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Mostly, lawyers remain cool and react kindly to their client’s issues. The power of any case I’d hidden in the client-attorney relationship. So, this bond should be strong. However, some people within each field may behave differently, and the law field is no longer an exception. There may be some attorneys who get angry with their clients over minor issues.

Also, they may get angry whenever the clients argue about their case. All this is not good for processing a case within a court as no case can be processed well without proper coordination among the attorney and the plaintiff. So, a plaintiff should know “how to deal with a rude lawyer” to handle such situations effectively. 

Different reasons may lead a lawyer to act rudely. Before taking any further step, one should understand why their attorney may adopt such behavior. If one finds such an authentic reason that can’t be ignored, he should find some way to get rid of his lawyer. 

This article will be discussing all the rude behavior of a lawyer. Also, you’ll encounter the way to handle such a rude lawyer. So, stay connected till the end to explore all about the query under discussion. 

How to Get a Rude Lawyer

How to Deal with a Rude Lawyer

Some traits add up to make a lawyer rude. No one will love a rude lawyer to conduct their case within the court. So, to learn whether a lawyer is rude or not, one should know those factors that make an attorney bad. Here are some of the features that make an attorney bad and rude. 

Angry Behavior

Normally, a plaintiff has the right to argue about their case from their lawyer. This is the lawyer’s duty to keep his clients up to date with the proceedings of the case. However, some lawyers may not care about this. So, they’ll get angry when someone asks them about the proceedings of the case. 

Such a lawyer will wear a rude mask towards the clients. If you find that your lawyer is also behaving like this, he’s selling you out. Take the next step to handle such a rude lawyer.

Lawyer’s Preconceived Judgments

A lawyer must listen to the clients carefully. If he finds the case interesting, he should proceed further; otherwise, he should ask the client to hire another one. If the case seems interesting to a lawyer, he should not promptly take action for that. Rather he should go exploring the facts and figures about the will. After a thorough investigation, the lawyer should go for the next step. All this will need some time. 

What makes a lawyer rude and bad is their preconceiving habit. If the lawyer doesn’t pay heed to your will and starts arguing about it, he’ll not be good as he’s assuming the case without knowing the facts. If you feel that your lawyer is also behaving like this, avoid him. 

Lack of Effective Coordination

As mentioned above, the success of the case is largely dependent on the lawyer-client relationship. If this bond is strong, the case will be strong and vice versa. A good lawyer discusses each minute thing about the case with you. Nothing will be secret among you. 

A rude and bad lawyer will lack all these qualities. He’ll not discuss the case with his plaintiff. This will weaken the case. So, if you find your lawyer a poor communicator, he’s not suitable for your case. Drop him and consider hiring another one. 

Lawyer Ignoring the Plaintiff

If a case goes prolonged, the lawyer should discuss the case proceedings with the client at least after every three weeks. If the lawyer forgets due to his busy routine, the plaintiff has the right to discuss the case with the lawyer after the given time. 

A good lawyer will politely reply to the client’s calls or messages. However, a rude lawyer will either not take your phone calls or will reply rudely. If your lawyer is neither taking your calls nor calling you back even after three weeks of coordination, he’s not good for your case. Consider taking the next step in such a case.

Pessimistic Behaviour of the Lawyer

A good lawyer will always try to support the plaintiff through different methods. He knows the fact that a person in the court will need some condolence and support. So, he’ll behave optimistically with the plaintiff. On the other hand, a bad lawyer will always be pessimistic. He’ll not show any assisting behavior towards the plaintiff. 

Non – Sympathetic

Being aware of the plaintiff’s situation, a good lawyer will always love and affection for his clients. On the other hand, a bad attorney will not adopt such behavior. He’ll not try to feel the pain of the client. Such a lawyer can’t be successful in certain cases. 

If you find any of the characteristics mentioned above in your attorney, he’ll not process your case effectively. So, try to take the next step for such a lawyer. 

How to Deal With a Rude Lawyer

How to Deal with a Rude Lawyer

Here are some tips for handling a rude lawyer. 

Stay Calm

It’s not necessary to take action promptly against a bad lawyer. Rather go for proper investigation. This is possible only with a cool mind. If you stay calm, you may know what to do next. But if you get hyper, you may lose control over yourself, which is not good for your case. So, think with a cool mind about the next step against a rude lawyer. 

Find Out the Reason

There may be certain reasons that may compel the lawyer to adopt rude behavior. In such a situation, you should give the lawyer time for improvements. This is possible only if you know the actual reasons behind the poor behavior of the lawyer. So, the investigation is necessary before taking any next step. 

Try to Discuss the Situation with Attorney

One should not be afraid of the lawyer. Rather he should act boldly without any fear. Only such behavior can lead him to ask the lawyer about the actual reasons behind rude behavior. If you find your lawyer rude, try your best to discuss the situation with the lawyer himself. If you find some justifiable reason, give the lawyer some time. This may provide the lawyer with betterment. 

Collect Evidence against the Lawyer

If you find your lawyer bad, you’ll have some authentic proof to support your arguments. This will need certain evidence. So, move on professionally and keep all the evidence against a rude lawyer so that you may proceed legally against him. This is a secure way to handle a rude lawyer. Otherwise, he’ll not accept his fault. 

Fire Your Attorney

When you are certain that the lawyer is not honest with you and your case, considering firing him, such a lawyer can’t process the case well. So, investing in him will be worthless. You may take the aid of the state bar in this situation. 

Take Your Money Back

If a lawyer has charged some advance but fails to process the case, he’ll have to return the unearned fee. You can claim your money back, and the lawyer will have to pay it back. If the lawyer is not returning the unearned fee, you can get the aid of your state bar. This is a legal way to get your money back from the lawyer. 

Hire another Attorney

After firing the rude lawyer and taking your money back, you’ll have gotten enough experience to find a good one for next time. So, use your assumption and understanding of the previous case to find someone good for your case. Hire another attorney after getting rid of the previous one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are lawyers intimidating?

Those lawyers who have bad reputations and weak schooling may use the act of intimidation to get the case. However, this is not a sign of a good lawyer. 

Is everything you say to a lawyer confidential?

For the maximum security of the case, everything between you and your lawyer should be confidential. 

Can a lawyer intimidate you?

Not at all! Lawyers can’t pressurize any person through intimidation. Doing such is a crime, and different states have assigned additional charges for such assault acts. 

Do lawyers insult each other?

Mostly, lawyers show respect towards each other. However, those who have some personal issues may insult each other within the legal boundaries too. 

In most states, the crimes related to any form of intimidation like frightening, blackmailing, terrorizing, and assaulting fall under the category of illegal acts. 


Behaving politely and sincerely with the plaintiff is the foremost duty of any attorney. However, there may be some lawyers who are not loyal to their profession. Such lawyers should be handled properly and timely. Use the tips mentioned above to figure out whether your lawyer is good or bad. After confirming the fact, take the next step accordingly.


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