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Physical security is paramount, whether safeguarding your home or protecting valuable assets. One person who has become an internet sensation for dissecting the nitty-gritty of physical security devices is the anonymous YouTube expert LockPickingLawyer. Not only does he provide insightful reviews on various lock models, but he also delves into the world of security safes.

LockPickingLawyer Recommended Locks are just one part of the puzzle; he also delves into the best safes on the market. Following are some of the safes that the LockPickingLawyer often recommends:

Lockpicking Lawyer Recommended Safe

Lockpicking Lawyer Recommended Safe

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe: 

LockPickingLawyer has often commended the Fort Knox PB1 for its solid steel construction and Simplex mechanical lock, which are notoriously difficult to crack. He appreciates the safe’s tamper-proof locking mechanism that provides secure handguns or small valuables storage.

AMSEC BF Series Safe: 

American Security (AMSEC) is a well-respected name in the safe industry. The LockPickingLawyer particularly appreciates the BF series for its combination of a robust steel structure and high-quality locking mechanism. These safes are designed to withstand physical attacks and have excellent fire resistance.

Gardall Safe Corporation Home & Business Safe: 

Gardall’s Home & Business Safe is another favorite of LockPickingLawyer. He praises its solid construction, UL Group II combination lock, and fireproof features, ideal for home and office use.

ChubbSafes Elements Air Safe: 

This safe earns high marks from the LockPickingLawyer due to its sturdy steel body, high-quality electronic lock, and an optional anchoring kit for added security.

My Opinion

Although these safes are highly recommended, the LockPickingLawyer stresses that selecting a high-quality lock should accompany the safe choice. Combining LockPickingLawyer Recommended Locks such as Abloy Protec2, Medeco M3, and ASSA Abloy Twin Combi with these safes can provide an additional layer of security.

Physical security should be tailored to individual needs and circumstances. Therefore, while these recommendations provide a good starting point, professional advice should also be sought when setting up your security system.

It’s also important to remember that no security measure is 100% foolproof, but every step taken toward fortifying security can make a significant difference.

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