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The Law field is very profitable as it earns a handsome amount for you. No matter what law field you join, it will prove very rewarding and beneficial for you. Like most other lawyers, personal injury lawyers also earn a handsome amount by resolving their clients’ cases. A personal injury lawyer does not work for the cases regarding the property. Instead, they work for such cases that include physical or emotional injuries. Let’s explore the personal injury lawyer salary.

You may take it opposite to the property cases. Such lawyers get extensive clients who pay them a handsome fee. So, personal injury lawyer salaries are also very high. 

Such lawyers handle injury cases with the help of tort or civil laws. If you’re interested in knowing the salary of a personal injury lawyer, this article will be very beneficial for you. You’ll find this article discussing all such types of laws and lawyers. So, let’s move on to explore all about these queries. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Salary

Personal Injury Lawyer Salary

Most of the personal injury lawyers work on hourly wages. They charge their clients according to their work hours. However, some lawyers in this category still sign a contract with their clients. Also, some of them may charge according to the percentage that client wins as a compensation amount. 

No matter what the charging method of a personal injury lawyer is, he can earn a handsome amount through his profession. Here is a rough estimate of the annual income of the attorneys of this category. 

  • Average income: $73000
  • Income of a personal injury lawyer hired by a small firm: $81000
  • Personal injury lawyer salary that’s hired by a big firm: $164000
  • Government servants: $70000
  • A lawyer working in the public sector: $121000

Factors Affecting the Income of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Salary

It’s not right to say that the salary of a personal injury lawyer is fixed. Many factors may affect the income of a personal injury lawyer. Some of the major factors that affect the income of such an attorney are listed below. 

Field Experience

Practice within any field makes a man perfect over time. The same is in the case of the law field. A lawyer’s income at the beginning and after some experience will differ largely. 

Personal injury lawyers also earn according to their experience within the field. A lawyer who will start his or her journey as a personal injury lawyer will earn less at the start. Over time, the income will increase gradually. So, an experienced person within the law field will earn more than an inexperienced one. 

It takes time to win the trust of the clients. When a personal injury lawyer works effectively within the field, clients will start believing in him. In this way, he will start getting more and more clients to earn more income for him. 

Area of Practice

As you know, there are many different types of lawyers who work for their clients on different types of wills. All these lawyers belong to different areas of practice. Some fields earn more while others may earn less. So, the area of practice also affects the income of a lawyer. The same is in the case of a personal injury lawyer. 

Practice Region 

Another factor that affects the income of the lawyers is the region. Region or state imparts a great effect on the average income of the lawyers. In some states, the wages of personal injury lawyers will be high, while in other regions, these may below. Also, the difference in cities affects the lawyer’s income. If he’s practicing in a small city, his income will be low and vice versa. 

Moreover, different states have different facilities for lawyers. Some states may have devoted allowances for personal injury lawyers, while others may not. So, this factor is also considered when estimating the income of a personal injury lawyer. 

Effect of Gender Difference 

According to a recent survey, women in the law field earn less than male attorneys. There are many reasons behind this difference. An estimated income of the lady lawyer is 36% less than that of the male attorneys. 

What are the Duties of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

What are the Duties of a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer works with the clients on different cases. Sometimes, the personal injury lawyers may also be regarded as Plaintiffs Lawyers or Trial Lawyers. So, never get confused with these alternative terms. Here are some of the duties of a personal injury lawyer. 

Murder Cases

Sometimes, situations among different parties become so worse that they are even ready to kill one another. In such situations, something serious, death, may also occur. If someone kills another party member, their case proceeds in court through a personal injury lawyer. 

Serious Injury Cases

In certain disputes, one party may harm the other party largely. Even some serious injuries may also occur. If the damaged party wants to start their case in court, they will have to hire a personal injury lawyer who will be their representative in the court. 

Medical Damages

Sometimes, doctors may commit certain mistakes that may result in serious health issues or even the patient’s death. In such cases, the family members may raise their case in court against the doctor or medical staff. They will do this via a personal injury lawyer. 

Insurance Cases

Sometimes, the insurance companies may try to deceive their clients. They may not pay the exact medical expenses to the injured persons. This case may also be raised in court. If the injured party requests to file a case against the insurance company, they will do so via a personal injury lawyer. 

Defamation Cases

The personal injury lawyer may also represent such a person whose reputation was falsely accused by another party. Defamation is also regarded as a tort crime, so the personal injury lawyer handles it. 

Product Fault Cases

If any company or association delivers a faulty or alternative copy of the product, such a company may be challenged in court. If a company tends to deceive its customers, it may challenge the company in court via a personal injury lawyer. Such a lawyer will fight for the right of the deceived party. This way, they may retrieve the contracted products from the concerned party. 

How to Become a Personal Injury Lawyer?

What are the Duties of a Personal Injury Lawyer

The procedure to join law schools for becoming any type of lawyer is almost the same. What is different is just the specialization certificate you’ll get to practice in the law field of your interest. Here is a precise method to join the law school for becoming a personal injury lawyer. 

  • Get an undergraduate degree in law or any other art subject from any recognized institute of your state. Engineering students are also welcomed in the law field nowadays. 
  • After you have cleared the bachelor’s degree, appear on the law school admission test. LSAT is an inevitable requirement to enter the law field. This test will measure the students’ creativity, evaluation, writing, and oral skills. 
  • After you have cleared the LSAT, apply for different law schools. You’ll get admission in any of them according to your aggregate. 
  • Complete your tenure of three years at the law school and earn a JD degree. 
  • When you’ve completed your study in law school, apply for the state bar examination. 
  • A state bar examination is the final step to getting a permit for practicing in the field. So, clearing this test is necessary for lawyers to start as professionals. 
  • Also, get your certificate of specialization for a personal injury lawyer. 
  • After that, you can start as a professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-paid lawyer?

Here is a sequence of the lawyers according to their annual income. 

  • Patent lawyer
  • A lawyer working for intellectual property cases
  • Tax Lawyer
  • Corporate attorney
  • Personal injury lawyer
  • Real estate Lawyer
  • Divorce Lawyer

How do personal injury lawyers get paid?

Payment through contingency method is the most common way different lawyers practice in the law field. 

Do injury lawyers make good money?

Yes, personal injury lawyers earn a handsome via fee they charge from their clients. Even an entry-level attorney of this type earns up to $70000 annually. However, an experienced one can earn up to $129000 annually.  

What is a good settlement offer?

A good settlement offer accepts and is liable to the defendant party. If the person demanding the settlement case is happy with the settlement offer, it’s a good offer. 

What is a typical personal injury settlement?

Mostly, the personal injury damages fall in between $3000 to $75000. It’s the amount that the injuring party will have to pay to the injured party for proper settlement. 


Like many other types of lawyers, becoming a personal injury lawyer is both an honorable and an economic field. Such lawyers also earn handsome revenue by serving their clients to solve their disputes. If someone is interested in becoming a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases, he should understand some essential facts and figures, as mentioned above, about this kind of lawyer.


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