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Not always, but a lawyer may take a case for free in some situations. Sometimes, the lawyer has any personal interest in working for a client without charging his fee. Also, if the lawyer is a sympathetic sort of person, he’ll understand the client’s situation that is striving to fight a case but doesn’t have enough money to pay his lawyer. In this way, the lawyer may decide to work for such a client for free. Otherwise, professional lawyers avoid working for free. However, “Will a lawyer take my case for free?” is an interesting query that has many ends to explore.  

It may or may not happen that a lawyer is working for free. However, the answer to this query is not simply yes or no. To understand whether a lawyer will work for free or not, one will have to dig deeply into the law market. 

Also, learning all about the query under discussion will take a lot of time and effort. But at the current age, no one has enough time to spend on a single thing. To make your search easy and simple, we’ve proposed a precise guide that will be discussing all the queries you’re exploring. So, let’s move on without wasting our time. 

When Will, a Lawyer, Take a Case For Free?

Will a Lawyer Take My Case For Free

Under some circumstances, a lawyer may work for free. Here are some situations that will lead a lawyer to fight a case without charging his fee. 

When a Lawyer Knows That the Client Deserves Free Case

Sometimes, the situation of a client may appeal to the lawyer. If a person can’t afford the attorney’s fee and has authentic proof for it, the lawyer may agree to work for him for free. 

On Contingency Method

Sometimes, the client’s property is damaged or harmed by another party, and he wants to file a case for recovery of his damages. But the client doesn’t have enough money to pay the lawyer fee. In such cases, the lawyers agree to work for the clients based on a share of some percentage from the retrieved amount. 

This payment method is called a contingency method, where a lawyer doesn’t charge any fee at the start. However, he may finalize the amount of the damage with the client. From that final amount, the lawyer may take some share. 

When Lawyer Has Some Interest

Sometimes, a case may help the lawyer professionally or personally. In such a situation, the lawyer mag agrees to work for free as he’ll foresee his interest. Also, being human, they may sympathize with the client, making them work without charging the fee. 

Sometimes, the lawyer may believe that the person he’s fighting in court for free will prove beneficial for him. All these situations may urge the lawyer to work for free.

Lawyer Working as Pro Bono 

Working free for a client may be in the form of pro bono, professional service for the public’s welfare. Pro Bono is derived from the Latin phrase ‘pro bono public which means ‘for the goodness of public.’ 

In legal cases, pro bono may be a legal service on the part of a lawyer without any fee. Also, the lawyer may work on some reduced fees. The volunteer attorneys provide their clients with this service for free. In this way, those people may also process a case in court who can’t afford a lawyer’s fee. 

How to Hire a Lawyer For Free?

Will a Lawyer Take My Case For Free

If you can’t afford a lawyer’s fee, some methods can assist you in hiring a lawyer without money. Some of such methods are discussed here. 

Ask the Court to Pay the Lawyer’s Fee

If someone cannot pay the lawyer’s fee, he may get assistance from the relevant court. The court may manage the payment of the attorney’s fee. Here are two ways to ask the court for such a case. 

  • In some cases, the court may put the attorney’s fee on the opposite spouse. So, you may request the court to move on via this method, if possible. 
  • The legal authorities of your state may also pay the fee on your behalf. However, to do this, you’ll have to prove that you can’t afford a lawyer’s fee. 

Resolve the Case via Mediation

Mediation refers to the act of resolving the case without any legal prosecution. In such a case, both the opposite parties agree on some arguments and resolve the case on their behalf without further dispute. 

This method of resolving any case helps both parties save their money to process the court case. In such a case, a person may act as a middle man who will help both parties to agree on a single point of view. This is also a way to resolve problems without money. 

Via Flat Billing Process

In the flat billing method, the plaintiff will have to pay a small amount to the lawyer. In return, the lawyer will work for the client in court. This method may also help the people who can’t afford the heavy fee of the attorney. However, it’s valid mostly for small disputes. 

Through Task-Based Payment

The lawyer may agree to provide his service with no or a little fee in some cases. This is called a task-based billing method. The client may choose services that will charge nothing or a small amount. This is also a method to hire an attorney with little money. 

By Getting Loans

Though a burden, the loan amount may help you resolve many issues. So, you can apply for a loan via any agency to pay an attorney’s fee. 

The firms may charge a certain amount of interest on the loan amount. You may ask your family members or friends to give you a loan to avoid such burdens. The benefit of this method is that you’ll not have to pay the interest. You can easily pay back the loan amount when you get relief from the case. 

Via Additional Funding Resources

When a person is under a financial burden, he should work extra time to assist his funding. You can also work some extra hours to manage the lawyer’s fee. This will prevent you from being dependent on any other person. 

You can manage some flexible timing for the overtime in the same firm where you work regularly. This may prove beneficial for the processing of your case in court. 

Through Pro Bono Service

As mentioned above, pro bono services are for the public’s welfare. Those persons who can afford the lawyer’s fee may apply for this service. Contact such a lawyer who has volunteered himself for the free service within the court. It’s the best legal way to process a case even without money. 

Via Fee Waiver Process

Some states or local authorities may offer the fee waiver method to pay the lawyer’s fee for needy people. In such a situation, the concerned state will be responsible for paying the needy client. For this payment, proceed in the following way. 

  • File your case along with the fee waiver form. 
  • Provide all proof of your financial and debt conditions. 
  • Let the court verify your financial condition. 
  • After this, the court will issue the orders to waive your court fee. 

For those worried about the payment of attorney’s fees, this method is very beneficial. 

To assist those who can afford the legal fees, many agencies in the US provide legal aid to them. These agencies assist the plaintiff in paying the legal fees. You can apply for such aid for family dispute cases, illegal taking over the land, or other public issues within the social system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it called when a lawyer takes a case for free?

If a lawyer takes a case for free, he is regarded as pro bono in legal terms. 

How do lawyers decide to take a case?

Lawyers decide a case after confirming the following things. 

  • Nature of the case
  • Nature and psychology of client
  • Clearing medical records
  • Checking the merits of the case
  • Estimating the damage

Do attorneys take cases they can’t win?

Not at all! A wise attorney will avoid such a case that he can’t win. 

How do you get a lawyer if you have no money?

You can get assistance from pro bono, legal aid centers, loans, friends, mediation, or bar association to hire a lawyer even if you don’t have money

What should you not say in court?

In court, one should talk precisely. Otherwise, his case may spoil. One should not think to say something, avoid being angry, avoid exaggeration, and avoid talking about your testimony. 


Usually, lawyers don’t make a case for free. However, some circumstances make them work without charging the fee from the clients. Also, those who can’t afford the legal fees can move on via any of the methods mentioned above to process their case. All these methods will prove beneficial if you can’t afford the lawyer’s fee. 


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