How to Ask the Judge to Reduce Ticket | A Step By Step Guide


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It can be overwhelming and worst when the police officer sees you doing the wrong act and issues you a traffic ticket when it comes to traffic tickets. You have to pay a hefty fine charged for over-speeding; you cannot ignore it anyway. In recent years, insurance companies can offer you forgiveness for such offenses in most cases. But when the infraction hits your record, the insurer will push your driving record to increase your premium for 3 to 5 years. So to decide this issue, you can ask the judge to reduce the ticket, but this article will provide valuable information on how to ask the judge to reduce the ticket.

What is a Traffic Ticket?

How to Ask the Judge to Reduce Ticket

A traffic violation ticket is a notice issued by the law enforcement officer to the vehicle driver that the use is going against the traffic rules and doing violations in many ways. 

How to Ask the Judge to Reduce Ticket

How to Ask the Judge to Reduce Ticket

The best way to avoid the traffic ticket is to remove it from your driving record in the initial stage. You can proceed with this issue by contesting your case and taking essential precautions in court to reduce the ticket. 

Here are a few phrases by which you can reduce the ticket from your driving record with ease.

Take a defensive driving class.

The defensive driving classes are a great tool to learn the tips of driving. These driving courses are not available in all the states like Texas, Florida, New Jersey California. If you attend and pass the defensive courses, it will result in the dismissal of a driving ticket from your record. But in most states, it is a one-time remedy to get out of your record.

Each course has a different time, cost, and duration. Many states are offering an online course for driving, and you can complete it with ease in a limited period. You can get the list of approved and required courses from the DMV department.

Get the deferral

Getting deferral means that if the court finds you guilty, you have the right to plea. So the ticket will be deferred and will not be added to your record for a particular period. In most jurisdictions, the time for this is one year. If you get the deferral period without another citation thus leads to the dismissal of the ticket and never hit your driving record. 

On the other hand, in addition to this ticket, both tickets will be in your driving record for the future if you get another ticket. This issue will increase your insurance rates. It also will reduce the chance to fight for the second ticket or remove it anyway.

Therefore, the deferrals are not the automatic solutions to cut the driving ticket from your record. The judge and the district attorney should approve it for must. You have to pay the fees up to $100 to $300 in this case in normal conditions.

Simple delay

Simple delay is the last-ditch option before the courtroom option loom. The majority of traffic tickets have the date of court hearing after the few months of the event. If you ask to continue your driving can lead to kicking down the road for one year probably. You can ask to dismiss your ticket if the officer who issues the ticket transfers quits or is fired from the job. 

Opt for the mitigation

If you get the driving tickets a few years past, you have a right to ask for mitigation. The mitigation cannot dismiss your driving ticket from your record, but it can only reduce the fine. You can file a request to plead guilty in the mitigation process, but you have to tell the conditions. In which you get the ticket and ask the judge to become lenient towards the case. There are no guarantees in these options, and the judge can accept your excuses and lower the fine or dismiss it. 

The judge can also tell you the ways to keep your driving ticket off the record. The chance of getting the driving courses and the deferrals are the common options in mitigation.

Contact the clerk of the court.

For non-moving violations, the court clerk has the right to knock out the driving ticket from the driving record in certain types of jurisdictions. They can also allow you to take the driving classes to remove the ticket from the driving record and offer deferrals.

In most cases, you have to pay the fine and the cost of the court procedures. To opt for this process, you must search for the citation and the court contact number and information. You can contact this number and ask for the required information. Most jurisdictions provide online facilities to their clients to give them ease.

Contest the driving ticket

According to the National Motorist Associations, you can fight for your driving ticket in many best ways. But the results you will get from these ways can lead to the dismissal or fines and charges. Unluckily majority of us do not opt for this option, and five % of the drivers agree to fight for the ticket. Contesting the driving ticket refers to the process in which you plead not guilty and ask the judge to reduce the ticket.

You can also do this process by yourself, or you can hire an attorney or lawyer. This tries to be a long-shot strategy and can be reserved for major moving violations. 

In most cases, it is the crucial way to win the case. You should read your citations carefully and look for your errors and mistakes. Wrong information like a dare, time, and location can lead to the dismissal of the case.

You can win over the argument and statements of the judge if your information is accurate. After your statement, the judge will issue an order based on your final verdict. If you are on the losing side, it leads to the dismissal or reduced fines and charges. 

Moreover, if you lose the case, you have to pay the fines for your ticket and the court procedures’ costs. 

If you have to give the appearance in the court, following the few tips you should go for must.
  • Be prepared: if you go to court by preparing yourself with a real and valid argument and statement, the judge will not be able to refuse your request. You should have enough evidence and witnesses to support your statements.
  • Dress professionally:  your professional looking and dressing will significantly impact the judge, and your statements will convince him.
  • Understand the court rules: If possible for you, you should visit the traffic court to understand traffic rules and know how the court processes proceed before the hearing.

Be polite:  if you want to win your case of reduction in the traffic ticket, you should be polite in talking and providing the evidence and the statements, and being rude leads to losing your case to a great extent.    

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a letter to the judge to reduce speeding tickets?

While writing a letter to a judge, you should tell the judge that a minimum fine prioritizes the full fine. Mention in the request that you are willing to attend the traffic school to ignore the fine paying. As a human, a judge can reduce or dismiss the fine. 

How do you request a judge to reduce a ticket?

To ask a judge to reduce tickets, you have to admit the mistake. Then apologize for the promise and not to do it again. 

Does writing a message to the judge help?

Writing a letter to the judge cannot help while a person is waiting for trial. The judge does not read a letter most of the time and thus does not help. At the end of the case, the prosecutor will read the letter and use him against you as a source of evidence.

What to do if the judge does it is unfair?

If the judge is unfair in the pretrial motions and hearings, you should ask your attorney how you can make an excellent record. So that on trial, you can overturn the adverse decisions on appeal. 

Should you tell everything to your lawyer?

The majority of the criminal defense lawyer wants a client should tell him everything about the case. The attorney cannot defend such faces that he does not know, good or bad. An attorney has to maintain confidentiality between himself and the client. 


The conclusion we get from the above facts is that the best way to beat the traffic police is by paying the higher insurance premium. If you want to reduce your traffic police ticket, you can do it by contesting in many ways or going to court to avoid it.

Moreover, if you are completely illiterate about the procedures of reducing the ticket, you can get help from the lawyer who will guide you according to your case history.


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