How to Ask a Lawyer for Help | 7 Tips You Must Keep In Mind


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One of the difficult and toughest aspects of being a lawyer, especially the solo one, is that you can indulge yourself in living in your little bubble. Whether you contact another fellow lawyer of your firm or any other lawyer living in any other city, reaching out for any assistance is not an easy task.  In your everyday life, there are many events and cases in which you want to get help from professional lawyers, as they are aware of everything being the lawyers. Therefore, in this post, we will learn how to ask a Lawyer for help in detail. I hope that this piece of information will be very helpful to you in every aspect.

How to Ask a Lawyer for Help

How to Ask a Lawyer for Help

Know what want to ask

It is best to know how much you can get help by talking with a lawyer. To start the communication, you should keep in mind some important questions.

  • How much time will you require to discuss your questions about the problem or issue?
  • Do you need help on any one or two issues related to the claim or case?
  • Do you need help in the practising area?

Answers to these questions will guide you on what type of help you want from the lawyer and ask a lawyer for help. 

While asking for help from the lawyer, you have to use an accurate assistance medium. It will be better to do the 10 minutes call rather than to send many emails to the lawyer. If it is a long discussion, it will be better to invite the lawyer for lunch or dinner rather than do numerous phone calls. However, it is good to ask the lawyer what their policy is.

If you think that it is more than a lunch, it is better to ask someone else who can communicate with the lawyer on your behalf or refer the case. There will be nothing bad like if the lawyer accepts your invitation to lunch and only give you valuable opinions about the case that is not favourable to you in any way. 

Be respectful of their time and schedule.

While contacting the lawyer to get help, you should be very careful about their time and schedule. Do not call any lawyer out of the blue after 3.30 in the afternoon, and inform them that you want to talk with them about your case very urgently.

In the daytime, most lawyers are either winding up their cases or starting the preparation of the next case aside earlier in the day. This especially happens when the lawyer is a stranger to you. There are certain circumstances in which you want to get an immediate response regarding your case. If the case is so, you have to build good and strong relations with your attorney. You can also do phone calls from your colleague’s numbers to get help from the lawyer.

If you want your attorney to help you in the best way, you should follow the three important rules. You should be respectful of their timings, and make an estimate of how much you will take time for your case; at their convenience, you have to set the meeting with them for your case.

If you are looking for a correct and professional attorney for help and think he is busy, make such grounds to talk to agree to say yes. If you leave a voice mail or send an email, you should wait for some days without a prompt response. Remember that your emergency is not the emergency of your lawyer. 

Respect the advice of the lawyer

If you want to get advice from a professional lawyer, you should respect their advice and not go against their advice. It would help if you kept in mind that there should be nothing wrong with the rules, facts, and disagreement over an interpretation while asking for advice. 

 For instance, if you disagree with the lawyer’s advice, not only will the attorney ignore you they will also try to dig a hole so that you will be in great trouble and cannot get help from any other attorney. But being a fair deal, it will not happen all the time because nothing will be wrong with discussing accurate and dedicated facts. 

Therefore, you have to do all the deals respectfully because you are fighting your case out of your city. Then it may happen that the other party will understand the facts and figures in a better way than you.

Background knowledge

When you plan to hire an attorney for help or a lawyer consultation, one important aspect knows the lawyer’s professional background. The majority of people generally hesitate to ask these questions to the lawyers.

But the truth lies that you are not getting the lawyer’s services for free. Instead, you are paying a lot of money in turn for their services. To get the best services, you should ask the attorney for previous experience. 

You can get the data and information about the attorney on the official or firm websites before getting an appointment, which will save you time. 

If you want to get help in your legal case:

  • Ask the attorney what strategy he will adopt for your case and the lawyer’s output. You should get the details on what kind of processes are going on.
  • Ask the lawyer how much time it will take to settle the case and what strategies and plans the lawyer will use.
  • Search if the lawyer will attempt to solve the case like arbitration and mediation will be the best options. 

You should think about the possible questions and their answers if you are comfortable with the legal plans of the lawyer. It may happen that you don’t go for a trial, but your lawyer wants to do so to settle the dispute of the case. Therefore, your lawyer’s plans and strategies must fulfil your case needs.

Type of cases

To get help from the lawyer, you should ask the attorney about his expertise and how much time he can devote to your case and the specified area of law. If you need help in a family law case like an adoption case or a child custody case, you should ask the family law lawyer for help.  

Get help from a lawyer by writing a letter.

A letter to a lawyer to get help for your case is a good alternative, as there are several reasons to contact the lawyer for help. You can write a respectful letter to the attorney for your pending child custody or car accident cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you email your lawyer?

Email is a frequent and convenient form to contact your lawyer and communicate. So don’t be scared to send the email to your lawyer. You are confident about the details and follow the guidelines to avoid risk and legal costs. All these aspects should be without unnecessary costs, unintended consequences, and long delays.

You can get legal guidance from a lawyer, barrister, or solicitor in the common law systems. You can get legal advice from lawyers, advocates, other professionals like tax experts, and professional advisors in the civil law system.

What is the difference between an advocate and a notary?

An attorney is trained and educated in law, practices it in court, and acts as a practitioner in a court. On the other hand, the notary or the lawyer is the one who goes to law school and passes the bar exam.

What is unethical for the lawyer?

The unethical and misconduct of the lawyer may include conflicts, interests, refusing to represent a client for professional and political motives, overbilling, false and misleading statements, intentionally accepting worthless lawsuits, hiding evidence, and abandoning the client, and failing all the true and relevant facts.

Do lawyers charge for advice?

Some lawyers usually charge an hourly rate for the initial consultation or advice. Some lawyers charge reduced rates, and others offer a free initial consultation. But few lawyers charge huge rates for their services.


To conclude, the topic of how to ask a lawyer for help is essential for the client to get the help of a lawyer for their cases to get legal advice. Asking the lawyer for help may need a very professional and soft attitude as your behaviour and conduct can be a good cause or any negative concerns. 

The lawyers will often offer a free consultation or advice to discuss the details of your case and give you a chance to ask some important questions. At the same time, asking these questions, you have to be attentive and careful to retain the lawyer’s help. 

So while contacting the lawyer, you should be careful about their timings, schedules, and professional backgrounds and should respect the lawyers’ advice.

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