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A criminal lawyer works for those individuals who are charged with some illegal activity. Sometimes, they work for individuals; sometimes, they are hired by various legal government agencies and private companies. There are different types of cases and lawyers. Some criminal lawyers hire any private attorney to proceed with the case effectively, while others do these themselves. One of the most frequently asked a question about criminal lawyers is criminal lawyer salary per hour?’ It’s important to note that such lawyers earn less than public lawyers. 

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However, many factors determine their wages. To learn about their job, duties, and income, one will have to dig into the law industry deeply. This may take a lot of time and effort. To cut short your effort and time, we’ve proposed a precise guide describing all about a criminal lawyer’s income. You’ll be able to unveil all the facts about the query under discussion till the end of this guide. So, let’s move on to explore all about the salary of a criminal lawyer

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Make Per Hour?

Criminal Lawyer Salary Per Hour

((According to a recent survey)) In the US, the hourly wages of a criminal lawyer vary from $36 to $51. The average income of such a lawyer within the United States is about $43.5 per hour. Many factors contribute to the increase or decrease in the wages of the lawyer. 

Factors Affecting the Criminal Lawyer Salary per Hour

Criminal Lawyer Salary Per Hour

You may know that the law field is one of the most beneficial fields where individuals earn a handsome amount hourly, daily, or annually. Lawyers are one of those graduates who earn a high income. Also, without lawyers, establishing peace within the society is impossible.

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They serve the public and government agencies by defending their rights within the court. Different factors may affect the income of a criminal lawyer. Here are some of the most important factors regarding this matter. 

Experience Means a Lot

Experience is one of those factors which contribute a lot to the income of the lawyer. An experienced criminal lawyer can handle clients more effectively than an inexperienced one. So, an experienced person is more reliable than an entry-level person. Depending upon the experience, the hourly wages of the criminal lawyer may vary.

An entry-level person will earn less than an inexperienced one. However, entry-level criminal lawyers also earn a handsome amount hourly. 

Wages Vary From Region to Region

Another factor contributing a lot to criminal lawyers’ hourly or daily wages is their concerned region. Mostly, lawyers practicing in the big cities will earn more than those struggling in a small city or town. 

The income of the criminal lawyers working for the State depends upon the State. Some states offer them different facilities that add to their average income. At the same time, other states may lack the facilities for the attorneys, so their wages may be below. 

Lawyer’s Gender 

One of the commonly noticed factors that affect the income of an attorney is gender. It’s noticed that female criminal lawyers earn less than male lawyers. ((There is a 36% gap between)) a male lawyer’s income and a female attorney’s income. Female attorneys are noticed to earn less due to certain reasons. 

Type of Client

Mostly, criminal lawyers work for some government agencies to investigate the criminal’s record. Such agencies hire a lawyer on contract. So, in such a case, the hourly wages may be below. However, different criminal lawyers also work for individuals or some private agencies.

Those may pay hourly or daily. In such a case, the lawyer’s income may be high. So, the client also determines the salary of a criminal lawyer. 

Professional Strategies

An entry-level criminal lawyer earns just by serving the clients. In comparison, a senior bar member will earn some extra revenue along with their salary. This thing also affects the income of the lawyer. 

Working for Some Law School or Firm

It’s also a good idea to join law school to teach instead of practicing the law within the court. Those who join school or college as a teacher or professor also earn a handsome amount. So, being a teacher of the criminal law field may also earn handsome revenue for the individual. 

Job Type

Job title or type is one of the most important factors that may impact any lawyer’s hourly or daily wages. Depending upon their fields, criminal lawyers may earn different wages. Here are different types of criminal lawyers serving the public. 

Criminal Lawyer Working as a Prosecutor

You may know that there is a remarkable difference between a prosecutor and a lawyer. Though both belong to the law firm, they vary regarding their duties. A prosecutor is a criminal lawyer who represents the government or State’s interest within the court. They’ll have to help the State investigate the criminals and ensure that they have been punished properly after the investigations. Moreover, they need just a clue to prove whether a person is a criminal or not. 

Those criminal lawyers who work for the State may earn less than those working in the public sector. The reason behind such a difference is that a public criminal lawyer will charge more for his services than a lawyer hired by the State to handle their affairs in court. The government-employed prosecutors will earn a fixed salary that is usually less than hourly or daily wages. 

Criminal Lawyer Working as a Public Defender

Unlike the prosecutors who mainly handle the criminal cases, the lawyer working as a public defender with the State may handle all cases. Such a lawyer has to defend their client’s will. So, he’ll have to work for the rights of the individuals. Such lawyers also earn a handsome amount but less than those working as a prosecutor or private defender. 

Criminal Lawyer Working as a Private Defense Attorney

Out of all the categories of criminal lawyers, private defense lawyers earn more than any other one. They can handle their hourly wages accordingly, depending upon the case type or situation. They are hired by such people who are charged with any crime. Mostly, such criminal lawyers are all-rounders who can handle all types of cases. So, the average income of this type of lawyer is far more than any other type. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do top lawyers make per hour?

((According to a recent survey)), The top lawyers make about $62 hourly. However, this may increase or decrease according to the case type. From this estimate, we can guess that the top lawyer can earn up to $129500 annually; that’s a handsome amount. 

Do criminal lawyers make good money?

Those criminal lawyers who work for the State as prosecutors usually earn less revenue than those practicing in the private sector. The average annual income of a private sector ((The criminal lawyer is $76,374)). However, this may vary accordingly. 

How many years do you go to law school?

In the US, law students have to go to law school for at least seven years. Their tenure at law schools is as such. 

  • Graduation Tenure: 4 Years
  • Juris Doctor Degree (JD): 3 Years
  • Total: 7 Years

Is being a lawyer a stressful job?

Yes, being a layer is one of the most stressful jobs. Though all duties seem stressful, being a lawyer will be more stressful than any other. Here are different factors that may contribute to the stress of a lawyer. 

  • Meeting the deadlines
  • Pressure of bills
  • Fulfilling the client’s demands
  • Ever-changing laws of the State
  • Pressure of practice
  • Preparing for the court trials

Is law a good career?

Yes, being a lawyer is a good career, both financially and exciting. One may earn handsome money by serving their clients to win their rights. Besides being economical, this field is also very exciting if someone is interested in it. 

How much do first-year lawyers make?

Though experienced lawyers charge more fees to represent their clients in court, entry-level lawyers also earn a handsome amount from their job. ((According to a recent survey)), Entry-level lawyers also earn up to $135000 annually. This is a handsome amount and far more than any other graduate-employed person. 


As mentioned above, lawyers are one of those graduates employed persons who earn handsome revenue on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. They charge a handsome amount to represent any client in court. Moreover, they may work as public counselors, prosecutors, or public defenders. All these fields earn them a handsome turnover. However, to learn all these facts and figures, one should dig into the relevant industry well. Without proper research, no one can learn any field.

We’ve proposed a precise guide for you to clear your queries about a criminal lawyer’s daily and hourly salary. Hopefully, it will prove beneficial for you regarding this matter. 

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