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The cost depends on various factors, including whether or not your appeal succeeds. If you decide that you need an appeal lawyer, contact any appeal lawyer today to consult with one of the experienced solicitors in the USA. Let’s learn how much does an appeal lawyer cost.

An appeal lawyer represents clients at various levels of court, including the Supreme Court, High Court, County Courts, and Magistrate. The client often appointed an appeal lawyer to represent their case during proceedings. Appeal lawyers typically charge between 250 – 500 USD per hour. However, you should always check if additional costs such as transcript fees.

Who Is an Appeal Lawyer?

How Much Does an Appeal Lawyer Cost

An appeal lawyer is a solicitor or barrister who has expertise in appeals. They can help people who convict criminal offenses in local courts, including magistrates’ courts and county courts. They may also assist those who have received civil judgments from lower courts, including family law cases. The appeal lawyer acts on behalf of the person who has appealed against the original decision.

Should I Hire an Appellate Lawyer?

It’s important to remember that hiring an appeal lawyer doesn’t mean finding a way out of paying any money. You shouldn’t hire an appeal lawyer unless you’re sure it would benefit your case to do so. If you don’t think you’ll succeed, then you might prefer to try and pay for legal representation yourself rather than risk losing everything.

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What Are Some Examples of Appeals?

How Much Does an Appeal Lawyer Cost

Appeals are usually made when a person disagrees with the outcome of a trial. For example, if a defendant was found guilty but believed they were wrongly accused or didn’t receive fair treatment during the trial, they may appeal. If the evidence used to convict the person wasn’t reliable or accurate.

An appeal lawyer may challenge the verdict and ask for a retrial in this situation. An appeal lawyer may also advise you about appealing other decisions, such as:

  • a fine imposed by a magistrate
  • an order requiring you to complete community service
  • a sentence handed down by the court

A domestic violence restraining order

You may even want to consider challenging a child custody arrangement. This isn’t something that most parents do on their own. It’s best to seek professional advice before applying to the Family Division of the High Court or Court of Protection.

How Much Does an Appeal Cost?

Once you’ve decided to pursue an appeal, the next step is to determine how much it will cost. This could depend well on the type of appeal you wish to undertake. We can provide you with a free no-obligation quote for all kinds of attractions.

There are many things that everyone needs to know about estimating appellate costs.

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between the two main types of appeal:

Criminal Appeal: A criminal appeal activates when someone believes they have not received a fair trial because of errors or omissions in the legal process. Convictions can be overturned if it is determined that the prosecution failed to present enough evidence to support the charges or if the judge made mistakes during the trial. The Court of Criminal Appeal is the final court where these matters are heard.

Family Law Appeal: An appeal under family law means taking action to change the terms of a divorce, separation agreement, or parenting plan. If you believe the decision made by the lower court is unfair, you can take an appeal. There are three different routes you can choose from. These include:

  • Court of Appeal
  • High Court
  • County Court
  • Magistrates’ Court

You may be entitled to appeal directly to the Supreme Court in some circumstances.

When Should I Make My First Call to an Appeal Lawyer?​

How Much Does an Appeal Lawyer Cost

At the very least, you should call an appeal lawyer immediately after receiving a judgment. They’ll also help you decide whether an appeal is appropriate and what grounds to rise.

If you feel a miscarriage of justice occurred, it’s worth calling an appeal lawyer right away. Once the judgment passes down, it can be challenging to get information about the proceeding. Your appeal lawyer will explain the process and answer any questions about the appeal route.

How Can I Find an Appellate Lawyer?

There are many ways to find an appeal lawyer. One option is to use our directory of lawyers. Another is to attend one of our events, including a panel discussion and networking opportunities. Our website provides details about upcoming events.

Our firm offers several different packages depending on your needs. We offer fixed fee services for cases involving simple issues like:

  • Dismissal of proceedings
  • A certificate of innocence
  • We also offer hourly rates for more complex issues, including:
  • An appeal to the Court of Appeal
  • An application to the High Court
  • An application to the Court of Protection
  • Preparing the Appeal 

After you’ve decided to pursue the appeal, you’ll need to prepare for the hearing before the higher court. In most instances, this involves drafting documents called briefs. Briefs are supporting documentation for issues you wish to raise in the appeal.

The brief must state clearly why you think the decision below was wrong. It should contain relevant facts, legal arguments, authority, and appropriate references.

You’ll usually draft the briefs yourself, but we can assist you with this.  Preparation for an appeal can take time, so you might want to consider hiring us to handle this work on your behalf. 

What Happens After I File an Appeal?

What Happens After I File an Appeal

Appeals are often complex processes and can take months to complete.

Appeals are heard at the highest level of the courts. This means that the request could be dealt with by a single judge or a committee of judges. Depending on the scenario and nature of the issue, the appeal may be dealt with through a written ruling or oral argument.

Associated Cost of an Appeal

The cost of an appeal varies from case to case. Many factors influence these costs, such as: Whether you require assistance from your local barristers’ chambers. Whether you are represented by solicitors, barristers, or other professionals, the complexity of the issue being appealed type of case you have filed. However, generally speaking, appeals are not cheap. Depending on the jurisdiction, the costs of a request can range between 1,500 – 5,000 USD per annum.

Appeals Are Not Always Successful

Although the law allows you to appeal if you believe that the lower court made a mistake, this does not guarantee success. As mentioned above, some cases only come up for consideration once every three years. For example, the House of Lords decides around 80% of all appeals.

In addition, the higher court decisions don’t always reflect the original verdict. There are many reasons for this, including judicial error and lack of expertise. As a result, if you consider bringing an appeal, you must understand exactly your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my case is accepted?

When your case gets acceptance for review, we will send you a letter confirming this. You can then expect our team to contact you shortly after this. If you haven’t received anything within two weeks of submitting your application, please get in touch.

Why did my case go through an internal review process rather than be considered straight away?

Your case may have gone through an internal review process because one of the following happened: Your barrister didn’t file a brief. Your barrister submitted a brief without first consulting you. Our team reviewed your case and found no grounds for appeal.

Can I request a refund of any fees paid to us?

No. Once you have hired us, we cannot grant refunds for any reason.

I’m worried about losing money. Will you help me find alternative funding sources?

Yes. We offer clients a variety of ways to finance their legal representation. These include loans, credit cards, and crowd-funding campaigns. 

What if I decide to pause or to cancel my contract with you? Can I still access my funds?

Unfortunately, we cannot release the funds until 60 days after your final deadline. If you wish to terminate or pause your contract before this time, you must pay back the total amount you’ve already received. Please give us notice of cancellation at least 14 days before the end date of your contract so that we can ensure that your funds return promptly.

You do. The client who hires our services incurs the legal costs of the matter; however, under circumstances where certain expenses, such as those relating to family law, may need to be shared. 


To sum up, hiring an appellate lawyer is essential. Without a lawyer by your side, you run the risk of being unable to challenge a decision made against you. If you’re interested in appealing a decision, you should consider hiring an appellate lawyer. They can help you identify potential appeals grounds and prepare a successful brief. An appeal can be expensive. To ensure that you receive adequate financial support, you should hire someone who offers financing options.


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