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All plaintiffs are supposed to get an instant decision for their filed cases from the court. Legally, courts are also responsible for resolving the issue of the plaintiffs within a short time. However, the cases may take too much time to reach a basic decision in some cases. Here are some lawyer delaying tactics.

This may lead to certain problems on the part of the complainant. There are many reasons behind the delay of any case. Some cases may be complicated that takes time for a proper decision. Some cases are straightforward that may resolve within a few petitions.

If your straightforward case is taking too much time for a proper decision, there may be a role of lawyer delaying tactics. 

Having an instant and proper decision from the court is the right of the public. Sometimes, besides good proceedings, your case may take too much time. In such a case, you should know whether there is a role for lawyer tactics or not. To know this, you should be familiar with the lawyer delaying tactics properly.

This will help you to judge whether your lawyer is right or wrong. This guide will unveil all the facts about lawyer delaying tactics that can be beneficial for you to get a proper decision on your case instantly. So, let’s move on to unveil all the facts about this query. 

Reasons for Delay in Decision

Lawyer Delaying Tactics

Certain reasons may make your case prolonged. Some of the major issues behind the suspension of court orders may be the following. If any of these situations are there in your case, it will be held for some extra time. These are legal issues that can delay the proceedings of the case. 

Insufficient Court Space

Courts have to deal with multiple cases. A huge number of people may be involved in all these cases. So, a handsome space is needed for a proper hearing of the court trials. Due to this reason, your case may be suspended legally for some extra time. 

Inappropriate Time Management of the Judge

Sometimes, your case may take much time due to the unavailability of a judge. The lower staff does not schedule the judge’s time properly, which may disturb the court trials’ routine. 

Some Urgent Cases May Occur

Some cases need instant decisions. Such cases may include murder cases, etc. If your case is not an urgent one, the judge may prefer to trial the urgent one before your case. 

Incomplete Documentation

As you know, a complete file is necessary for instant court decisions. If you fail to complete your case file and some documents are missing, the case decision may have a remarkable effect. 

Lack of Funding

Cases prove very costly in the current age. Attorneys charge a high fee to proceed with the case. If you fail to arrange your attorney’s fee, the proceeding of your case will be held. 

Lawyer Delaying Tactics May Delay the Decision of Your Case

Lawyer Delaying Tactics

All the reasons mentioned above are legal that may suspend your case for some extra time. However, lawyers also tend to delay the cases for different reasons. If your lawyer is justifying himself with the following arguments, he’s delaying your case using his tactics. 

Lack of Appropriate Details

If you’ve provided your attorney with all the minute details about your case, but he’s still claiming that he didn’t receive the charge sheet, he’s using his tactics to suspend the case. He will claim to know something more about the reason that he brings his clients before the judge. 

When you provide a detailed charge sheet to your attorney, he prepares himself to defend the arguments of the opposite lawyer. If he didn’t prepare for the case proceedings, he might use his tactics to delay the case. Such a tactic may take two or three months extra for a proper decision.

Inappropriate Attestation of the Documents

Sometimes, your attorney may challenge the validity of your documents. He may argue that proper attestation is needed for the proceeding of the case. The documents that are necessary for the court proceedings may include:

  • Certain agreements
  • Medical report of the person who is charged
  • Financial details
  • Any other document that can help out in the court

If you’re sure that you have provided all the essential documents to your attorney, it means he’s saying something wrong. He may be using lawyer tactics to delay your case. Once suspended, such a reason may lead to a six-month delay in your case decision. 

Lawyer Not Coming to the court

The lawyer’s absence from the court is one of the major reasons that may lead to a remarkable delay in the decision of your case. If your case involves more than one lawyer, the absence of anyone may prolong your case. 

In such a situation where more than one lawyer is handling the case, they collaborate to suspend the court decision. They may remain absent from the court. If your lawyers are using these tactics, this may delay your case for many years. 

Mostly, lawyers use these tactics to delay the decision of the case. If you feel your lawyer is involved in any of these reasons, ask him to proceed. If he’s not moving with you properly, you may consider hiring any other lawyer for your case. 

How to Avoid Lawyer Delaying Tactics?

Lawyer Delaying Tactics

You can avoid lawyer delaying tactics if you have a proper understanding of this query. Here are some tips that may prove beneficial for you to prevent lawyer delays. 

Hire an Honest Attorney

There are different types of attorneys. Some work for the sake of justice, while others work just for money. Try to learn a brief difference between both types. If you succeed in learning the difference between these types, you’ll hire an honest person. 

Try to Know Lawyer’s Previous Record

A good reputation is very important for the success of any business. When you positively impact your client, you will succeed in the business and vice versa. The same is in the case of law business. If you’re going to file a case via a lawyer, make sure that he has a good customer record. There should not be any baseless delay in the record of your attorney. In this way, you can manage the case appropriately. 

Consult With Your Attorney

If you have any personal attorney or friends in this field, consult him regarding this matter. He may guide you properly as a legal entity knows all the laws very well. 

Try Moving Via Contingency Method

If you hire such a lawyer who works on a contingency method, your case will resolve soon. The contingency method is based on the condition of winning the case. If the lawyer succeeds in winning the case, he’ll charge his fee. Otherwise, you’ll not pay him his fee. 

Avoid Paying For Baseless Activities of the Lawyer

If your attorney takes too much time to resolve your case, you’ll also take some preventive steps to save your time and money. Don’t pay your attorney for the hours that he spends on baseless proceedings. 

Avoid Aggressive Attorney

There are many strict lawyers in the court. If you ask them to move on properly, they may spoil your case. Such a spoiled case may take too much time. Also, the aggressiveness of your attorney may lead you to certain failures in the final results. So, avoid such a lawyer who is strict, aggressive, and non-punctual. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do lawyers use delay tactics?

Most of the cases are suspended due to the poor proceedings of the lawyer in defense. However, some lawyers may also delay the claims intentionally based on different reasons, as mentioned above. 

What should you not say to a lawyer?

Here are some arguments that you should never speak to before your lawyer. 

  • The concerned judge is not honest or loyal to them. 
  • I’ll give you your fee later. 
  • Why are we not proceeding despite knowing the facts?
  • This principle speaks.

Why do lawyers drag cases out?

Mostly, the attorneys drag the case to increase their charges. 

How do you deal with an unresponsive lawyer?

If you have mistakenly hired an unresponsive lawyer and he’s not responding to you, try to convince him to coordinate. If he’s not proceeding, consult with any other attorney. 

What are sanctions against a lawyer?

A lawyer may be punished as per rules if he commits any of the following mistakes.

  • Uses any foul language against the opposite party or defense lawyer. 
  • Violates the orders and rules of the law. 
  • Abuses the legal system of his state. 


Generally, most of the cases take an appropriate time for proper results. Some legal and acceptable problems may occur that can delay the decision of your case. In such a situation, the delay is acceptable, and that’s not too prolonged. However, clever lawyers may use some methods to prolong the case. This delay is for the sake of money-making via the fee of the client. However, you can avoid such a delay by understanding lawyers’ tactics to suspend the case.


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