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After winning a jackpot, one may get confused while deciding to claim his lottery amount. There is a proper method to claim the lottery amount in every state. Also, different states have different percentages of taxes on this amount. To manage these taxes, hiring a lottery lawyer is necessary. Being a legal person, a lottery lawyer will be aware of the process of claiming the winning amount. However, the winner will have to pay the lottery lawyer fee for such a service. 

A person who wins a huge amount from a jackpot but doesn’t know how to proceed may commit certain expensive mistakes. These mistakes may be in the form of claiming issues or tax payment issues. The job of such a lawyer is to make the claim of the winner easy and mistake-free. 

One should hire a lawyer who is an expert in handling large amounts. However, this thing may confuse a new person. To make hiring a lottery lawyer easy, we’ve proposed a precise guide. One can handle cases of this type by following the instructions and tips given below. So, let’s move down to explore this guide. 

Lottery Lawyer Fee

Lottery Lawyer Fee

The lottery lawyer fee doesn’t need to be the same in all regions or states. It may vary from region to region or state to state. Also, different states may have set different terms and conditions for hiring such a lawyer. So, the fee may also be different.

Winners should anticipate spending $100,000 on legal help in the first year after winning, according to one lottery expert. Accordingly, the fees will subsequently drop significantly. On average, a lawyer will charge about $250 to $350 an hour for lottery work.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney After Winning the Lottery?

Lottery Lawyer Fee

After winning a huge amount from a jackpot, you may get confused about the further proceedings. So, you can’t decide what to do next. In such a situation, you’ll need a person who knows well how to claim and manage the lottery amount. 

So, after winning a large amount from a prize, you should hire a lawyer to process your prize amount properly. You may face any costly loss if you proceed without a lottery lawyer. 

What’s the Procedure to Hire a Lottery Lawyer?

Instead of investing too much in the wrong person or wrong place, you should hire an expert lawyer who knows how to manage large amounts. Most people spend a lot on the financial team after such a success. However, it’s not an act of wisdom. One should invest in a person who knows how to deal with such a situation. 

Of course, a lawyer will know the best way to handle such a situation. But keep in mind that lawyers may deceive you too. Jason Kurland is a well-known name in this field. But he also deceived his clients for over $100 million. So, learn to select the best person for your task. One should keep in mind some factors while searching for a lottery attorney. 

Lawyer’s Experience within the Field

Before finalizing a deal with any lottery lawyer, you should know how much experience he has within the field. An experienced lawyer will handle the case more effectively than an entry-level person.

There are various complicated things in such cases that a lawyer should know. A fresh person in any field can’t understand the complications. So, before hiring a lawyer to handle your lottery amount, learn whether he has experience in such cases or not.

Lawyer’s Previous Record

A good lawyer should have a bright record. He will have handled many cases before with a remarkable success rate. But a lawyer claiming to be an expert in the field but doesn’t have any brilliant record is trying to deceive you. So, avoid such a person who is exaggerating himself without any proof of success. 

The fee the Lawyer

Another thing that will help you to understand whether a lawyer is good or not is the fee he’s claiming from you. A good lawyer should not necessarily charge a high fee. He’ll claim reasonable dues from his clients. 

If a person claims to charge a certain percentage of the winning amount, he’s not good. So, avoid such an attorney who claims to get a high percentage from your winning amount. Rather the lawyer should proceed legally with hourly rates or a contract. The Laffey Matrix is the best way to judge lawyers’ fees. 

Consult with Previous Clients of the Lawyer

Consulting the old clients of the attorney is another way to confirm whether the lawyer is best or not for your case. If possible, ask the old clients of the lawyer about their experience with the lawyer. Not only clients but the colleagues of that particular lawyer may also give you feedback about him. 

Lawyer’s Personality

A wise person can judge a person via his physical appearance, body language, and psychology. Arrange a meeting with the lawyer you’re going to hire. This meeting will help you learn about the lawyer’s personality and psychology. Observe the lawyer’s body language and way of talking. If he seems you trusted, hire him; otherwise, let him go and search for a new one. 

What’s the Job of a Lottery Lawyer?

Tax or lottery attorneys play an important role in settling the problems of the people they face after winning the jackpot. They perform different jobs for their clients. Here are some of the services that such a lawyer performs. 

Scam Protection

When you win a jackpot, you may target different scammers or lawsuits. So, avoiding such scammers and deceivers is hard. Being unfamiliar with the field, you may be deceived. So, you should get the services of a lawyer who is an expert in handling such cases. 

A lottery attorney will protect his clients from any kind of scam. He’ll guide them to move on properly. This will help them to remain safe and secure from any fraud cases. 

Advising the Winners about Claiming the Money

As mentioned above, a new person may get confused about claiming the lottery amount. In such a situation, the lottery lawyer will be the best choice for you. He’ll help you in claiming the winning amount. Being an experienced person, he’ll know how to proceed. Also, he may advise his clients to manage the winning amount in a beneficial business. 

Tax and Other Payouts

Tax payment is one of the major issues that a lottery winner will face after winning. He may be charged high taxes on his amount. A good tax lawyer or lottery attorney may prevent the winner from such expensive tax issues. He’ll guide the winners about the legal taxes and other fees. So, such a person can help you in managing proper payouts. 

Loss Prevention

A lottery winner may face many pitfalls within the field after winning a huge amount. Being unfamiliar with the field routine, a winner may fall into pitfalls. However, a good lawyer will help his clients prevent any mistake regarding claiming the amount or payment of taxes. So, hiring such an attorney is a wise step that will help you handle particular situations effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should you hire if you win the lottery?

You can hire any of the following experts to get the guidelines for receiving your lottery amount. 

  • A lottery attorney
  • An experienced accountant of different firms
  • A financial planner with good experience

Should I hire a financial advisor if I win the lottery?

Yes, hiring a lottery attorney after winning the jackpot is a wise step. You may know that there are many post- prizes winning difficulties. Hiring an attorney is necessary to prevent any scams or other payment issues. 

Should you set up a trust if you win the lottery?

Setting up a ‘trust’ via the lottery amount is a good idea to help depressed people. However, to do this, one will have to establish ‘trust’ before winning the jackpot. 

Why do you need a lawyer when you win the lottery?

After winning the jackpot, various issues may arise like scam issues, tax payment problems, money withdrawal issues, etc. A new lottery winner can’t decide how to get the winning amount. So, a lawyer will play a vital role in effectively processing the winning amount without any scam or tax payment issues. 

When you win the lottery, how do you get paid?

There are two options for lottery winners to get their payment. 

  • Via annuity
  • Via lump sum

One will get the annual payment if he chooses the lottery annuity option. However, a lump sum will help the lottery winner get the full amount at once after paying all taxes. 

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Being lucky, one may win the jackpot. This winning jackpot will bring a lot of money for the winner. However, new lottery winners may get confused about claiming their amount. This may put them in a complicated situation. To avoid such pitfalls, one must hire a lottery attorney after winning a jackpot.

He’ll guide him properly about all the procedures for claiming the money or paying taxes. These lawyers may charge a handsome amount, but they’ll save you from many fraud cases. So, never move on without such a legal person after winning a prize.


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