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When you grant protection after the injunction proceeds, the respondent or the petitioner can file a request. The idea is to dismiss or remove the injunction based on the alterations in the conditions and circumstances. You can fill and request the motion of the injunction in all kinds of injunctions cases. Cases like dating violence, domestic violence, repeat violence, stalking, or the elderly exploitations. However, the question arises how do you remove an injunction? Practically, the court wants the request to dissolve or remove the injunction previously entered when the petitioner requests to remove it.

What is an Injunction?

How to Get an Injunction Removed

The orders for protection or the restraining orders are injunctions. The individuals can file for the injunctions for:

  • Repeated violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual violence 
  • Stalking

An injunction restricts the alleged abuse to contact the accuser, protecting the person who requests it. This means that if someone files the injunction opposed to you, it will be illegal for you to contact the other person. Also, visit their site of working or their home. So, you should remain at a distance from others and take necessary actions. 

Violation of the restraining orders is illegal and is a criminal offense. This results in paying the fines, charges, jail time, and many more punishments.    

How to Get an Injunction Removed

How to Get an Injunction Removed

Make a request

If the petitioner objects, the court will grant a request absent in extraordinary conditions and circumstances on requesting the respondent. In all types of injunction cases, you can file the motion, including domestic violence, stalking, and dating violence. Also for repeat violence, and elderly exploitation. The court will practically grant the request to dissolve or dismiss the last entered final injunction when the petitioner makes the request.

Reasons for making the request

  • If the petitioner objects to the respondent’s request, the court will grant the request in the absence of certain conditions. 
  • While hearing the motion proceeds, the court will consider whether the party opts for the removal of injunction. So, in the long run, it serves no purpose.
  • If any party is against the dissolution, the party will explain that they have enough fear of being a victim of stalking. Also repeat violence, domestic violence, and elderly exploitation.
  • The court has the authority to dissolve, modify, deny, or dissolve the injunction. All this, while deciding the motion of dissolution for the injunction for protection. 

For these reasons, if you want to get protection through the injunction, it is better to hire an attorney. For this purpose, the attorneys of the Goldman Wetzel work in collaboration on every kind of case and offer their services. When anyone wants to hire any one of them, they will get the services of both because the attorneys understand the situation.

This is how important is the removal of an injunction for you. You can hire the services of these attorneys to get skilled support, guidance, and aggressive representation for your case filed. 

Request for voluntary removal of the injunction

In some cases, the petitioner has to file the request for an injunction to get the protection but not before the court’s final hearing. In such cases, the petitioner should file a motion for voluntary removal in a written document. 

The request for the voluntary removal of induction aims to acknowledge that the petitioner will take the oath and agrees to request to remove the induction. This works for the cases of domestic violence, dating violence, repeated violence, sexual violence, and stalking elderly exploitation.

Order of the court to dismiss the petition

The court has the authority to dismiss the temporary injunction of protection by issuing the order, as the order provides:

  • If the petitioner fails to give an appearance in the hearing of court according to the scheduled date.
  • If the petitioner appears in the court but wants to dismiss the action by his will.
  • In case, the evidence provided in the court is not sufficient according to the law of Florida.

So, they decide the request to remove the temporary injunction without preconception.

Other ways to remove the injunction

You can remove the injunctions by following many ways. One is removing the injunction. It means that there is no final notice of injunction is ordered as opposed to you. A temporary injunction has no bad consequences as compared to the final one because the temporary injunction cannot form a record against you because no judge can decide about you in the temporary injunction. 

The following are the most well-known ways to remove the injunction.
  • Most of the time, when the petitioner wants to dismiss the injunction, it happens when we go with our customers to the court. So, we make the decision, and the petitioner agrees with it. In short, we persuade the petitioner to remove the injunction as opposed to you.
  • The second way to remove the injunction in Florida is when the petitioner leaves the court’s hearing. In this case, the petitioner knows that they are making lame excuses. Also when they notice that you are making the evidence and proves along with the witnesses. Therefore, they leave. Because they know the fact the truth will arise and finally they will lose. 
  • The third way to remove the injunction happens when the petitioner finally decides not to file the final injunction instead of you. Either they can extend the date of the injunction that is already is going to come in the coming days. If there is no violence for the injunctions during the scheduled time, the parties can apply for the removal of the injunction. It will help if you keep in mind that removing the injunction’s main objective prevents the final injunction from being in your record. The temporary injunction does not concern this aspect very much.
  • Finally, you remove the injunction by opting for the trial experienced attorney. An attorney can tell you the alternative ways to defend or remove the injunction from your record in many practical ways. You can take the help of the deposition of the prospective witnesses. So, these witnesses have to appear in the court to provide the pieces of evidence and proof. Also you can threaten the permissions against the opposing parties. All this, if the evidence and the proof are not sufficient and are in bad faith. You can take the case in the higher technicalities and file the interrogatories according to the rules and regulations. For instance, if the petitioner fails to prove one of the essential documents and elements they require, they will remove the injunction.     

Frequently asked questions

Can you stop an injunction?

A no molestation injunction is a court order an applicant and their formal partner cannot agree to cancel the order. If the respondent does not obey the order, they will be in breach of it.

Can you appeal against the injunction?

You can protest to the court where you have the hearing if you are unhappy with the service they provide. However, you may be able to appeal the judgment if you think there has been a severe fault or mistake. So, you have to appeal by getting permission and paying the fee for the required procedure.

How much does an injunction procedure cost?

There is no fee you have to pay to file the case against injunction case of harassment. However, the judge will order the dropping party to pay court costs and charges and the attorney’s fee to the winning party. Therefore, although you don’t need to file for the injunction case against the harassment, it may be better to hire a professional lawyer who will help and guide you in your case.

What qualifies for the injunction?

An injunction is a command the court issue for a party to either do or abstain from doing a specific act or thing. This does not include orders made by the court for a party to make payment for damages. However, it can consist of things like the transfer of property into someone else name.

What happens if the injunction is not being served?

Due process of the injunction requires that a respondent be served with the injunction papers and essential documents before the court’s final hearing will take place. If you have not been helped, the injunction is technically not enforceable, and you cannot violate it and go against it. If the final order has been entered without being, served that will be the reversible error.


To conclude the topic of how to get an injunction removed, I would want to say that it is a fact that the injunction is more than the restraining order in the majority of cases. When the injunction is filed against a spouse or any family member, or any stranger, there is a chance of losing the home and relations.

If you want to remove the injunction from your record, you can either file a petition in the court or get the court’s order of court according to the evidence and the proof provided. The other way to remove the injunction is to hire a professional attorney and a lawyer who can guide you well in your case.


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