How to Become a Business Lawyer | Full Step by Step Guide


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Being a lawyer is a very honorable profession. There are many fields within the law, and you can go for any of them. Out of them, the business attorney is a kind of legal personality who helps the business owners to run their businesses effectively. It takes years of hard work and extensive study to become a corporate or business lawyer. You’ll have to follow certain steps to be a successful lawyer. If you want to start your career as a corporate lawyer, you should learn ‘ how to become a business lawyer? ‘. 

With consistent study and proper hard work, you can be a successful business lawyer within the required tenure. In the later section of this article, we’ll explain how you can go with your career as a commercial lawyer.

Moreover, we’ll also glance at some essential skills required to become this type of lawyer. So, let’s explore how to become an attorney in this niche. 

How to Become a Business Lawyer

How to Become a Business Lawyer

One can start his career as a corporate lawyer if he has a strong will, commitment, and will practice in the field. If you want to be a commercial lawyer, you should learn about your job responsibilities, consequences, and considerations.

Here are some practical steps that will lead you to become a successful business attorney. 

After graduating in law, you should apply to various tests to start your career as a corporate lawyer. 

Bachelor’s Degree

The first thing you have to do to become a commercial attorney is get a bachelor’s degree in any law discipline. You can choose any finance, business, legal studies, political science, or economics from a recognized university or college.

When you’re off your school age, find out how you can involve in different groups and co-curricular activities. These activities will support you in sharpening your path for your career.

You may go to the student debate club and become a volunteer at a law firm. Moreover, try to build your relations with effective advisors. They will later help you while applying for law schools and postgraduate degrees.

Go For an Internship

After studying law at school, go for an internship in a recognized law firm and any legal government office. This internship will assist you in learning the first-hand that you’ll otherwise learn during your career as a lawyer.

The professionals at these internship institutes will help you by answering your queries. Also, they will guide me regarding my career as a lawyer. You’ll gain courage from such personalities.

So, be a part of a network relevant to your field that will give you a referral to find out a particular position later.

While completing your internship at any recognized institute, you can do many creative things, just like paperwork. Help the lawyers prepare legal documents for the firm that will teach you all about courtroom work and go for different legal research to add to your knowledge.

Appear in LSAT

Now, apply to regulate yourself in any of the recognized law schools. Each law school will offer requirements. It’s good to apply for those special schools that require you to start the preparation accordingly. 

To enroll yourself in a law school, you’ll have to appear in and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This is a specialized test that helps law schools measure whether a student qualifies for the school.

This test will examine your creativity and evaluation abilities. Moreover, it will help the schools to learn how much potential you have to read and understand certain logical statements.

Earn a JD Degree 

Law school will lead you to earn a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. This is a degree that is essential to becoming a lawyer. This test will help you understand the following legal things. 

  • Different legal procedures
  • Torts
  • Administrative law
  • Legal communications
  • Intellectual property
  • Civil and criminal law
  • Legal advocacy
  • Taxation

You can go for your favorite courses available. This option will help you build an interest in your concentration area. These areas will include legal contracts, antitrust law, and legal transactions.

You’ll meet there with lots of professional attorneys working in various firms. You should speak to them about your ambitions and the skills you have learned during your schooling. 

The Bar Exam

Whether you are meaning, average, or extraordinary during your law school, you’ll have to appear in and pass the American Bar Association’s (ABA) bar exam. The exam will consist of the following areas:

  • Legal Sales and Contracts
  • Laws about Criminal 
  • Constitutional law
  • Real property
  • Evidence tracking
  • Torts

It will teach you all about the general or specific legal issues. Moreover, you’ll not face many troubles when working in the field. Different states have different rules and regulations for this kind of test. So, make sure that you have a proper understanding of the legal processing of your relevant state. 

Get a Legal Licensure 

After successfully passing the bar exam, you can apply for a legal license. This process will consist of paying a legal fee, taking the fingerprint, background check-up, and writing all in an application that you’ll forward to the state’s board.

Make Links with Professionals 

Your connection with experienced professionals in the field will help you look for a place as a corporate lawyer. You’ll find even more success if you’ve spent time with experts.

Dig out different professionals to build a network. For this, you can go to different gain networking events. The experts you meet can provide you with insight into the industry. 

Make Your CV or Resume

A resume will be your first impression when you go to the market for a job. Through a resume, you can convince the relevant manager. He may take you as the best applicant for the related field.

After this, they will ask you for an interview that will help them to learn something more about you. Your CV and interview should be unique. Your experience should also speak that you have some potential that you can shift to the relevant company.

If you’re a fresh graduate, you can go for relevant courses that you have just completed.

What Skills are Essentials for a Business Attorney?

How to Become a Business Lawyer

After earning a bachelor’s degree in law, you’ll have to gain some additional skills to become a successful lawyer. 

Here are some skills that you should learn to become a lawyer.

Effective Writing Skills

Writing skills are one of the major skills that help me become a successful lawyer. This will help you perfectly write legal documents. So, try to write the legal papers professionally just as the lawyers do. 

Researching Skills

To satisfy the client’s requirements, lawyers should have good research skills. These researching skills may include legal regulations, advising and supporting, etc. Being an amateur law student, you may know that law is constantly changing. So, you should remain dated with all the legal changes. 

Communication Skills

A lawyer will always have to fight different cases on behalf of his clients. So, he should have strong communication skills. Being articulate and having good speaking capability are the key factors that contribute a lot to the success of any lawyer.

So, make sure that you have strong enough communication skills if you’re interested in this field. 

Problem Solving Techniques 

A lawyer is a problem solver who resolves different queries of his clients. This attitude of an attorney will help him find the possible solution to that particular issue. A lawyer should think just like a superhero who has a solution to every issue.

Interpersonal Skills 

A successful lawyer knows how to win the trust of his clients. So, you should also have critical thinking that you can implement to win clients’ trust. Having these skills, you can build a relationship with your clients in a professional but personable way.

A professional lawyer thinks the same as his client. So, he knows all his clients’ issues and gives sympathies to his clients. This is a very necessary thing. 

Evaluation Ability

The basis of any case is its understanding. So, a lawyer should have evaluative thinking to dig into the facts about any case. He should build an analytical thinking capability so that he can meet the requirements of the clients. A lawyer’s nature should be inquiring. This will help him analyze the cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a business lawyer?

After the bachelor’s degree, it takes about three years to become a lawyer. 

What is the job of a business lawyer?

A business lawyer will have to guide the lawyer over different legal issues within a business. Moreover, he’ll be representative of the clients in the court. 

Is business law a good degree?

Yes, being a corporate or business lawyer is very beneficial as it has many advantages. Besides its economic benefits, it will sharpen your skills like writing skills, problem-solving skills, research skills, etc. 


A business attorney assists the business owners over many troubles within the business. Without the service of such a legal person, one can face many issues in his business. However, becoming a commercial lawyer is not an easy task as you’ll have to go through a lengthy process to earn this degree.

However, if you remain consistent with your work, becoming a successful lawyer will be your confirmed destiny. The above section has discussed eight easy steps to becoming a commercial lawyer. Go through this easy procedure if you want to be a business attorney. 

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