What Law Does Harvey Specter Practice?


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You might think, what law does Harvey Specter practice? If you’ve ever watched the hit TV show “Suits,” you’re probably familiar with the smooth-talking, sharp-dressing, and quick-thinking lawyer Harvey Specter. But have you ever wondered what type of law he practices? In the high-stakes world of corporate law, Harvey Specter specializes in practicing commercial litigation and represents some of the most powerful clients in New York City.

With his unwavering confidence and unparalleled legal skills, he navigates through complex legal disputes easily, always aiming for the win. Specter’s expertise lies in outmaneuvering opponents in the courtroom, negotiating multimillion-dollar deals, and protecting his client’s interests at all costs.

Whether it’s a high-profile corporate merger or a contentious intellectual property dispute, Harvey Specter is the go-to lawyer who gets the job done. So, if you ever need legal representation in corporate law, you’ll want Harvey Specter and his razor-sharp mind on your side.

Types of Law Practiced at Pearson Hardman

Types of Law Practiced at Pearson Hardman

At Pearson Hardman, the focus is primarily on corporate law and its related areas. The firm specializes in commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, securities, and contract law.

The lawyers at Pearson Hardman are well-versed in handling legal issues in the corporate world, whether drafting complex contracts, resolving disputes, or advising clients on strategic business decisions.

Commercial Litigation: 

As a commercial litigator, Harvey Specter excels in representing clients in complex legal disputes. He strategizes, investigates, and argues cases involving breach of contract, fraud, intellectual property infringement, and other commercial matters. Specter’s ability to dissect intricate legal issues and present compelling arguments in the courtroom sets him apart from other lawyers.

Mergers and Acquisitions: 

Another area of expertise at Pearson Hardman is mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The firm advises clients on the legal aspects of buying, selling, and merging businesses.

This involves conducting due diligence, negotiating deals, drafting agreements, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Harvey Specter’s knowledge of corporate law and his ability to navigate the complexities of M&A transactions contribute to his success in this field.

Intellectual Property Law:

Intellectual property (IP) is a valuable asset for many companies, and protecting it is crucial. Pearson Hardman has a team of lawyers specializing in IP law, including trademark registration, copyright protection, and patent applications.

Harvey Specter’s familiarity with IP law allows him to effectively represent clients in disputes involving infringing or misappropriating intellectual property.

Securities Law: 

Securities law governs issuing and trading stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Pearson Hardman provides legal advice to clients on compliance with securities regulations, initial public offerings (IPOs), and other capital market transactions.

Harvey Specter’s understanding of securities law enables him to guide clients through complex financial transactions and protect their interests.

Contract Law: 

Contracts are the foundation of business relationships, and Pearson Hardman’s lawyers are skilled in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts. Harvey Specter’s attention to detail and ability to anticipate potential issues make him a valuable asset in contract law. He ensures that his clients’ contracts are airtight and their rights are protected.

These are just a few examples of the types of law practiced at Pearson Hardman. The firm’s lawyers are knowledgeable in various legal disciplines, allowing them to provide comprehensive legal services to their clients.

Harvey Specter’s Expertise and Specialties

Harvey Specter's Expertise and Specialties

Harvey Specter’s expertise lies in commercial litigation, where he thrives on the adrenaline of the courtroom and the challenge of outsmarting his opponents. His ability to analyze complex legal issues, think on his feet, and craft persuasive arguments sets him apart from other lawyers. Specter’s specialties include contract disputes, intellectual property, and high-stakes corporate litigation.

Contract Disputes: 

Harvey Specter’s understanding of contract law is unparalleled. He can spot loopholes, interpret clauses, and leverage his knowledge to gain an advantage in contract disputes. His meticulous approach reviews contracts and negotiates favorable terms for his clients, making him formidable in this field.

Intellectual Property Litigation: 

With his sharp legal mind, Harvey Specter handles intellectual property litigation effectively. Whether it’s a copyright infringement case or a trademark dispute, Specter knows how to protect his clients’ valuable intellectual property rights. He combines his legal expertise with a deep understanding of his clients’ industries, allowing him to craft compelling arguments and secure favorable outcomes.

High-Stakes Corporate Litigation: 

Harvey Specter is in his element when it comes to high-stakes corporate litigation.

He thrives under pressure and takes on challenging cases that others might avoid. Specter’s ability to strategize, outmaneuver opponents, and present compelling evidence in the courtroom has earned him a reputation as one of the best litigators in New York City.

These are just a few examples of Harvey Specter’s expertise and specialties. His diverse skill set and ability to adapt to different legal challenges make him a formidable lawyer in corporate law.

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