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Harvey specter is a fictional individual performed through Gabriel Macht within the television collection suits. He is one of the senior partners at a law firm called Pearson Hardman. Harvey spends the first few seasons recruiting Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) to be his associate. Harvey is a classic type of character that people love to root for. He is charming, charismatic, funny, and has a great sense of style. In this guide, I will discuss what type of lawyer is Harvey Specter.

Though he can sometimes be a bit of a hothead, Harvey always gets the job done. Harvey knows how to get things done, whether outsmarting a competitor or winning a high-profile case. But even if he is one of the best lawyers in New York, Harvey still has a soft spot for his father, whose health is slowly deteriorating.

Harvey Specter’s Background

What Type of Lawyer is Harvey Specter

Harvey started his career as a street lawyer, a person who fights for clients in court. After doing this for many years, he became a divorce lawyer, in which he just represented one spouse during the divorce process. Then he joined a firm called Pearson Hardman, a high-profile firm that has big and powerful clients most of the time.

He worked his way up to working with big clients, and now he is in a partnership with a name partner named Jessica Pearson. They are called the “Awesome” duo.

Is Harvey Specter A Real Person?

No, Harvey Specter is not real. He is a fictional character who appeared in Suits’ popular TV series. Harvey is the managing partner of Pearson Hardman. His boss is a senior partner named Jessica Pearson. He is perfect. If we test his managerial style right here, we will find that he’s an extraordinary motivator and a superb coach.

But on top of that, he is an excellent mentor too. He is a good mentor for Mike, an associate to Harvey. Harvey has a perfect relationship with his colleagues too. He is very kind.

What Form of Law Does Harvey Specter Practice?

What Type of Lawyer is Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter is a corporate lawyer and practices business law. He also practices general law as he works directly under senior partner and lead attorney Louis Litt. His plotline is based on the real world of law practice and centers around a fictitious law firm called Pearson Hardman.

What Does Harvey Specter Look Like?

Harvey is a tall, well-built, handsome man. He has a charming personality and is always well-dressed. Harvey has brown hair and is always dressed immaculately and impeccably, even in crucial court appearances. Harvey’s eyes are a piercing blue, and he wears a navy blue suit with a silk tie. His claims are all tailored by the same tailor in London, who tailors them to fit his body perfectly.

Harvey Specter Is A Business Lawyer

Harvey can frequently win cases due to his exceptional negotiation skills and excellent case preparation. He can secure desired outcomes for both his clients and himself, even when he is not at a negotiating advantage.

Specter’s negotiation tactics generally involve making one-sided deals to get something he wants. 

For example, in one case, he agrees to drop a client’s suit in exchange for a $1.7 million settlement from the opposing party. In another case, he decides to put a deal he despises through instead of telling his client because the agreement is a good one.

Why Is Harvey Specter A Great Lawyer?

Harvey is a great lawyer because he’s always thinking ahead. He knows that the “How” is more important than the “What.” I don’t know if you’ve seen the show but if you haven’t, let me tell you that Harvey Specter is the guy to look out for.

The guy is intelligent, wealthy, and always has a plan for everything. The show starts with Harvey Specter as a successful lawyer at a big law firm. He’s on the rise, and he’s won every case.

He worked with Daniel Hardman, who was only interested in money and winning. Daniel beats Harvey out for a big case, and Harvey is fired by his boss Louis Litt.

Harvey, upset and angry, gets drunk and messes up his apartment before passing out. The next day, he has no job, has no friends, and is broke. He then goes to a meeting in the middle of nowhere and comes across Mike Ross.

Harvey Specter Is a Big Law Lawyer

Harvey Specter is a big-shot lawyer with a big personality. He has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and his management style reflects that. He’s a no-nonsense boss who expects the most from his employees.

Harvey knows how to get the job done and won’t hesitate to tell people to move in that direction or fire them if they don’t perform up to his standards.

While he doesn’t care for niceties, he cares about results and treats people fairly if they get the job done. Those who don’t fall short and meet his expectations will treat very well.

Harvey Specter Is a Sueball Lawyer

Harvey Specter is a sue ball lawyer in charge of defending you if you’re in court. He is a superb lawyer and knows how to protect you as a client. His job is to make sure the jury sees the way they should and is a specialist in big law corporations. He has a team of people working with him at all times and lives in a big house with a wonderful wife and daughter.

Where does Harvey Specter get his best cases from?

Harvey is a Partner and head of one of the largest corporate law firms in New York City. He has built an enormously successful career, and his firm has won every case they’ve ever taken on. He is a top negotiator and highly successful in winning over juries.

Harvey is a very tough and demanding boss. He has built his popularity on being able to close a deal, and he has brought his clients time after time.

Harvey has such significant cases because he attracts and receives a lot of referrals from other high-profile law firms, his past clients, and his contacts within the business community.

Different ways that Harvey Specter uses the law to his advantage:

Harvey uses the law to his advantage by knowing it inside out and having a healthy understanding of the legal system. He has an intimate knowledge of rules and precedents, and he can use his ability to guide him through a case. 

Harvey has a brilliant mind and can think on his feet. 

This is what lets him be one step ahead of anyone else. He also uses tactics such as creating loopholes and using the law to his advantage to win a case. Harvey notices the smallest of details and uses them to his advantage. He is highly observant and perceptive.

How is Harvey Specter a complex Character?

Harvey’s cool, calm and collected attitude is one of his most outstanding personality traits. He is a man of action who has no doubts about what he wants and is doing. Harvey has also mastered his emotions and is rarely perturbed.

He has an unwavering sense of purpose, justice, and confidence in himself. He is a man of great personal discipline who always controls his feelings. All these qualities make him a complex character that is also highly driven and goal-oriented.

He is also intelligent and, despite his carefree attitude, is not just successful but also a pretty hard worker. His well-honed social skills make him a valuable asset to any organization.

A Discussion of Harvey Specter’s Personality

Even though Harvey Specter is one of the most desirable characters on Suits, he is also prideful! His personality is the most critical aspect of who he is. This can see through many different characters on the show. 

For example, he is known for being extremely competitive with others. He does this to succeed and prove that he is better than others, always striving for the top. However, he has a hard time trusting others. He is proud and respects himself and others who are similar, which creates a good role model for viewers and other characters on the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

What law firm did Harvey work at?

  • A small, gritty law firm. (Think “The Good Wife” or “Boston Legal”)
  • A huge corporate law firm. (Think “Suits”)

Who’s The Best Lawyer On Suits?

  • Harvey Specter
  • Jessica Pearson
  • Donna Paulsen
  • Rachel Zane
  • Louis Litt
  • Mike Ross
  • Daniel Hardman

How Would You Describe Harvey Specter’s Character?

  • A smooth talker.
  • Smart and confident.
  • A genius.
  • Determined to win every case.

What Is Your Favorite Element Of Suits?

  • Harvey Specter
  • The relationships between the characters
  • Twist and turns
  • Cases in the show


The first thing to know about Harvey Specter is that he’s a fictional character from Suits’ hit TV show. He plays by Gabriel Macht, one of the show’s main characters. Harvey’s also a lawyer, but not just any lawyer. He’s a partner at the firm Pearson Hardman.  

This means he’s one of the few who call themselves Senior Partner. He’s also in charge of recruiting new lawyers to the firm. This makes him kind of a big deal.

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