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Law is not something that many people look forward to when discussing a career. It is especially true in Mexico. There is a lot of debate about the state of the Mexican legal system and whether or not it’s in desperate need of reform. Most people know very little about the Mexican justice system because there is little to no information. Law is one of the most important careers, but you should be aware of what you are doing if you make a career in law. In this guide, we will discuss how to become a lawyer in Mexico.

How to Become a Lawyer in Mexico

Mexico’s legal field is one area of study that has seen a lot of change over the years. Before the early 1900s, there were only a few laws or regulations governing commercial or monetary transactions.

As time went on, however, Mexico’s legislature created various laws that have had a huge impact on the lives of Mexican citizens. 

For example, the Mexican Constitution of 1917 included the Law of Labor that guaranteed workers had a right to a fair wage and a right to organize. Today, the country’s Federal Law of Consumer Protection also ensures that consumers have a right to a refund or replacement in case of any defective goods. Those who study the laws in Mexico are making a worthy investment.

How to Become a Lawyer in Mexico

Becoming a lawyer in Mexico differs from becoming a lawyer in the US. We don’t have a bar exam, or an equivalent of it, for becoming a lawyer. We just need to follow a law school, and pass an exam called the “Examen de Aptitud para el Ejercicio de la Profesión de Abogado” (EAE) (or the Exam of Aptitude to practice the profession of lawyer).  

This exam is taken in the first year of law school, and it is not very difficult. After that, you can apply to take the “Pruebas de Inscripción” (or the admission exam), and then you will be a lawyer.

Which Is The Best University For Law In Mexico? 

How to Become a Lawyer in Mexico

The best law school in Mexico is the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Law Center. The school is ranked 4th place in law school in Latin America according to the UNEI ranking, and it is ranked 10th place in Latin America and 16th in the world by the Webometrics Ranking.

It’s the most important University over here. The least expensive is ITAM, with annual tuition of about 5,500 USD.

How to Study To Become a Lawyer in Mexico?

In Mexico, we have a two-tier education system for lawyers. In the first stage, which is law school, the student has to pass a series of tests held at the end of each semester. The second stage is to pass the exam of UNAM, which is the most important public at the University of Mexico. The exam is called Concurso de oposición. 

If a student passes the Concurso de oposición and has the necessary skills, he can accept at a law firm to practice under the supervision of a senior lawyer. The final aim is to pass the exam of the Bar Association, which is the national association of lawyers in Mexico. After that, a lawyer can practise on his own as a solo practitioner or in a law firm.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Lawyer In Mexico?

How to Become a Lawyer in Mexico

If you are interested in running as a lawyer in Mexico, you ought to look at 5 years for a diploma in law. Then you definitely should observe for a license to practice a profession in Mexico.

The cost of education is about US$3,000 to 5,000 per year. If you want to grow to be an attorney, you can examine in any college in Mexico, but it’s far higher to observe in a non-public college because they’re cheaper and provide you with a better education. 

The study of law costs around US$10,000 per year. If you want to be an appealing lawyer, you must have a university degree and a postgraduate degree. The cost of a degree can be between US$10,000 to US$20,000 per year, depending on the University.

Difference between Mexican Lawyers And US Lawyers

Practice areas the first major difference between US and Mexican lawyers is that Mexican lawyers focus on litigation, while US lawyers focus on transactional law. It is because, in Mexico, the judiciary is inefficient, backlogged, and corrupt. Consequently, Mexican lawyers are less focused on the courtroom as a practice area and more focused on advising clients on avoiding going to court. 

In the United States, the legal system is more efficient and effective. Unlike in Mexico, where litigants are given little military, US litigants have more faith in the judicial system and, therefore, will litigate more often. Also, litigation in the United States is generally a more profitable practice area than in Mexico, so US lawyers are more incentivized to litigate.

Requirements to Become a Lawyer in Mexico

How to Become a Lawyer in Mexico
  • To be a lawyer in Mexico, you must have a law degree and a Juris Doctor or a doctor of law.
  • The degree should be from a university accredited by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) or the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
  • The Juris Doctor is a graduate degree, and the doctor of law is an undergraduate degree.
  • It takes around 3 to six years to emerge as a lawyer in Mexico.
  • To be admitted to the bar, you have to take a seat in the kingdom bar exam.
  • To practice Law in Mexico, you need to be a Mexican citizen with a law degree from an accredited university and a degree from a university with a speciality in law.
  • You can apply for the title of a lawyer when you achieve the title of Attorney from the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN), which is the highest entity of the legal profession in Mexico.
  • You must have a law degree.
  • Have to complete a social service of 500 hours (one year).
  • You have to pass a test showing your Mexican Law knowledge.
  • You have to pass the bar exam.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Lawyer In Mexico?

Become a lawyer in Mexico Getting a Law Degree in Mexico. It takes 7 years to become a lawyer. You will have to complete an undergraduate law program of 4 years, and a bachelor’s degree in law. Then you will have to complete an undergraduate law program of 3 years, a master’s degree in law. 

The Process to Get a License to Practice Law in Mexico

Mexico allows foreign citizens to practice law in the country under specific conditions. The foreign citizen must apply for a temporary permit and must meet one of the following requirements: 

  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in law from a university approved by the Ministry of Public Education. 
  • Qualification to practise as a lawyer in their country of origin. 
  • At least five years of experience practising law in their country of origin. 
  • A certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • A member of the Bar Association of their country of origin. 
  • Ten hours of Cursos de Actualización en Derecho Legal y Procesal penal given by the National Institute of Criminal Sciences and the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

What Are The Careers Of A Lawyer In Mexico?

What Are The Careers Of A Lawyer In Mexico

A lawyer in Mexico is the same as a lawyer in America. He is paid to give legal advice to clients and might have to go to court for some cases. He is paid for providing guidance if the client wins in court. Some lawyers are self-employed and work from their own office. These lawyers might have to go to court regularly. A lawyer can work in a law office, government agency, or private firm. He could also be an attorney of civil law, insurance law, or corporate law.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What’s The Most Important Career Path Of A Lawyer In Mexico?

  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal law

What Is The Minimum Salary In A Law Firm In Mexico? 

  • $1,000 to $2,000 a month
  • $2,000 to $5,000 a month

Can A US Lawyer Work In Mexico? 

  • Not accepted in the Mexican courts. 
  • Can serve as legal counsel but cannot practice. 
  • Can practice with a Mexican law degree.

How Do I Verify A Lawyer In Mexico?

  • Ask them for a written reference letter. 
  • Look for their Bar Association ID.

What’s The Best Way To Become A Lawyer In Mexico?

  • Go to university and study law
  • Work at a big law firm as an assistant 


To become a lawyer in Mexico, you must complete an undergraduate degree in law and pass the state’s bar exam. The undergraduate law degree programs in Mexico are designed to train students to pursue law as a career. Once you earn the degree, you must apply to and be accepted by a state bar association. 

You will take the professional exam to become a licensed lawyer in Mexico. There are a lot of myths about becoming a lawyer in Mexico. Many people erroneously believe that it is as easy as going to law school and getting a degree. In reality, the process is much more difficult and time-consuming. 


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