Best Child Custody Lawyer in Texas | List of 10 Lawyers with Details


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Finding the best child custody lawyer in Texas can be overwhelming. Therefore, some parents use the custody right in Texas and fight for these rights by getting back with their ex-partner. It is important to fight for the rights of your children so that they may be given a fair arrangement and responsible. So, this article will discuss the best child custody lawyer in TexasSo this piece of information will be very informative and valuable for many people.

What is Child Custody?

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Texas

Child custody refers to the conservatorship in the Texas Family Code. So, one can get child protection if it is in the child’s best interest. To get custody of your child immediately after the divorce, the parent must prove that custody will be in your child’s best interest. Moreover, you should hire the best lawyer for your particular case for that purpose. 

Need for Child Custody Lawyer in Texas

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Texas

The battle for child custody can often go long, as the process includes settlements, court appearances, and mediation. So, hiring the services of the best custody lawyer in Texas can be helpful in parent work according to the parenting strategy that will show their client’s beliefs are right and responsible for their kids. 

How can you get Child Custody by Hiring the Best Lawyer?

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Texas

You can get custody of your child in Texas by hiring the best custody lawyer. Moreover, the Texas courts handle custody cases based on the child’s best interests. To consider your case, the lawyer will consider the following factors. 

  • The health, protection, and safety of your child
  • The relation between the parent and the child
  • Where the parents are residing and how close they are to one another
  • The health issues of the parents
  • The financial position of the parents
  • Any history of the child abuse

The child’s custody can be categorized into two types, legal custody, and physical custody. At the same time, the court will consider certain other factors also when deciding custody. 

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Texas

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Texas

Here are the names of the best child custody lawyers with whom you can get consultation for your case

Name of lawyerExperience
David Wynne25 years
Eric Lafleur22 years
Amy Geistweidt28 years
Christenia Jimenez14 years
Kelly Koch32 years
Natalie Gregg18 years
James Evans26 years
Sarah Brandon28 years
Jacqueline Kriebel17 years
Caitlin Thorpe7 years

Details of top-six lawyers for child custody in Texas

David Wynne 

David Wynne, a licensed lawyer dealing with aggressive and controlled representations, has 79 reviews. He is especially a divorce attorney practising in Fort Worth, Texas, since 1996.

According to him, the individuals going through child custody cases and divorce proceedings are in the worst situations in their lives, as there are no winners in divorce cases. So, the uncertainty and the pain of divorce can be terrible and overwhelming.

Due to this the good people become poor and make bad options that impact their and their children’s lives. So, he mentions that every lawyer in his firm has a minimum of 10 years of experience guiding their clients in the family courts.

Therefore, if you face child custody or divorce cases, we hope you consider hiring David Wynne to guide you through the legal rules and laws. So, contact me on 817-606-8786 and schedule a consultation meeting to get more details.

Eric Lafleur  

Eric Lafleur is the attorney at Lafleur law firm practising in Collin County, Texas. The attorneys of Lafleur law firms have 30 years of experience in Collin County.

The lawyers of this firm utilize their years of experience handling family law cases to guide the clients through effective processes whether they can settle their cases outside the courtroom or go to the trials, as the firm’s attorneys are professionals and famous for offering valuable advice their clients.

The attorneys of the Lafleur firms are working in Frisco, Allen, Wylie, Murphy, Fair view, Lucus, and surrounding areas with every type of family law case. Areas of practise include child support, divorce, custody, modifications, protective restraining orders, terminations, adoption agreements, prenuptial enforcements, and grandparent rights

Christina Jimenez  

Christina Jimenez is a Jimenez law firm founder and has successfully represented thousands of clients over the past many years in custody disputes and criminal matters.

Ms Jimenez strongly believes in the resolution of disputes and conflicts through negotiations. However, Ms Jimenez enjoyed representing her clients in the courtroom and proved herself a skilled and professional litigator. She guides in child custody matters in a patient, and clear way has 82 reviews with 5 stars.


Jimenez is a managing partner of two law firms in Dallas, Fort Worth, and West Texas. She got her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas in SanAntanio, and a law degree from Texas Wesleyan University College of law. However, her practice areas include Divorce, child custody and support, modification of orders, enforcement of laws, family violence, and terminations and adoption cases.

Kelly Koch   

When you hire a lawyer like Kelly Koch, you will feel confident that your family law matters and divorce cases are in reliable hands. She is a compassionate, experienced, and professional attorney, a member of several legal organizations, and can fight for her client’s rights in case of family law appeals. She has experience and integrity since 1989 with 141 reviews with 5 stars.

Attorney Kelly Koch has long-term affiliations with the American Associations for justice and National Bar Association. The achievements of attorney Kelly Koch are quite noticeable because she is the recipient of the best attorneys and super lawyers in America if you want to get help in your family law cases.

Natalie Gregg 

Natalie Gregg is an attorney and certified mediator has 36 reviews and is among 2.5% of top family lawyers created by the best TX super lawyers for the previous four years, from 2012 to 2016. She is a compassionate champion in the field of law for families.

As she has a license from the State Bar of Texas, she is an experienced and professional lawyer. She focuses on preserving families in the cases of divorce, child custody, and post-divorce modifications. 

As a mother of two kids, she has a great passion for the devotion and dedication to delivering results for her clients in their best interests. She also serves in collaborative law as a passionate advocate.

Natalie has a special license to practice in the United States Supreme court and is rated among the top 10 family lawyers by the National Academy of family law attorneys fewer than 40. She has a special feature on the 2015 edition of the Texas super lawyers cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a child protection lawyer cost in Texas?

The cost of a child custody lawyer depends on the complexity of the particular case and the level of experience your lawyer possesses. It is common to find a custody lawyer anywhere from 2500$ to 20,000$ for child custody cases in family law cases in Texas.

Do Texas courts favour mothers in custody cases?

The Texas family code does not favour mothers for child custody over fathers in the Texas courts. No preference should be given to any gender regarding the child’s custody, as the child’s custody depends on the child’s best interest.

How can you win the case of a child custody case in Texas?

You can win the child custody case in Texas by speaking with an experienced and skilled family law attorney, avoiding moving out of the marital residence without your children, performing your parental duties, keeping the calendar, and focusing on your goals regularly.

Who can get the primary custody in Texas?

To succeed in the custody of your child in Texas, the father who is the child’s primary conservator must show his responsibilities in terms of the child’s best interests. In this way, to win the case of custody of your child, you can get primary custody of the child.

Who usually gets custody of the child?

In Texas, a mother who is not married is the sole custodian of the child. She will be the child’s only guardian unless the father can establish his paternity. As the sole custodian, the mother is responsible for the health and educational decisions of the child.


To end up the article of child custody by the best lawyer, if you want to fight for the rights of your children and want to have full custody of the child, you should opt for hiring an experienced and skilled attorney. The professional attorney will help you file your case and guide you about the ins and outs of the case in a good manner.

Besides all facts, the court will issue an order favouring that a financially sound parent, possesses good health, and is responsible for performing all types of activities in the child’s best interests.

To get professional and valuable advice, one should contact the child mentioned above custody lawyers to deal with their case.


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