his clients.

Mostly, those persons who attend law school to earn a J.D. degree are talented. So, they can easily appear and pass the state bar examination that will enable them to enter the law field professionally. 

Esquire (Esq)

Esquire is a name mostly used by those attorneys who are practicing in the law field. However, it’s not inevitable for a lawyer to use this title with their name. Most of the lawyers take the Esquire as an old-fashioned name for the lawyer. So, it’s rarely used name by practicing lawyers, and they tend to use attorney, attorney at law, or lawyer with their names. 

An Esquire is a licensed lawyer who the state bar association recognizes. So, he can stand for you in court as a lawyer.

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Difference between Juris Doctor & Esquire

Juris DoctorEsquire
A Juris doctor has just attended law school.An esquire is a practicing lawyer.
Such a legal entity does not have a license or permit from the state bar association.Such a lawyer has a permit or license from the state bar association.
He can’t represent his clients in Court.He can represent clients in Court.
A JD has yet to appear in the state bar examination.An esquire will have passed the state bar examination.
It’s a new and trending name for legal entities.It’s considered an old-fashioned name for legal entities.

How to Address an Attorney in a Letter?

How to Address an Attorney in a Letter

When you write a letter to a lawyer or attorney, address your home appropriately to impart a good impression, you can do this by using any suitable title for your lawyer. After writing the first or real name, you should put ‘Esquire’ or just ‘Esq.’ this will make the lawyer’s name attractive and add to your reverence in the heart of the person being addressed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to address an attorney?

Call with the titles of ‘Esquire’ or ‘Attorney at law’ is the most efficient way R.K. addresses any lawyer. You may add Mr. or Mrs. accordingly. This will add to your reverence for the lawyer. 

What do you call your lawyer?

We may call a lawyer through the following names. 

  • Attorney
  • Attorney at Law
  • Advocate
  • Counselor
  • Esquire

How do lawyers introduce themselves?

Mostly, lawyers use their professional tags with their good names when introducing themselves. Also, they love to be called with the concerned title according to their field. 

What do we call a female lawyer?

Lady lawyer is the most commonly used title for a female attorney. 

Do you address a lawyer as Mr.?

An impressive way to address a lawyer is by starting from Mr. or Mrs. After writing any of these words accordingly. You can add their name. This will impart a positive impression on your concerned lawyer. 

Can you call yourself a lawyer without passing the bar?

Starting practice in the law field or calling you a lawyer needs a license or permit from the state bar association? Keep in mind without passing the state bar examination, you can’t get a license or permit. So, without passing the state bar examination, you can’t call yourself a lawyer. 


Addressing someone with a proper title according to their profession is a courteous attitude. This will impart a good impression on the person being addressed. Moreover, addressing your lawyer with a proper name will make him happy. His happy mood will always be a good impression for your case and vice versa. So, try to understand the difference among different types of legal entities. 

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